Webcomic: AniBloggers’ Next Top Mascot


Well I made another crappy webcomic ^_^. Hope you’ll like this one too 🙂 [Thanks Baka-Raptor for the idea of AniBloggers’ Next Top Mascot!]

Disclaimer: Before continuing, please keep in mind that the characters’ appearance, traits and such are just based on my personal views on them, and are not meant to offend anyone 🙂 No violence and gore this time btw so this is family-friendly ^_^. Also, I suck at coloring T.T

The Judges:

[Well besides from me, the judges I made are my favorite Anime-NTM commenters ^_^: xiao_jie and FlareKnight (sorry but I only have to make two co-judges only, I’ll bring y’all up some other time 🙂 )]

The Contestants:

Well, three contestants so far and they’re my favorite creatures in the Aniblogosphere ^_^: Shin, Baka-Raptor and Issa-sa 🙂



Hope you like it no matter how crappy it was ^_^. I’ll make some more so guess/suggest whom would you like to be seen on the next webcomic ^_^

P.S. – I still can’t think of a title for the webcomic!!! The hamster needs help T.T…


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16 Responses to “Webcomic: AniBloggers’ Next Top Mascot”

  1. FuyuMaiden says:

    Hahaha, I love this. And now xiao-chan gets the manga treatment too~! (that ponytail is so cute~) Speaking of hairstyles, I love the curly hair you drew for youself, also very cute.

    You got me to really laugh out loud at this one (as opposed to my usual “chuckle out loud”). Keep it up! (How do you manage to turn out so much awesome stuff anyway?)

  2. 53RG10 says:

    Kira AND Pedo-bear!?

    /me dies of awesome-ness

  3. TheBigN says:

    I sense some favoritism on Baka-Raptor’s part. 😛

  4. omisyth says:


  5. nazarielle says:

    Cmon now, pedob- I mean Shin is the best mascot evar. I loved the square root of 36 vote, very funny for a nerd like me :p

    I hope you continue to be bored, because these are really pretty funny, thanks for spending all this time on them kanzeon :>

  6. Baka-Raptor says:

    So this was based on your personal views of me? 🙂

  7. Xiao says:

    8D I’m a judge! YAAAAAAAY!

    Wow…I look so…Asian. xDDDDD;;; (Don’t worry, I am and damn proud of it, too. Lol) AWESOME! x3333

    Umg, you gave me a ponytail! I haven’t worn a ponytail with hair that long since middle school. Kyaaa~! Arigato~! Sankyuu~! Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou! <33333 This makes me so happy. ^^

    Haha, so on with the judging:

    Shin – I would give him that. Bears in Santa Claus outfits are cute (lol, the starry wink).

    Baka-raptor – *A* (LMAO, love FlareKnight’s face and score there xDD ).

    Issa-sa – Awwz, he/she didn’t even get a score. ^^;

    Awesome job. And you so don’t suck at coloring, silly. It’s byoo-tee-fuuuuhl~. =P

    Now is the matter of choosing. Hmm. Hehe ^^;

  8. kanzeon says:

    @FuyuMaiden: Thanks ^_^. Lol I really had my curls yesterday so I really drew myself in that hairstyle XD. I’m glad that it made you laugh and thanks again 🙂

    @53RG10: Don’t forget SANTA Kira Pedobear ^_^

    @TheBigN: Lol he’s the one who gave me the idea of this so he gets credits ~_^

    @Omisyth: Lol XD

    @nazarielle: I don’t know if being bored is a good thing or not anymore XD

    @Baka-Raptor: Haha… well…

    @xiao_jie: Thanks :). Lol good thing my guess is right (just based it on your name ^_^) so I gave Asian-inspired bangs and stuff (but I drew you with long hair… I guess back to the drawing board XD). I’ll be putting you on to the next batch of characters post so watch out for it 😉

  9. mikaino says:

    Your coloring isn’t bad after all. I think darkening the outlines might help :p And the comic is fun, I like issa-sa’s part. (I think the Baka-Raptor’s raptor costume ripped because the zipper is in the bottom part and it opened in the same part so..The costume ripped, LOL)

    And kanzeon, what is Shin’s score? infinity?

  10. Kitsune says:

    Contest? There is no contest: panda = auto-win! 🙂

  11. .. And Baka Raptor wins!! DUUUUN DUUUUN~~

  12. biankita says:

    since you made me a manga-fied version, why am i dreading the day when a comic with me comes out??? O_O

    i still prefer the panda!!! but why do i get the feeling that in the natural order of things, the dino will eat everything then become extinct for consuming the pedobear??? XD

  13. kanzeon says:

    @mikaino: Thanks and lol infinity XD

    @Kitsune: The judges can’t take the panda’s cuteness so she/he’s auto-win XD!!!

    @Kairu: Dun~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!

    @biankita: I made you a christmas drawing!!! ^_^

  14. issa-sa says:

    Well you sure got the reaction of the judges correct when the panda mask came off XD Awesome comic as usual =D

  15. kanzeon says:

    @issa-sa: Yep ^^. Isn’t it cute? lol Thanks 🙂

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