Kanzeon in Camping!!!

Here the special yet late camping post!!! Our camping was held last Friday, right after our school trip. First of all, forgive me for not having much photos because all of our cameras, chocolates and cellphones are confiscated throughout the whole camp and I only had the chance to take pictures on our bus trip and at the last day of our camping. Also, even if I have my camera with me throughout the camping, I’ll still be not able to take pics because we’re very busy (not to mention dirty muddy) throughout the whole camping.

What great way to start off this post with random pictures of the sky instead of my schoolmates’ embarrassing moments on the bus? Here goes thy picture spam! Storytelling also below the jump ^_^…





Trust me, there are like, 20’s of sky shots I have…


Random house shot. The house looks like it’s ready for Halloween! Creepy!


And now, we welcome thee to thy place of suffering camping…



This i-don’t-know-what-this-is-called-Land/farm/big mudpie is the place of embarrassment for the guys. But before I go over to that part, we first held our Observation and Sensitivity test (imagine Fear Factor when they eat stuff…). We were all blindfolded and they made us taste some stuff and guess what it is. Good thing that they didn’t made us eat living spiders or maggots… I only tasted a coffee-flavored candy and soy sauce. Now on the very first night of our camping, it is already full of torturing challenging activities. For everyone, we have to lie on the mud where we have some friends there like Mr. Ostrich who poops a lot, a LOT of birds who again, poops a lot, and A LOT of huge ants to sting you. Did I mentioned that you get pooped on by birds? After almost an hour of lying there, our “initiation” is over and it’s time for the next activity.

For the girls, we have to cross a maze and trust me, it’s very dark and scary on the forest. Some officers are also tricking us and scaring us but it’s overall fun. The guys btw, had an embarassing night heehee!!! They do some “Stealth” thing and once they got caught, they have to strip one pice of their clothing! There’s no hope, yes, because in the end, there’s no way to the finish line other than to make them cross the road where female officers (and one fe-MALE officer) are on guard XD. LOL at every guy went back to the campground only in their underwears!!!



This grassland is where we held our War Games on the last day of our camping. All of us arm ourselves with water balloons and there are two scenarios: Team battle and Capture the flag. We were divided into two teams: Our team is lead by our Core Commander (he’s my classmate btw ^_^) while the other team is lead by the X.O. (Don’t ask me what that mean… I don’t even know XD). Once you got thrown and got wet, you are considered dead/out. When the whistle blows, all of us charge but with tactics to prevent us from being dead/out. Lol when some of my schoolmates are shouting “SPARTANNSS!!!” while charging XD. Me? Oh I always find the perfect timing to attack and I think first before attacking. My strategy wasto throw my water balloon to a tree so that it can shower several enemies at once. Nice huh ^_^?

The battle is taking too long so it ended up with a duel between our team captain versus the enemy’s. AND WE WON!!! Yipee! We were like, cheering very hard to our commander like crazy! After the games, it ended up in a huge water fight!!! Wooo!


Other things to share about my camping experience…

  • On sleeping, I can only say three things, the tent, which I have to share with another student whom never been my classmate; the huge rock under where our our tent is placed, which made my back ache; and the mosquitos and the ants, which bites you for like, every minute… and did I mentioned about the deafening noise of the frogs? So that makes not three, but five…
  • Taking a bath is hard at first because there are only two restrooms available for the girls, tow for the guys and A LOT for the officers (the world is so unfair T.T)… And we were like, 400 plus something so hell, you have to literally race to the bathrooms. Once you get used to it, it’s not horrible anymore. Trust me I got used to it on the last day XD…
  • I can say that the coolest part were the activities. First, the rope courses. They aren’t just made for us to do only to make us look like circus people but it’s also to test our balance and teamwork. The first rope course is done individually and it’s quite easy for a small and light person like me because all I have to do is to balance while crossing it. The next is done by pairs. The ropes are more wiggly so it’s kinda hard when you fail, you fall on a muddy ground so teamwork is needed.
  • I must say that the coolest activities are the rappelling and the wall climbing! I really enjoyed doing those and I look forward on trying more of that ^_^.
  • We also had a lesson concerning the different types of guns, its proper handling and the parts of a gun. Trust me the session was definitely not boring, I actually became interested with it! The guy who is conducting the lesson is so cool so I guess that’s one factor that it made me interested with his lesson 😉 .
  • Oh and about the food… We have canned tuna and corned beef. We also show some love to the boys by cooking for them. Aww, sweet right?
  • Speaking of food, chocolates are banned! Boo-hoo to others, because my friend is an officer (and he’s the one who handles our company) so I sneak up to him to get some chocolates confiscated and share it to others… Lol, I’m spoiled XD.
  • On the last night (second day) of our camping, we held a grand campfire party. Every squad(or company, as what we call) prepares their very own campfire presentation. Us, varsities, cheerleaders and student council officers, are grouped as one squad and named as Papa-company (lol at the name XD)… Of course imo, our performance is the best! Just kidding! All we did was to suck up at the officers XD by creating a jingle saying that camping is fun and the officers are cool and all but hey, that’s the way to win! XD… Model company did a hot number with the boys doing the dance; Bravo company imitated the officers’ act and voices lol; other performances are forgettable but the winner of the best campfire presentation goes to Echo company, which combines poetry with dancing and singing, it’s really good.


Now here goes the other pictures I took on the last day, I took them from the zoo area of the place. We didn’t have much time left because it’s only like, 30 minutes remaining before we leave so I haven’t explored much of the area T.T…


The sloth is just too cute! It’s like lying on a piece of wood and he really looks too heavy because he can’t move at all but it’s just its laziness that kept him at rest XD…


This snake had just eaten its lunch! Look at that thick portion of its body! I wonder what did Mr. Snake had today?



Lol I totally forgot what this bird species is called (like hell, do I even know) XD… Anyway whatever that is, it looks cute ^_^.


This monkey is a guy. I’m sure, just look.


This monkey is too EMO! Look, it’s so sad!!! I just wanna cuddle it.


Beautiful mountain shot on our way home.

So that ends my camping experience :). To wrap it all up honestly, I had so much fun. It’s just that it’s so tiring and risk-taking but that makes it all challenging and cool. I really had a memorable bonding experience with everyone at our school from the cooking, the story-sharing, the flag wars, and the activities. I’ve also gained a lot of new friends. The best thing that I’ve learned about this experience is that unity is not just neede to complete a certain task, but it’s really needed through almost everything. I also learned that I should bring an extra flashlight in case the other one had broken down XD… Kidding aside, I also learned that nothing really comes out if you didn’t even try or take risks. At first, I’m scared about camping but as soon as I stepped barefooted on mud, balanced over ropes and get pooped on by birds, I ended up enjoying every minute of it. 🙂

~xoxo kanzeon

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11 Responses to “Kanzeon in Camping!!!”

  1. 7 says:

    Sounds like you had fun! 🙂 That’s good to know.

    The bird’s name, I think, is the Philippine Hornbill. 🙂

    And oh…I miss the coconut trees! 🙁

  2. FuyuMaiden says:

    It really sounds like you had fun. It sounds like it was even more fun than all of the camping trips I’ve been on…but those were either with my family, just girls, or once the whole class in a cabin, not a tent. That was a lame “camping” trip (we weren’t even camping those jerks…).

    Glad that you ended up enjoying it. The way you measure the amount of fun you have on a camping trip is by how tired you are each day and it sounds like you did plenty to take away your energy. Therefore…fun.

  3. kanzeon says:

    @7: Wow thanks for the information. You sure do knew a lot ^^. Oh you and coconut trees… They’re really one of the most useful stuff here in our country :).

    @FuyuMaiden: I haven’t experienced staying in a cabin before but that’s what I see on some American films (mostly horror ones) so I guess it’s fun too ^_^. And yes, I realized that it’s fun after the end of the day :).

  4. I really like the pictures of the sky. Whenever I go to camp in the open field, most of the pictures in my camera is focused on the sky. Not me. XDD

  5. Llora-chan says:

    WoW~ Glad you had fun! ^^
    The chocolates being banned reminded me of Chocolate Underground, he he.

    Also, I think that bird looks kinda funny.

  6. Xiao says:

    Your trip sounded so epic. Even the bird poop part. 8D
    Holy crud, & you got to play with guns?! Awesome…lol xDD

    I’m glad you had fun. I’m guessing it was a lot more enjoyable because you went with so many people from your school, too, hmm? Just specifically your school and all the activities that have been planned for you. If had been just normal ordinary camping, it would still be fun but just not as it is with a larger group. Hehe ^^

    And thanx for sharing your pictures! They’re really nice. Loved the last one especially. If there was a little less cloud, it would be perfect. ^^

    And you should’ve taken the monkey with you. He looks so sad! :'(

  7. kanzeon says:

    @Kairu Ishimaru: It’s still fun to capture moments so you should not miss to capture them too ^_^

    @Llora-chan: Yeah… That was some real Chocolate Underground situation XD…

    @xiao_jie: Yeah, I guess the more the merrier ^_^. And oh clouds are always found in our country because it’s always polluted and clear view skies are really rare ^_^. OMG if I were as rich as Paris Hilton I would buy that monkey XD…

  8. Kitsune says:

    That must have been a fun trip for you 🙂 You fought bravely against mosquitoes and ants! 😛 Well, at least no werewolves showed up 😛

  9. kanzeon says:

    @Kitsune: W…Werewolves?!

  10. Kitsune says:

    Yeah, they appear as bishies, but they are evil puppies actually 😛

  11. kanzeon says:

    @Kitsune: Lol you’re tempting me to like them 😛

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