An Early Christmas Banner!


New banner for the Holiday Season!!! Yeah I know it’s so early but I really feel the Christmas spirit, if it weren’t for all of the lights and sparkles around the city, children singing carols, and the smell of money being cashed away…

The banner features Kyon and Haruhi from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. I added “Santa’s Little Helper” (actually, it’s “Helpers“) for the nonsensical randomness because as you can see, Kyon (looking super hot in that reindeer costume) is helping the Santa Haruhi… Lol, and think of this blog as Santa’s Little Helper, because Tsui and I give gifts not only to the nice, but also to the naughty XD. (Did I mentioned that Kyon looks hot… and naughty?)

I extracted the image from this adorable picture and I put up different layers with different brushes ^_^. I also slanted my font and I said goodbye to my signature “Balls on The Rampage” font for a while and used “Bauhaus” for the meantime. Hope you like it!


Other variations (Please let me here your opinion if you like some below more than the current one 🙂 )…



This would be the very first Christmas banner in the series of banners that I’ll make ^_^ Just like Halloween, I’ll be making more everytime I feel so :). Hope you like this new banner and a VERY VERY early greeting of Happy Holidays to y’all!

P.S. – I’ll miss the Taiga “filler” banner T.T… Oh well, I’ll just bring it back sometime after the Holidays…


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15 Responses to “An Early Christmas Banner!”

  1. Nice 😀 But it doesnt look like Haruhi on that pic. Anyway advance meey christmas too 😀

  2. ghostlightning says:

    ^_^ nice banners!

  3. Baka-Raptor says:

    He’ll be guiding her sleigh tonight XD

  4. kanzeon says:

    @Kairu Ishimaru: Thanks. The pic I used is a fanart (credits to whoever who made that) so there might be a small dissemblance 🙂

    @ghostlightning: Thanks 😀

    @tsuiteru: Thanks

    @Baka-Raptor: O_O O_o o_o 0_O 0_o

  5. FlareKnight says:

    Very nice I have to say. Sadly tough times at home may be limiting Christmas to the tree and songs. But this reminds you that its a fun season.

  6. FuyuMaiden says:

    It is not early! Santa’s been in the malls around here for like…two weeks. Two weeks ago is too early. Tomorrow (technically today) is the start of the season in my part of the world anyway. Shopping means it’s the Christmas season apparently.

    I really like the new banner too. Nothing gets me in the mood like Santa style, especially as a combo with some red and green. It’s Christmas season now! Time to go wander around the mall humming Christmas songs to myself, just because it’s fun~ (Yes, I am one of those people that is way too into Christmas. Pre-Halloween isn’t too early for me to get into the spirit in most years).

  7. jitensha says:

    this is unfair! I still can’t figure out how to change the header of my new theme. 😛 The stars must have took you so long XD

  8. Hynavian says:

    Oh nice, it’ll look great as Christmas banners. I prefer the one with circles on the left as compared to the one with red-green stars.

  9. Xiao says:

    Very nice~…
    I especially liked the banner with the stars. ^^

    lol Kyon is hot and naughty? Maybe only as a reindeer. xDD;;

    Can’t wait for your other banners. hehe ^^

  10. Kitsune says:

    Very nice banners 🙂 Looks like it took you some time to make them – nice work 🙂

    I like the current banner with green circles. The word Metanorn has a better contrast in the red circles banner though.

    Designing with red and green can be tricky due to some red-green colorblindness in some people.

    Some websites that might be useful:

    Colorblind Filter

  11. ETERNAL says:

    Whoever drew this pic is officially awesome. Great choice for the season ;P

  12. kanzeon says:

    @FlareKnight: Thanks ^_^ Yeah, this header like, hides the sad part of the season… That just inspired me to do a header with a melancholic feel 🙂

    @FuyuMaiden: Yeah, I already see some Santas in some malls here. I also love this season. The colorful lanterns, the carols, and what I love most on Christmas is the shopping!!! Red and Green Christmas combo ftw!

    @jitensha: Your new theme is nice ^_^ but I thinks it’s real hard to adjust the header in there.
    The stars really didn’t took me so long 🙂

    @Hynavian: Thanks ^_^ The red circles or the green circles?

    @xiao_jie: Oh you like the stars 🙂 Kyon is hot in that reindeer costume (only xDD)

    @Kitsune: Thanks for the info. I actually prefer the green one because too much red is getting busy for the eyes. (Stupid Akismet. It detected you as spam -_-)

    @ETERNAL: I really wanted to know the artist but this pic is scattered everywhere and there’s no reference T.T. The pic is really awesome and cute.

  13. 7 says:

    Awesome banner! I like the circular rendition. I was about to use that for my site’s next layout, but I guess I’ll have to find a new one!

  14. kanzeon says:

    @7: OMG sorry! Lol we had the same raw material again XD!!! Lol I changed it now so it’s alright 🙂

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