Random Digest – New Banners, etc


So many randomness to discuss, so little time~ From awards, new banners, and more.

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Art Attack?! – Manga Coloring


Lol this is not an art show XD! But I really discovered a new fun thing to do out of boredom ^^.

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I really like it bigger…


Bigger and hotter…… banners~ Freaking new bigger banners for the new month~!!! (and the new season probably? XD)

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K-On! Genderbender


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New Banner: Utau Hoshina


New banner for the current batch!!! ^^ Yes, there are too many banners already XDDD but I don’t care.

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New Banner: Eden of the East


Small blog update! I’ll keep this one fast… New banner features Eden of the East, since that show is also being featured in this blog. I just kept the design simple because I’m being really lazy right now XD… But I think the outcome was really cute. Similar brushes again just like the usual but can’t help it, lol.

Also, I did a major change on the Mio banner. I didn’t made it an animated one anymore since I really got annoyed on it’s choppiness XD. So that’s all~ hope you like the new banner ^^. [Lol remember though that you have to refresh or click the current banner to change it ^^]

New Banners: K-On! [Updated]


Don’t say you’re lazy, because you’re actually crazy!

Yep ^^. Not one but TWO new K-On banners!

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New banner set for April!



– Prussia/Gilbert [Hetalia Axis Powers]

New banners!!! What more can I say? (conceitedness level: increasing) nah lol it’s Prussia in this cool blue banner^^, and he’s here to occupy your vital space *yandere smile*.And he’s here saying that he’s made of awesomeness. Well, we cannot deny that it’s a fact.

So more new banners below the jumpity-jump!!!

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Death the Kid: Symmetrically Perfect


Hooray for Death the Kid! He’s featured on my banner (look up ^_^). Why? Oh well because he’s awesome. I started falling in love with him from the very first time I saw him. He screams perfection from head to toe. That perfect hair (even though it’s not symmetrically right, the white stripes makes it look really hot). He also has stunning yellow eyes which can go from fierce to cute. He has cool outfit. His weapon is kick-ass. It’s not just one, but two big guns to kick enemies’ butt. He handles it with style. Plus his expressions are just priceless when his OCD attacks him. That just makes him more cute. His VA is hawt too. Though I don’t ship him with any character at all in Soul Eater (because he’s mine only XD just kidding), he’s still cute alone, and with the Thompson sisters. Nobody can copy him. When my classmates found out Soul Eater because of me, the guys just started copying him, they’re hopeless wannabes >_>… Anyway, he’s really the perfect guy with a disease of perfection XD… His perfection and weakness is absolutely symmetrical! OMG just PERFECT! Trust me this isn’t the last Death the Kid banner you’ll see here, because I’ll make some more from time to time [I’ll also make a banner with his picture doing symmetrical V-signs 🙂 soon].

Continue for some Death the Kid pics!!!

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