Random Digest – New Banners, etc


So many randomness to discuss, so little time~ From awards, new banners, and more.


I’ve been tagged by Sapphire Pyro of Hyper Parfait on this award so thank you very much ^__^!!! *huggles the award*. It seems like I’ve been tagged and I gotta pass this to 15 other female bloggers.

The Rules:

1) Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award and her blog link.

2) Pass the award to 15 other female-handled blogs you’ve recently discovered. Remember to contact the female bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.


  1. FuyuMaiden of Simplicity
  2. Xiao of ěk-sěn’trĭk
  3. Kiseki of Yaranaika?
  4. Blossomgirl of Blossom Media Center
  5. warriorhope of Shojo Lover
  6. Rin of Random Stuff About Anime
  7. usagijen of The Scrumptious Anime Blog
  8. Lea of Hanyan
  9. kirapika of -Alphanox- Project
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  11. Minnie of Hey, Say, Anime! team
  12. kelakagandy of kelakagandy’s ramblings
  13. Misu of Yukifu
  14. ayumikat of The Brownie Post
  15. lostty of Anime Princess

Sorry if I missed anyone, I’m only required to list 15, and these are the 15 other female bloggers I could think of first ^^. Anyway, moving on to other awards~~~


American Music Awards

Well, this is soooo old but I still wanna include it here. I’m supposed to blog this one on my livejournal blog but I feel like putting it here instead :3

First of all, I hate how Taylor Swift sweep the awards show. WTF is happening with America’s taste. Sure she’s undeniably making catchy dress-up songs about being a tweeny loser but that was just too much. Not to mention that she looked seriously rehearsed and FAKE accepting the awards:


I would have love it if Kanye goes on interrupting her VIA SATELLITE as well. She should in fact thank him now on what happened on the VMAs because everyone’s throwing her a huge pity party.

Lord Lady Gaga was so robbed…


Anyway, Shakira proves that she’s the type of person who likes to pee on people:


J’Lo tumbles:


And oh, there’s… this:



Movies I wanna check out~


There’s a movie that caught my attention lately judging by the trailer and the buzz its getting. It’s Precious, originally from the novel “Push” by Sapphire. I saw the trailer and I was really astounded. The acting looks really good, especially the one Mo’Nique is playing, seems like she’s getting some Oscar-worthy performance buzz.

I also really want to check out Ninja Resurrection this weekend, primarily because of RAIN <3.

And I guess this also goes here. I’m quite glad that the Eden of the East Movie II: Paradise Lost gets moved (no surprise) and gets more extra screen time. I guess that 1 hour isn’t really enough for that so it’s cool how they thought of expanding the movie time ^^. Anyway enjoy the PV for “light prayer” by school food punishment. Totally amazing song and really cool PV~


And speaking of more movies, oh god the Death Note live action Hollywood adaptation can really be happening…


Games I’m looking forward to~


Final Fantasy 13 is nearly approaching! And omg I’m so excited more than what I should be. At first, I’m like, meh, bring on FFVersus 13 instead… but then more and more details and trailers are getting released (Tsui posts the trailers here) and I think I’m already anticipating it so badly now. Simply stunning graphics are the first things to take notice of. Lightning looks pure awesomeness, as well as Snow. Snow and Serah’s story looks really interesting as well. Overall, I’m definitely looking forward for this one. It comes on December on Japan and March for the NA release. Who is dying to get the Japanese version of the game? xD

I’m also browsing for some upcoming games for the next year and I stumbled upon Heavy Rain. I saw some gameplay footage and cutscenes and all I could say is WOW. This video demonstrates the suspenseful gameplay, and literally I find it so freaking hard to breathe because of the tension omg. Really cool. [More game videos here and here] Heavy Rain comes out on February 2010.

And now that we’re on video games already… Here’s a man marrying a video game character:


LMAO. Well… that was just stupid and creepy. This guy needs a reality check, but I guess he’s one lonely loser so he does this thing xDD. I just hope that the battery won’t ran out for his DS. And I’m pretty sure though that this guy is gonna be upset when he finds out thousands of other guys are dating his girl. lol.




Yep~ Isn’t it so cold in here? ^___^

New Banners


APH’s Germany and Prussia [Original Artist: here]


APH’s Prussia and Hungary. [Original Artist: here]


To Aru Kagaku no Railgun banner~


Snow from FFVersus13

vampire bund

Cute Dance in the Vampire Bund banner~ [Original Artist: here]


This is the first animated banner of the bunch. It’s Kero from CCS obviously and the effect has his nose glow. It’s really cute ^^.


Another animated banner. It’s DTB2 girls Suou and Tanya.



Just like the previous year, I’m bringing up again special year-ender posts again. Probably they’re in Dozens (Top 12). Here are the line-up:

– 12 Fave Anime OPs
– 12 Fave Anime EDs
– 12 Fave Male Characters/Bishies
– 12 Fave Female Characters
– 12 Fave WTF Moments
– 12 Fave Seiyuus
– 12 Fave Manga

– Special Anime Status for the whole 2009

– Special Awards-like Shit (What’s Hot 2009)

I’m thinking for more but my head’s currently blocked at the moment so feel free to suggest more and let’s see if I’ll find it relevant ^^.



zero 1

YEEEEEE~!!! I bought a Zero plushie!! *glomps my Zero plush to eternity* Isn’t it so handsome and glompably cute~? *laughs hysterically* -shot- I’m also planning to buy other anime plushies to collect them, I’m getting some Kuroshitsuji plushies next~ I might also get around buying Nendoroids. I’m deciding if I should wait for the Bakemonogatari ones or buy the Sebastian Nendo already. Anyway, that wraps up the Digest <3 xoxo.


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18 Responses to “Random Digest – New Banners, etc”

  1. kewldude says:

    hey nice stuff there! Especially the banners! XD Can I use your FFXIII one in some forums? If not no prob

  2. kewldude says:

    N yep Im seriously looking forward to FFXII as well, I had the same views with Versus 😛 Im really hopin for a Lightning x Snow pairing though, seeing as what is most likely gonna happen ^_^

  3. kelakagandy says:

    You’re so sweet, thanks so much for the blogger award! 😀

    lmao at the Adam Lambert gif! xD

    I really want to see Precious too! It looks absolutely fantastic. The PV for the Eden op is awesome too! And lol at the Death Note movie…I really do think Zac Efron looks like Light/Kira (case in point: http://zacefroniskira.com/ ), but I do think it’s kinda weird that he’d be in the movie…

    The Kero banner is absolutely adorable. 😀

    And I am sooo jealous of your Zero plushie!! D: I keep wanting to buy one, but never have the cash. :[

  4. FaS says:

    Wow. just wow. This was so insane a list, I don’t even know where to start. Like it’s simply insane how you got all this down. Verrryy good post & I heard Precious was a VERY depressing movie….be prepared to feel feelings. And congrats on the award 🙂 Your blog’s definitely iConic and you deserve it 🙂 I remember looking at your blog before I even remember making a blog. And OH, HOW’D YOU GET THOSE ANIME SMILES!??!?!?

  5. pooper says:


  6. kirapika says:

    Awww ;w; Thanks for the award-thingy! <33

    Anyways, I agree with what you've said about Taylor Swift. Goddddd, just because of what happened with the VMAs everyone's riding the pity train and awarding her with awards she doesn’t really deserve . If I were to judge, I’d give those awards to Gaga. xDDD

    Ewwww, why is it always about Zac Efron? I mean, what is it about him? First it’s FMP! and now it’s Death Note? Oh PLEASE NO.

    Yep, that Eden PV was just.. astounding. I kept rewatching it for the awesome typography.

  7. Kiseki says:

    I love that first image. It’s so off era-wise. But damn it’s so adorable. ;A;

    Thank you for the award! ;w; Although I hate tagging and I don’t blog regularly, so, um, yeah…Sorry. ;~;

    Oh wow. Now I really want to check out Precious. Probably won’t until at least a few years though…
    Also, have you heard about The Lovely Bones? I read the novel and loved it. It’s really good.

    / totally does not go to theaters to watch movies but would soo go to an american version of death note just so i could yell random things in there

    Also, that Kero banner is adorable! ;u;

  8. Ayumikat says:

    Congrats on your award and wow, I’ve been tagged too, eh. :aww: Thanks for the tag. *Hugs*

    LOL…can’t help laughing at the Lambert gif…hilarious. I want your Zero plushie. Once again, some awesome banners. I love the Kero one…reminds me how much I used to love watching CCS way back then….makes me think of cupcakes too. 😆

  9. Misu says:

    Oh, you tagged me! What an honor! :aww:

    I don’t keep up with movies much, except when my friends want to go see some, but Precious looks good!

    And as usual, your banners are too cute. :kyaa:

  10. […] First up, I received a blogger award! A huge THANK YOU! to kanzeon who gave me this award. […]

  11. lostty says:

    I feel so honoured to be tagged! wah!

    I am so jealous of your animated banners x) I’ve been trying to fix up an animated Favicon, but I cant find a generator that can convert it properly, which obviously isn’t saying much….Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that you are super impressive.
    Lady Gaga’s expression made me laugh so much! As for Adam, well there is not much to say there…If only I actually got around to watching these award shows I guess…
    And yay for snow!!

  12. Felice says:

    Can I have a link of your livejournal?

  13. Xiao says:

    Ahhh, why I’m so busy? TwT
    Well, first of all, congrats on getting the award! Hehe 🙂

    Uwaahh, I got tagged? I’m so unworthy! For not blogging and not knowing 15 other bloggists off the top of my head. ^^;
    But thank you!

    Aiyaya, all this drama about Taylor Swift. It’s all kinda funny how publicity is…what it is. Hmm…I thought she was going to fade into oblivion after “Love Story” but apparently not. *sigh*And I agree, Gaga should’ve gotten that award. She’s more original.

    Wow, the “Precious” trailer was just…wow. O.O
    That is some award-winning material right there.

    …that marriage reminded me of Chobits…except the girl was actually a solid being at least. *rolls eyes*

    Kyaa~, lovely banners as always! Hehe, the Kero one is especially cute. <3

    OMG, Zero plushie is a cutie! X3333 Haha, you’re getting into merchandise, too, huh? I’m not sure about Kuroshitsuji but the first Bakemonogatari set is already available for preorder and at a good price, too. 3 petit nendos for $21 or something like that (and they come with accessories). And it’s coming out in April. ^^

    Yep, off to comment on your year-end posts now. ^^

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