I really like it bigger…


Bigger and hotter…… banners~ Freaking new bigger banners for the new month~!!! (and the new season probably? XD)

METANORN had just faced a drastic change (lol drastic.. I’ve watched so much -NTM’s lately XD~) well not really that drastic, and you can notice it above, the header area. They are now taller ^^. Yay~ That means bigger banners and they’re now more harder to make XD. The reason for doing this because… nothing XD. I just got tied of seeing 264-pixels height of graphics and some cut text below. That’s what I’m seeing in my small laptop though *selfish reasons XP*, so I thought of stretching the banner area more too 350 pixels instead for more FIAHCE banners~

Another thing that I’ll be regratting when I did this change is bidding a permanent farewell to my old banners T___T. I cannot use them all again, even when I thought of cheating one day and reusing a certain banner everyone had been forgotten XD. So yeah, this blog is back to scratch, and I love it actually, because I can explore more on making graphics and stuff…


And also just a random note, I also changed Amu’s ANTM pic on the sidebar and made it more fitting for the upcoming Summer season. And Amu is FIERCELY saying “Ice Cream anyone?” there~ As expected of our winner ^^.

Back to the banner thing, bye bye old banners T.T … And out of the most current ones I had, my favorite is that bloody awesome Frau banner, which is still new.. *huggles the Frau banner* T___T. Nuu~


Brain Freeze

– Kaichou wa Maid-sama (Usui, Misaki, and some sexy snowcone p0rn)

I’ll first make your summer more hotter XD. *drools* Aghh… *stares at the chunk of fruit Usui is biting*…*faints*…

Lol seriously, can this two can’t get any more hotter? Put some clothes on!!! *acts like their granny* lol. But yeah, just to make the site more, ehem.. interesting, I made a hawtt Kaichou wa Maid-sama banner. Iused blue hues for the background because Usui and Misaki are too hot already that they both need cold colors around them or else my screen will totally burn up and my family is not that rich for me to get a new laptop XD. So it’s for the safety for everyone as well XDDD.

So yeah, hope you like them while I’ll stare more at the fruit chunk Usui’s been biting and wait for it until it falls down xP.



– Valkyria Chronicles (Isara, Alicia, Welkin and Faldio ~left to right)

This is a recycled one from last week’s new banner. Since it’s quite so new, I thought that I would reuse the scan again and just make it fit more to the new season. And oh, credits to Tsui btw for making the first version banner of this, and I just edited it again and added more effects (because my “OMG this needs a make-over!!!” disease attacked me.) and THEN I re-edited it again and made it taller to this XDDD. Yeah lol this has a long history going on at the back of it XD.

The changes done is I made the blue/purple tone to fiery colors because I thought that it would add more energy and life to it besides of its cuteness.

And yesh I would so want a plushie of them all, especially Welkin and Alicia! Welkin just looks so adorable in his :O face XD.



– Axis Powers Hetalia (Axis Powers and Allied Forces)

Hehehe… Hetalia is definitely needed on every banner batch of mine. And this one is the easiest to do I didn’t even break a sweat because I didn’t made any edits what-so-ever, just plastered this beautiful fanart (credits to ポン from pixiv). For sure this won’t be the last APH banner you’ll see in this batch because I’ll make more ^^.



– Umineko no Naku Koro ni (Beatrice, Battler)

Well, besides from being the very first Summer anime season banner of the new batch, Umineko is also special for my favorite OTP of it, Beatrice and Battler XD~ I love Jessica and Kannon too ^^. I really can’t wait for this series to come because at least I’m sure that there’s an another new anime to fangirl about (besides from Sora no Manimani ^^). And look. See how cute both of them are? Daaawwwww~

And with this banner, pink is abused so much XDD, and I added lacey effects and texture on them so it looked really glam and also, they look like a married couple XDD haha.



– From Me To You (Sawako and Shouta)

Lol. I know the anime will still be on fall but I did the same thing with Kobato. before XD. I’m really anticipating the anime (and the live adaptation too, if the news are true..) because this is just so sweet ^^. I really like these types of stories because I just wanna huggle Sawako so much~ Even though I get a huge “oww ouch that’s me” on the bitch-roles XD.

This is probably the easiest banner to make, since I made the scan looked huge so that I won’t work on the details on the background so much ohohoho~ *lazy*. And I only added half tone effect above them. Also, when you noticed, you can totally see my laziness (look at the brushes on Shouta’s side XDD lol that’s so awful ):…). But I thought I wouldn’t change it that much because I see a “painting” effect on the background, and the results are a very warm and blissfully cute number ^^. Hope you get the same feeling as I do XP.



– Haruhi Suzumiya (herself)

LOOOL! This banner totally replaces Gilbo (Hetalia!Prussia)’s “I am awesomeness”-declaration as the banner with attitude for the site XD *huggles the pirate!Gilbo before letting go of that banner*.

First of all, I’m not a Haruhiist or anything, I just made this banner for fun~ I got the idea from so many haters of Haruhi. Oh my god please, get a life and stop trying hard to be “different”. Hahaha. Well, if they really cannot get a life at all (aww~ *pats their backs*, just leave the lives of people who likes this show. What makes them cool and special on hating it? It just makes them look stupid and miserable.

I really find all those hate really funny XD. While I’m lurking on the internets yesterday, I saw so much “I haet Haruhi Club” and “Haruhi should die!!!” on some forums and sites made by fanbrats. Well, that just explains one thing: The more hate, the more popular XDD. And if ever Haruhi’s a real-life celebrity (which is so not lol, stupid you XD!), she will say these words too XD. So yeah, she’s fucking iconic and y’all have nothing to do about it.


So those are the newest banners!!! Hope you’ll like them all, and I also hope you’ll like the change as well~ Feedback is love. This batch is still unfinished because as usual, I will be adding more (Hell, I’m not satisfied with only 6 banners! XD). And I have GOT to make a 07-Ghost one too as soon as I have a proper scan of Razette and Castor or Frau!!! And I need to do more Hetalia too!!! *becomes crazy* So watch out for some more soon~..

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8 Responses to “I really like it bigger…”

  1. Gargron says:

    Great banners, Haruhi and Valkyria ones are my favourites :^_^:

    I think the larger header compensates much content under it better indeed.

    Last note: Haruhaters just want to seem special by not liking Haruhi :rage:

    Gargron’s last blog post..Azu-nyan

  2. Xiao says:



    …Bigger is better, of course. hehe ;D

    Umg, I love you for using that Amu pic! ICE CREAM~! The destined dessert! :cute: :omg: Reminds me of some certain special moment. Ooo, that was one hot summer moment alright! lol~ xDDDD

    Seriously, if UsuixMisaki get any hotter, their shipping name will replace global warming. :XD: Ohhh~ I love the cool colors you used in the background cuz it (almost) totally balances out the hawtness of this couple which is off the charts! Plus, summer is all about refreshing smoothies and pool-side flirting, neee~? 😉 kyuhuhuhu~! *so giggly* x3

    Ah, the Valkyria one looks so great! The fiery theme suits the chibis really well. Cuz chibis are always so energetic. <3 Which reminds me…I should really do something outside of the house for the next three months but ish lazy and sitting in front of the AC is fine with meh. xD;

    Hetalia banner…art is so beautiful. Reminds me of tarot cards and I think that’s what they’re supposed to be? Hmm, dunno, but the art is beautiful.

    Beatric and Battler (and omg, his smexy hair *drools*) against very elegant pink. Kyaa~ :love:
    I haven’t really done my “research” for this one yet so I don’t know much about it but I’m looking forward to it, too. And since it’s by Studio DEEN, I’m sure it won’t disappoint.

    Ooo, I’m on the Bliss banner now. It’s very nice. I especially like how big the scan image is. Makes it more “IN YOUR FACE” and noticeable. :3
    & ahh, I love what you did with the brush effects. Makes me think of late spring and early summer. Perfect cuz it’s raining over here right now and I’m freezing and need to think of something warm. *shivers* \(

    lol @ the Haruhi banner.
    I’m not as overly fond of Haruhi either but I definitely don’t hate it. The story is so well-thought out and it’s such a good watch because of that. How can you possibly hate something that has good content, right?
    I just find it very annoying when people keep on constantly shoving it in everyone else’s faces (coughK-ON!cough) though sometimes I’m guilty of that as well but I don’t do it outside my personal blog 😛 and then fapping it all over the place if no one immediately agrees about how awesome the show is and blahblahblah…so I just make one comment about it but no more. Seriously, chill. Everybody likes what they like at their own pace. :heh:

    As for the haters, waste of web space. I never understood why people would create things to promote hate. That’s just silly. Say you don’t like it and get over it. You’re wasting your own time especially when Haruhi clearly deserves that iconic spot. The series is worthy of recognition for what it delivers. XP
    So yay for you for being productive about this negativity. *PWNSOME LAUGH* :mwahaha:

    Xiao Jie’s last blog post..Prespoiler: Nakayoshi & Ribon July 09 Issue & RAWs

  3. auntie bin says:

    ooooo i like the hetalia fan art.. looks like its some horoscope fan art… itsh pueeeeeteeeeeeee :kyaa:

    auntie bin’s last blog post..Fashion Week

  4. FuyuMaiden says:

    Oh my god~ The new Amu image for ANTM is so cute~!!! Amu-chan~! And of course ice cream always gives me fond memories, though that’s not the right kind (from that scene it was soft serve). So…darn…cute.

    *sigh~* But it’s time to move along there are new banners! And they’re bigger! Which means more room for awesomeness, right?

    Oh god that Kaichou wa Maid-sama! banner. Ah~ Like all images of them, when I see it I feel like I’m going to die from it just being too hawt~ And this banner perfectly matches that summer feeling. There’s the light-hearted fun of summer sure, but what summer really is…is hot!!!

    And oh my god, the Hetalia one was the first one I saw and it just looks amazing with all of that space it so rightfully deserves! Whoever drew it needs…something. They need a reward of some sort!

    And oh god, the Haruhi one is great too. I’m not a Haruhiist either, but it’s not like I hate it. In the off-season in fact, I enjoy all the Haruhiism. Just…gets so annoying when everyone spams twitter, even sarcastically(but luckily my reader was safe!). But Haruhi is popular and…well that’s part of the charm of the series so fanbrats of all ages need to stfu. Besides, positive/negative, the more you talk about Haruhi the more she owns the souls of the otaku world!!!

    The new banners are all great (sorry I can’t comment on them all one by one) as always and I’m looking forward to seeing how you can be even better with more space to work with.

    FuyuMaiden’s last blog post..Graduating & Choosing Favorite Characters

  5. kirapika says:

    Wow~ Cool new banners, as always xD You know what they say, the BIGGER the BETTER :cheer:

    Omfg, that KwMs banner is so `effin hawt! It does not only give off a summer vibe but also the chemistry between Misaki and Usui. And the background is just <3. Your skills are so good~ xD

    The Hetalia banner is just so EPIC that I can stare at it like, forever. That Umineko banner is cute~ btw, it deserves a big round of applause. I love the fanart of Beatrice and Battler that you used and no, you didn’t abuse pink that much. :3

    Ara~Ara~ the Kimi ni Todoke banner really reminds me of how awesome Fall would be for me. Is it a coincidence that I’m currently fangirling about this manga right now!? :runs:

    But of course the most FIERCE! banner would be the Haruhi banner xD It never fails to amuse me.

    Looking forward to see more of your creations~ And that Frau banner should be hawt. :hmm:

    kirapika’s last blog post..Chocolate (ch. 1), ARISA (ch.6) & Watashi ni xx Shinasai (ch.2) RAWs Impressions

  6. GlassButterfly says:

    I’m definitely looking forward for more of your beautiful Hetalia and Umineko banners.

    BTW, the artist of the Hetalia picture is ポン from pixiv (http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=4385605).

  7. Ashelea says:

    They’re bigger and more hotter!!! Good job on everything!!!

    Holy shi- *nosebleeds* :nosebleeds: that Maid-sama banner is indeed hawtness! XD. The Valkyria one is relly awesomely cute ^^.

    The Umineko one, sooo true XDD. Beatrice and Battler just looks so cute together ^^.

    I specifically love the Kimi no Todoke one and it’s my much awaited show for Fall ^^.

    And LOL at the Haruhi! You’re so awesome for making a banner like that XD. I can’t wait for more 😉

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