ToraDora!: 04 – Picture Perfect

Sorry for the super-late post! Anyway, this episode is AWESOME! Taiga is looking cute as ever!


After preparing some breakfast for the Tiger, Ryuuji stumbles upon a box containg albums of Kitamura’s stolen shots. Ryuuji noticed that they’re too blurry so he proposed to shoot Kitamura for her next time. t school, Taiga greets Kitamura in an ‘uncool’ way as she says “OHA!”, but due to Kitamura’s kindness, he just go with her flow.


SO NOT AMI! …She’s Sumire X_X


Taiga, as much to her dismay, finds out that Kitamura is very popular among girls. Kitamura is also the vice president of the school, with Sumire as the student council president. Taiga find discomfort with Sumire and Kitamura’s closeness and it made her more irritated when she had to stand up long in a certain position while listening to her. Taiga quarrels with Sumire but she ends up getting caught up by Kitamura.


“OMG HE TOUCHED ME!!!” – I know that’s how Taiga feels right now in there.


Just with this scene, I’m officially shipping Minorin and Kitamura together XD!!! Lol it’s weird but I can’t help shipping two characters to be together XD… No to Sumire!


It’s lunchtime and Kitamura, together with Minori plans to have lunch together with Taiga and Ryuuji. Taiga became stunned again while Kitamura wondered where did Taiga got the yummy bento box she is having, since Taiga is not used on having bento boxes before. Taiga awkwardly points out Ryuuji but Ryuuji responded with an excuse to prevent rumors about them again.




During Ryuuji’s cleaning duties, Taiga pulled him out only to finally take picture of Kitamura while he’s playing baseball. Since Ryuuji takes it too long with the camera, Taiga lost her patience and did the job by herself again, taking blurry photos.


LOL at this scene and it made me wanna drink Starbucks now…


At night on Ryuuji’s house, he suggested that he would laminate some photos os Taiga’s choice. Taiga continues to drool over Kitamura’s stolen shots while Ryuuji prepares dinner and makes bento for Minori and Kitamura, of course, with the help of Taiga.


What a way to cut off a potato.


Bucket of pudding?! Haha… Minorin was just too adorable!


At school, Ryuuji finds Taiga alone in a corner and she is still finding a perfect photo to laminate. Taiga got hotheaded again because of the impatience Ryuuji had shown so she just left him to do the picking. Ryuuji was found by Kitamura and was surprised. Kitamura also admitted to Ryuuji that he also had kept a photo of Taiga and he revealed that he confessed to her once back then but he got rejected.


LOLWTF?! I love Ryuuji’s WTH reaction to Kitamura in this scene! Also, does Kitamura’s explanation on the picture he has explains that he isn’t interested in Taiga anymore? T.T Major confusion here again…


Ryuuji asked Taiga about that and Taiga said to him that she just rejected him because she became too surprised. Since that confession, she had also been thinking about Kitamura more and more to the point that she’s falling in love with him. Taiga appreciates Kitamura’s acceptance to her personality that’s why she is still searching for a photo where she could still see Kitamura’s face like that back then.


Random Parrot screencap of the week.


Next: The airhead Ami enters…

Kan chats…

First of all, for a second I thought it was Ami on the preview of the previous episode XD… Anyway for sure it’s the real Ami this ime now on the next episode. And it’s judgement time if I would have a bitching impression for her. ToraDora’s characters are made to be likable so I guess I’ll be ending up liking her too XD.

Moving on, OMIGOD TAIGA IS SO DAMN CUTE in this episode!!! Yes, you’ve heard this one a million times but there’s really something with her that really kept my eyes on the screen. She’s just… Adorable to the edge. Major cute factor points for her this episode because it shows how lovestruck she is with Kitamura-kun. From her dumbfound moments, to her drooling, to her blushing, and to her tsun’tsun moments. Of course every girl who’s in love becomes blooming XD. Overall, I have completely fallen in love with this show and I’ll be continuing up this one ^_^.



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7 Responses to “ToraDora!: 04 – Picture Perfect”

  1. 7 says:

    Gah! I had a hard time telling the difference between Ami and Sumire! 🙁

  2. Aizen says:

    You’re not the only one, 7.

  3. Xiao says:

    Agrees! Taiga was way too cute in this episode! xDD
    I’m surprised you didn’t put up a screencap where it’s just her and Ryuuji specifically when she tells him “Look! He said “OHA!”, too!” and stretches her arms up at him as if to say “Hug me!” and Ryuuji is like “…What the hell are you doing? No.” At least, that was my first impression of it. lol xD;

    I loved Sumire the moment she started barking orders to the students. xD & I thought she was Ami, too, with the same hair color and all (wouldn’t be surpirsed if they were somehow related) but then it didn’t seem right because Ami met Taiga and Ryuuji in a restaurant. Hmm. Well, I hope we get to see more of Sumire later on, even if she is just a supporting character whose main purpose is to get Taiga jealous. hehe

    Aww, lunch time together. I wish my lunches were like that when I was in highschool. Buu… =3=

    lol Ryuuji is like the next Watanuki. ^^;

    Sudoh-Bucks is win.
    Taiga has mad potato-cutting skills.
    & Wut? Pudding in a bucket? o.O; Minori…

    So yea…Ami comes this week. Heh, I like Ami so I’m really looking forward to it especially the bitchslap xD;.
    Thanx for your review! ^^

  4. kanzeon says:

    @7 and Aizen: Me too! On the previous episode’s preview, I thought that Sumire was Ami XD…

    @xiao_jie: Lol I forgot to add a screencap on that one but it’s really cute! I also would like to see more of Sumire :). She seems interesting though and her kaichou personality is nice. And I like Ryuuji way better than Watanuki -_-.

  5. blissmo says:

    I just can’t stop loving Ryuuji, lol, but Taiga is very very cute, except it soooort of annoys me when she’s mean to Ryuuji, but I guess it’s also funny in a way 😀

  6. JohnBasc says:

    I agree, Taiga is just so…Toradorable


  7. kanzeon says:

    @blissmo: I love Ryuuji too! Nevermind his looks, because his attitude is golden! He and Taiga really have good hemistry.

    @JohnBasc: Toradorable!!! OMG I love teh new word :D!

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