Rockin☆Heaven [Finale]


After too much ranting on the ending of Uwasa no Midori-kun, it’s happy doki-doki time on Rockin Heaven’s 34th and final chapter!!!

[:Major Spoilers Alert!!!:]

Uwasa ni Midori-kun [Finale]

Ewww… The ending sucked… For those who had been reading or planning to read this manga, STOP it now and turn back or else you’ll get very disappointed like me…

[:Here’s the spoiler:]

☆Blabberings☆: Gender-Bending of HaruKi Edition!

Photobucket – I absolutely love the gender-bending project of Haruki Suzumiya! I know that this is WAY too long ago but I still can’t stop listening to some songs from the character albums like:

1.) Seishun Ii ja nai ka – Tsuruya-senpai (Tsuruya-san) [Total MOE-ness!!!]

2.) Parallel Days – Haruki (Haruhi) [The male version is actually better than the original!]

3.) SELECT – Yuuki (Yuki) [LOL. This one reminds me of Yuki from Fruits Basket!!!]

Random Question: Do you want the upcoming Haruhi Suzumiya 2 as genderbend-ed?

Someday’s Dreamer ~Summer Sky~ 01

Sora Suzuki, a country girl from Biei, discovers that she has to go to Tokyo for a mage school from her mother. But before she embarks on a new journey unto the city, she has to help her friend Michiru to confess her feelings to her love with the help of her magic before he leaves Hokkaido.

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First Look: Hidamari Sketch x365, Antique Bakery and Strike Witches…

Okay, 3 more new shows for the Summer season!

Hidamari Sketch x365:

PhotobucketI thought that the sequel would finally catch my attention but heck no. It still didn’t interest me at all… Sorry, but the slice-of-life scenes (a.k.a. the nonsense scenes) were a bit off compared to Someday’s Dreamer 2. But still, it’s worth some good laughs.

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Anime’s Next Top Model 01: The Girls Go To School

For the very first episode of Anime-NTM, the 10 lucky girls get to show off their modeling-skills with poise and “class”… as their photoshoot is all about SCHOOL!


Anime’s Next Top Model

It’s the battle of the fiercest and the most modelesque as these anime girls duke it out to be the very first Anime’s Next Top Model!!! (Clap or else you’ll die.)

Hope you will support this new feature of this blog!!! (…or else you’ll die.)

Nah lol enough threatening XD. Let us meet the girls that we would be seeing more of!

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SA ~Special A~ 12: High Fever/Passion

SA is getting doki-doki now!
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Pokemon The Movie 11: Giratina and The Sky’s Bouquet ~sneak peek~

The latest Pokemon movie Giratina and The Sky’s Bouquet will premiere on July 19th on Japanese theaters. It is also noted that the theme song for the movie is entitled ONE by Crystal Kay. Last movie, an event-only lv.50 Shaymin was available via wireless connection through the theater but now they are giving away a special event-only lv.100 Regigigas if you pre-order tickets to the movie.

First Look: Ultraviolet Code 044, Mahou Tsukai 2 and Sekirei…

I’m recently having a habit of watching the first episodes of anime in RAW so I only understand like, 30% of what they’re saying (I’m harnessing my Nippon-fluency…) But I soon as I get my hands on the subbed ones, I rewatch them again (and possibly blog some that may interest me)… This post is just for my first impressions and rantings, blabberings, ramblings, etc and the likes… Let’s continue now…

Ultraviolet: Code 044

This one’s a sure pure action-packed but the thing that annoys me is the random boob shots that just pops out everywhere in this episode. The music, Guilty Pleasure by Becca, is in EngRish, which me like. And the graphics were quite great for an action-packed show. The introduction was quite fast-paced and the characters are well designed (actually, for some). If the animators would keep up the good work and prevent the show from being more talk and fanservice than action, it can actually be good.

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