Manga Hunting: Kimi no Iru Machi


Author: Seo Kouji

Genre/s: Sports, Romance, Slice-of-Life, Ecchi, Shounen

What if a girl you’ve never even met before, never even talked to, just suddenly moved into your house? Facing such a situation, you must probably say no, right? But for Kirishima Haruto, he got no choice but to agree with his parents and let a girl, Eba Yuzuki, stay on their house! Due to unknown reasons, city-girl Yuzuki transferred to countryside and his normal, country life would be disturbed changed forever!

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Someday’s Dreamer ~Summer Sky~ 01

Sora Suzuki, a country girl from Biei, discovers that she has to go to Tokyo for a mage school from her mother. But before she embarks on a new journey unto the city, she has to help her friend Michiru to confess her feelings to her love with the help of her magic before he leaves Hokkaido.

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Vampire Knight Manga – Chapter 41

Another Vampire Knight chapter!! Yipee!!!

[WARNING! May contain spoilers for those who are watching the anime!]
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