Vampire Knight Manga – Chapter 41

Another Vampire Knight chapter!! Yipee!!!

[WARNING! May contain spoilers for those who are watching the anime!]

The chapter started with Shiki remaining his consciousness and later apologizes to Rima, which is still unconscious, with a hug after realizes that and he’s not Rido’s “puppet” anymore. Meanwhile Headmaster Cross and Yagari gets some role in here too as they protect the school.

Yuuki is still thinking about Kaname’s suggestion on leaving the academy with him but she declines his offer, making Kaname feel that he’s losing someone. Yuuki kisses him, saying that it will be okay since she’ll be back on “onii-san”‘s arms everytime. Kaname then goes to destroy the monsters from the council and the chapter ends with Yuuki holding her Artemis staff, which grows out to a cooler scythe-like weapon.


Wow, Yuuki’s Artemis staff is lookin great at the final page…

Headmaster Cross saying “Boku” was so cool and he looks good without his glasses on.

…And about the kiss… Nice for Kaname-Yuuki fans! Anyway..  I have nothing to rant about this chapter and I can’t wait for the time where Rima will gain her consciousness… I wonder what will happen since imo, something is really brewing with her and Shiki…

…And speaking of “can’t wait’s”, I can’t wait for Zero to make a comeback for he will be stronger than ever! Currently, I have a feeling that he is the “Vampire Knight” of the story…


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9 Responses to “Vampire Knight Manga – Chapter 41”

  1. mehdi says:

    good issue!!

  2. blissmo says:

    lols, i hope someone dies

  3. metatr0n says:

    blissmo: …hope its Kaname

  4. fye says:

    omg I really hate Kaname I hope he dies too…
    Yuuki is so stupid for kissing him!

  5. simp says:

    yeah, i seconded fye! I hope kaname will die in the end. All problems solved.

  6. Anonymous says:

    i like kaname. i hope he lives!!!! and i think Yuuki should become a vampire to be with Kaname

  7. anonymous says:

    well im all for zero. he’s just so cool and hot! but the thing that bugs me mosjt was when yuuki kissed kaname and then called him brother. i mean the kiss should have been like a lover’s kiss rite? i mean she APPARENTLY loves him. but then she calls him brother? how to ruin the mood. that’s what i personally think though. so i guess you could all guess that im all for zero and yuuki. hopefully she’ll realize that zero is the one for her and see that she really does love him and not kaname…at least in that way. i think she loves kaname in a brotherly way.

  8. zero4life says:

    i guess you can tell that im 100% for zero. i think that yuuki and zero should be together because they complete one another. they both have something that the other lacks. Zero lacks that compassion while Yuuki lacks…well, i guess you could call it emotional strength. Kaname, on the other hand, is “perfect” in every way. Having Yuuki would just be another addition for his perfect life. i don’t get why people say he’s lonely. he chooses to be lonely. he has a whole devoted clan of vampires, plenty of girls that swoon over him, and a lot of people who respect him. how in the world is that lonely. and then we have zero, a boy who lost his family, and then his brother (ch. 40), his humanity…he’s lonely. and the only person that can save him is yuuki. and i think yuuki knows that. so if she leaves him while knowing that zero is living becasue of her, she’s pretty much a sucky character. so long story cut short: yuuki should be with zero…for life!

  9. kanzeon says:

    @anonymous & zero4life: Yeah, I’m also rooting for Zero ^__^
    It’s not that I hate Kaname but I think his pairing with Yuuki is…lame.

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