Persona 4: Naoto is a reverse trap and Kuma has a human form.

^^This video TOTALLY proves that Naoto is a girl and the blonde guy is actually Kuma’s human form.

Soul Eater New ED: Style


Style by Kana Nishino

What I totally love about the new ending sequence of Soul Eater is the song itself. It has a lazy feel to it that really suits being an ED theme. About the video, it focuses more on the Maka x Soul relationship and I found it really cute, especially on the last part (well, that’s the only part where Maka is not walking and running)… The new ED sequence premieres on Soul Eater’s 14th episode.

Chocolate Underground 04: Chocolates… *sniff*

When we all thought that there won’t be any chocolates for this anime… Think again!


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Natsume Yuujin-chou 01: A ‘MySpace’ for your Monster Friends.


From the director of Baccano! and Jigoku Shoujo, here comes another anime with a unique story but quite low-budgeted when it comes to animation…

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SA ~Special A~ 13: Magic/Friends


SA now comes with new OP (top row) and ED (bottom) sequences! Finally, my ears stopped bleeding on the new OP, which seems alright and catchy as well. About the ED, it’s tweeny and cutesy but I kinda prefer Hidamari no Gate…

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The ULTIMATE Persona 4 Sneek Peek!

The game is out now on Japan and the North American version of Persona 4 will be released this December 9. Here’s a big blog post full of hot new tidbits about the evolved Personas, Arcanas, issues and the game itself…

[last update: 07/18/08 – edited trivias and added Shadow Personas]

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Manga Hunting: Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler


Kuroshitsuji is a shounen manga series with a hint of the supernatural by Yana Toboso which will sometime be turned into an anime series this Fall 2008. [:Read the rest:]

☆Blabber and Bones☆

Photobucket– The rumors for a sequel to Full Metal Alchemist and Darker than Black are not yet confirmed but BONES still have the possibility of continuing their project (Yeahhh!!) or maybe not (Boooo!)… As for me, I absolutely loved the two series and I’ll be glad if there would be any sequels to them but if there wouldn’t be any, it’s still fine since those two series doesn’t need sequels at all. If they are continuing them, especially FMA, they should assure the fans that they wouldn’t ruin the story of the manga. Good luck to the Bones studio btw.

– There would be a new OVA called Zettai Shougeki -Platonic Heart- and it will premiere on August 2008. The official site was recently opened and I think it looks cool so just wanna share it to y’all but still, I don’t have any idea what would this be about (since I can’t understand Kanji much) but the character thing there with matching VAs speaking was cool. I hope anime sites would be more on Flash than just posters XD…

– And for some rantings and spoiler on Code Geass: SHIRLEY DIED ON THE HANDS OF THAT ROLO!!! *gets emo for 5 seconds*

…*back to cheerful mood again*…

– For Allison to Lillia, I’ll finally start to watch it again since the Lillia and Treize arc is on and I’ll even try to blog it!!! Yipee!!!

– PLUS for those who have voted on Anime-NTM, you can still vote per day, per IP address (just in case you don’t know…) so keep your favorites on the running! Vote everybody!!! Vote! Vote! Vote! (or else I’ll get yandere…)

Rockin☆Heaven [Finale]


After too much ranting on the ending of Uwasa no Midori-kun, it’s happy doki-doki time on Rockin Heaven’s 34th and final chapter!!!

[:Major Spoilers Alert!!!:]

Uwasa ni Midori-kun [Finale]

Ewww… The ending sucked… For those who had been reading or planning to read this manga, STOP it now and turn back or else you’ll get very disappointed like me…

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