LOL. It’s my 100th post already!?

I’ve finally achieve something a newbie blogger should achieve!

It’s my 100th POST!!!!!!! Woooooooooot!!!!!! Yeah!!! I’m so happy!!! In 3 months I’ve finally reached a hundred posts! It may not happen that I may post some life-changing bs but hey, I’m fun, right?

I wanna thank EVERYONE who’s reading my blog and those who comment here!!! Y’all always put up a smile on my face whenever I found out that there are real humans reading my blog. To my real-life friends and blog friends and frequent commenters blissmo, issa-sa, Llora-chan, Shin, and ALL anime lovers… LOVE Y’ALL!!!

I totally, absolutely, solely love what I’m doing and I’m very happy on sharing it to everyone, everywhere. Watch out for my thousandth!

Anime’s Next Top Model 03: The Girls Rock Out!


8 girls are still on the running to become the first ever winner of Anime’s Next Top Model! The competition gets more tough as the girls get to portray a certain music genre on their photoshoot! It seems like everyone did a great job! Will everyone impress us all?


Here are the photos:

[:Who’s gonna be on top?:]

Anime’s Next Top Model: 2nd Deliberation

Anime’s Next Top Model 02: The Girls Get Wet ELIMINATIONS!

It’s time for another girl to leave! The previous photoshoot is all about summer fun as they posed in their swimsuits. And now all of you have voted, let’s see which one gets the cut.


Let’s first introduce our judges:

First is Rima [Vampire Knight], a vampire who is the most demanded model around; Yukari [Paradise Kiss], a supermodel who was once a wannabe like them; our special guest idiot judge for the week Lala [To-Love-Ru]; and the crazy-sane Akira [Lucky Star], world-known drug addicted, chain smoker Lucky Channel host.

Now it’s time for the call-outs!


☆Anime Digest [07/17]☆


Since I can’t blog all the anime I love today, I just put up a new feature on my blog where I can put my short musings and blabber on some episodes of anime I recently watched or the anime I plan to watch.


Someday’s Dreamer ~Summer Sky~ 02

Sora is in the city!

Furayingu Torakku! [Flying Truck!]

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☆Random Blabberings☆

Lol, I just went home after a class suspension due to a storm and I have a lot of things to share! There’s some blabber on my personal life, there’s some on games and anime so here goes a big blog post…


Monster Hunter Orage

Another shounen manga to love ^__^!!! Monster Hunter Orage is from the same creators of Fairy Tail and Rave Master.

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Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu – 01

Meet the otaku princess!

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☆Blabber about my blog☆

– Some people had been asking me via e-mail some questions so I’ll answer the 3 most-asked:

1.) Why is the number zero (0) is used instead of the letter ‘O’ in your name?

-> Well darling, that is because the metatron with an ‘O’ is already taken on WordPress…

2.) Where did you get the name “Metanorn”?

-> Nothing honestly… I was supposed to name this blog ‘Golden Tentacles’ or ‘California Potato Fields Blog’ but ‘Metanorn’ just pops out of my mind and that’s it…

3.) What’s with all of the [::]’s?


– And I found the most weird and funny terms people type on search engines just to find my blog… (They’re real, promise)

  • Soul x Maka hentai (O_o)
  • fat mistress (wtf?!)
  • maid fetish (wtf again)
  • you be a vampire on 12 sky (what are ye saying?)
  • Naoto is not a reverse trap (Sorry but SHE really is…)
  • taisetsu tsukai mahou shoujo: natsu ko sora (wow… just wow)
  • zero ichiru twincest pics (yah, I posted some here…)

– And finally, I decided to make an extra account on WordPress just make sure I have an extra one when there’s trouble or when I have forgotten my password on the other… The name is “Kanzeon“… yah… Tell me if the name sounds funny or if it sounds cool…

So don’t get confused whether it’s metatr0n or kanzeon, it’s still the same person behind that 🙂

Anime’s Next Top Model 02: The Girls Get Wet

It’s time for an another episode of Anime’s Next Top Model! After Yuuki being the first one to get the cut, the girls continue the competition. This time, the girls get on their summer get-up as they work their thing on a swimsuit photo shoot! Some struggled, some had fun. Haruhi, Rena and Konata were given praise, Rukia, CC and Chii shows awkwardness but the photographers find it effective. Eve transforms into a mermaid to impress everyone. Louise finds herself very uncomfortable in a swimsuit. The most drama comes out from Enma Ai, as she can’t pose with a swimsuit. She only did the shoot in a hot spring. Will everyone impress the judges and all of us? Who will be eliminated next?

[:Who’s gonna be on top?:]