World Destruction – 02

Sorry for the lack of episodic blogging in the past few days since I’ve been too busy with the FALL 2008 anime preview and the latest Anime’s Next Top Model episode. Now let’s move on to the show.

After being attacked by a worm-monster, the mainies fell unconscious. Kyrie then woke up in a ship handled by money-faced dude. He said that anyone can board his ship, but with a prize of course. After leaving his ship, they now board into a more luxurious one with a casino.  A loli thief stole something from Morte and its the Destruct-o-ball.

To gain gold for their journey, Morte use her luck on a casino. She’s all lucky until the two potential-villains ended her winning spree. The guy with the gray hair(forgot his name) offered a final deal: all of their gold to the destruct-code ball. Morte then agrees until she knew that the Destruct-o-ball was gone and it is with the girl they saw earlier. Chaos then occurs when the maid girl (forgot her name too) gets all psycho-psycho. She was aboout to attack Kyrie but maybe she figured out that Kyrie is being voiced by uber-hot Miyano Mamoru so she suddenly became uncool and blushed in front of him. Morte then attacks which distracted them so it’s escape time!





Stare for 15 seconds O_o

“OMG it’s Miyano Mamoru… must. not. attack.”



I don’t think I’ll continue this until Fall since there are a LOT of shows to watch and blog there and this one might get overshadowed. The story so far is boring and generic and I hope it would get better in the next episodes.

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3 Responses to “World Destruction – 02”

  1. Naruto-Cokematic says:

    First comment.

  2. slither_jazz says:

    You should drop this show and pick SA back instead :(… I almost thought you’d be the only one who’s blogging that show…

  3. kanzeon says:

    @slither_jazz: I prefer picking up Soul Eater again than SA… my watch-list is really full and I’m too busy these days so sorry ^^

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