Anime’s Next Top Model

It’s the battle of the fiercest and the most modelesque as these anime girls duke it out to be the very first Anime’s Next Top Model!!! (Clap or else you’ll die.)

Hope you will support this new feature of this blog!!! (…or else you’ll die.)

Nah lol enough threatening XD. Let us meet the girls that we would be seeing more of!

Izumi Konata Pictures, Images and Photos

Konata [Lucky Star]

Rena Walk Pictures, Images and Photos

Rena [Higurashi]

Haruhi Render Pictures, Images and Photos

Haruhi Suzumiya

Chii Pictures, Images and Photos

Chii/Freya [Chobits]

Yuuki Cross Pictures, Images and Photos

Yuuki Cross [Vampire Knight]

ai enma Pictures, Images and Photos

Enma Ai [Jigoku Shoujo]

Eve Pictures, Images and Photos

Eve [Black Cat]

C.C. Pictures, Images and Photos

CC [Code Geass]

Louise Pictures, Images and Photos

Louise [Zero no Tsukaima]

rukia Pictures, Images and Photos

Rukia [Bleach]

[Just a note: This is only for blog fun. Of course I do not own ”-Next Top Model” shows as well as these anime characters.]

Every week there is a certain motif for the anime girls to model about. Everyone can vote and comment on the girls’ photos(but comments are not counted as votes…). So yeah, YOU WANNA BE ON TOP?


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5 Responses to “Anime’s Next Top Model”

  1. kanzeon says:

    Anyone can bitch about the photos by comments 🙂

  2. issa-sa says:

    So you wanna be on top?
    Where are the bitchy judges? That’s where the real entertainment from Top Model comes from!

  3. Llora-chan says:

    Kyaa~ >.< Rukia-chan!!!!!!

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