First Look: Hidamari Sketch x365, Antique Bakery and Strike Witches…

Okay, 3 more new shows for the Summer season!

Hidamari Sketch x365:

PhotobucketI thought that the sequel would finally catch my attention but heck no. It still didn’t interest me at all… Sorry, but the slice-of-life scenes (a.k.a. the nonsense scenes) were a bit off compared to Someday’s Dreamer 2. But still, it’s worth some good laughs.

Antique Bakery:

PhotobucketLOL there’s so much yaoi cliche’ in this one. Oh, I forgot! This is a yaoi… lulz… This takes the place of the Noitamina segment in Fuji TV so its good on animation. Nothing much to say but it’s too cheesy and I roflmao watching this one.

Strike Witches:

PhotobucketOkay, this series is nice to watch… waist up. Evey loli girl is bottomless. The good thing here is the production value Gonzo does for the first few episodes (which I dunno if they would continue)… Overall, this is a big, utter disappointment. BTW, Strike Witches can also be watched subbed via Crunchyroll and Youtube.


LOL, none of these 3 new shows impress me at all. I thought that these three would be at least fine or something good nothing of these three interests me at all. Hidamari Sketch xbox 360 365 had improved from the first season but I guess I’ll be skipping this one and pick Someday’s Dreamer: Summer Sky as my slice-of-life anime for the season. I thought that Antique Bakery would be something really good or at least better than Junjou Romantica because it is from Noitamina after all. Last but really the worst of the three, Strike Witches… I thought that this would finally be some kind of a masterpiece from Gonzo but I was totally wrong and I realized that I should not keep my expectations for this show that high especially that it’s coming from Gonzo..


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