Uwasa ni Midori-kun [Finale]

Ewww… The ending sucked… For those who had been reading or planning to read this manga, STOP it now and turn back or else you’ll get very disappointed like me…

[:Here’s the spoiler:]

Much to my dismay, Midori ends up with Kazuma (eww right?).
The two idiots got married and they got a fugly little girl.
One day they are walking on a beach and a soccer ball hits Midori’s daughter (lol). A little Tsukasa appears. Midori is shocked and starts crying of happiness when she sees the real Tsukasa holding hands with his wife. Their son who looks exactly like Tsukasa starts playing soccer with Midori’s daughter like Midori and Tsukasa used to do when they were children.

Stupid right? I pity Tsukasa… Midori picked a very common and cliche’ guy over him… The ending was VERY typical and predictable that it sucks eggs so bad… The twists and turns of the story had became worthless just because of this. My precious time was totally ruined just by reading this manga…

Ehem… Sorry for too much ranting lol…


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13 Responses to “Uwasa ni Midori-kun [Finale]”

  1. Ashe says:

    Oh my God she ended up with Kazuma?!?!?!?! I wish I had never read this manga…

  2. glam.angel says:

    The ending was very predictable. Midori should have chosen super-hot Tsukasa than that Kazuma… Yah right he’s a nice guy but that’s TOO common already… This manga should have been great if it wasn’t for that horrendous ending…

  3. Rizka says:

    What’s wrong with Kazuma? I think the ending was fine, at least Tsukasa can taste his own medicine.

    But I agree that the ending is predictable. I mean, it’s like Moe Kare: The girl falls in love with someone, she gets disappointment, then another guy comes and comforts her, then the ex-boyfriend wishes to get her back, and in the end she chooses the comfort-guy.
    (I think if Moe Kare’s ending was continued, we would see Hikaru-Arata’s boy ended up with Takara-Ami’s girl) 😀

  4. Tsu-chann says:

    I was wondering what’s Tsukasa’s son’s name?
    Is it Hino Kakeru or Kakegu?

  5. kanzeon says:

    @Tsu-chann: I think it’s kakeru… I’ll check it again..

  6. Tsu-chann says:

    @kanzeon: yeah, i just checked and yes i’ve confirmed it IS
    Kakeru Hino. Thanks! It was because the manga was blurred off.

  7. TsukasaxMidori says:

    Wait, can someone please tell what happened!
    Why did she end up with Kazuma or w/e him name
    is and not with Tsukasa??? I thought she loved
    him…………..please explain what happened!

  8. kanzeon says:

    @TsukasaxMidori: I don’t wanna remember it anymore… Gomene

  9. TsukasaxMidori says:

    OMG, please, just this once for me…..
    I hafta know. Why would she pick this dude over
    Tsukasa!!!!? Onegai??? Please tell me 🙁

  10. kanzeon says:

    @TsukasaxMidori: It was really similar to what happened on Moe Kare… Midori gets disappointed with Tsukasa then Kazuma comforts her then Midori gets back with Tsukasa again then she realizes she loves the one who’s always beside her… which is Kazuma…

    I personally think that Moe Kare has a better ending than this one because at least the main lead ended up with the HOTTER guy…

  11. TsukasaxMidori says:

    Yeah, I agree with you[:
    Thanks for telling me, I know it was hard…lol
    I think she should have really ended up with Tsukasa.
    He really loves her a lot. Also he’s her “first”
    you know? I think she should have ended up with him.
    Chose the wrong guy cuz now they have a little soccer
    brat!!! >:(

  12. frealta says:


    I prefer Tsukasa 100 %!!!!!!

    Why why whyyyyyyyyyy??????
    (Tsukasa is better! OK, Kazuma is nice, but 4 me Tsukasa is BETTER, HOTTER, and according to the story Midori is better with him!!!!

    I’m starting to hate the mangaka now… *grrrrrrrrr* :freeze2: :ehh: :aww: :orz: :rage: :fly:

    (by the way MIAT (Midori Is A Tomboy) in in my country -Indonesia- have only been published until vol. 8… hiks.. :huhu: what volume does it ends on?

    frealta’s last blog post..Btw, Kemaren2…….. And A Little of Today

  13. iquiteliketsukasa says:

    Can anyone tell me where to read it online? It tried onemanga and mangafox, many chapters are missing. And based on the ending, for me, it was rather neutral, though Tsukasa was super handsome I was screaming over him… :kyaa2: anyway, I would have felt sorry for Kazuma too if Tsukasa had been chosen instead, for he did his best to make Midori smile…
    But really, Tsukasa RAWKS! :blush2: :love: :cute: :runs:

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