Noto Mamiko – Ichi Nuke [PV]


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Tommy Heavenly6 – Unlimited Sky [PV and Lyrics]


We all first heard this as an insert song on Gundam 00 Second season episode 7. I found to like it (well, I’m so a Tomoko Kawase fan XD). I find it funny since the edit really looked quite reminiscent to PAPERMOON’s PV, just by removing the Wizard of Oz theme and such. Anyway, after the jump has the PV and the lyrics…

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Hilary Duff – Reach Out


Little Miss Lizzie McGuire had grown up even more with her new single, entitled Reach Out. The single is reminiscent of Depeche Mode’s Personal Jesus in some parts and in the chorus. The music video gets more dirtier than With Love and Stranger, both from her previous album entitled Dignity. Her current upcoming album contains all of her best hits, along with two new singles: Reach Out and Holiday.

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ELISA – ebullient future


Lyrics and song download below the jump ^_^.


PAPERMOON – Tommy Heavenly6 [Soul Eater 2nd OP]


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Becca – I’m Alive! [Kuroshitsuji ED]


There’s a new singer on the block that I’m starting to love. It’s Becca. This 19-year old American singer just started out her career in Japan early this year and she is known for her English songs (duh, she’s American) and singing the songs “Guilty Pleasure” and “Falling Down”, both for Ultraviolet: Code 044. Her current single in her album, entitled “Alive!!!” is “I’m Alive!”, which is currently the ED theme for one of my favorite series this year, Kuroshitsuji. “I’m Alive!” music Video, lyrics and MP3 download below the jump!!!

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Haruka Tomatsu – motto hade ni ne! [PV]


It’s just too adorable for words! The video was fun, with Haruka Tomatsu herself just spending free time at her pad having fun with reading, laundry, eating and dressing up. There’s no Kannagi dance this time but I guess there would be as soon as she’ll have a live performance. One thing I noticed is that she looks reeaalllyyy tall! Or is it just her thunder thighs (which is an asset, btw). She’s very cute in this video especially when she’s making a fruit shake and she tastes it awful but she still continues to drink it ^_^. Also when she’s playing dress up! So adorable. Tell me you love it or else I’ll shove Haruka Tomatsu’s thighs into your throats!

Btw, you can download the full song HERE.

Chihara Minori – Paradise Lost [PV]


This is the PV of GA-REI ZERO‘s OP: Paradise Lost by Chihara Minori. Bada** series needs a bada** song! I just got so addicted with this song… Well, it’s the beautiful Minorin so except me to love everything from her. Honestly, I’m really a fan of her voice and her music style. The violins accompanied by upbeat techno music is just awesome.

Kanon Wakeshima – Suna no Oshiro [Vampire Knight Guilty ED]

Vampire Knight EDSuna no Oshiro by Kanon Wakeshima

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Kanon Wakeshima does it again. The PV was not too long ago but I’ll tell you again, Suna no Oshiro (Castle of Sand) is just so haunting and mysterious. I like her voice but not a fan of it. She plays the cello really well!!! Like still doll, she still kept up with her lolita gothic attire which is so cute! God I would have wore that everyday if weren’t you’ll be laughed at on our country. She really looks like a doll (wayyy prettier than Barbie). The song is perfect for Halloween! Btw, sorry because I only uploaded the TV size, I’ll be replacing it with the full version as soon I found one ^_^.

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Hot N Cold – Katy Perry

There’s a new song by Katy Perry which was stuck on my head lately. It’s just so adorable, crazy and very catchy. The music video was just so random and fun. Lol at the battered (literally, with bats) brides then she goes by riding a bicycle in a wedding dress XD… And she’s very adorable. I also find her voice unique and original. I immediately got addicted to the song after listening to it and watching the video ^_^. My favorite lines from the song are “We used to be just like twins/ so in sync/ the same energy/ now窶冱 a dead battery/ used to laugh ’bout nothing/ now your plain boring” I can relate to it very much from the past and I realized how stupid he was XD… Totally dedicating this song to… umm… one of my ex’es I guess? Lol. Continue down for the lyrics…