Tsukihana – Nana Kitade [Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae OP]

This is the PV of the opening for Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae: Tsukihana or Moon Flower by Nana Kitade. At first I was like, WTH?! What happened to SnoW??? I just love her ‘NightmaRe’ from last season. …But I found this song fine and cool, maybe its just because I’m a fan of rock songs. The PV was cool. Geisha-rocker ftw! God I just remember Enma Ai’s Death Metal Photoshoot from Anime’s Next Top Model! The actual OP of the series btw, was kinda boring, and it didn’t showed any excitement at all… unlike the ‘NightmaRe’ last season.


Kana Nishino – Style [PV]


I’m sorry for not giving you all episodic posts (have you noticed that I’ve been only posting about music?) because I just had my exams and I’m busy watching the Olympics LOL. I almost dragged someone to this blog (yes, a new blogger) to post on some episodes like Xam’d… because I haven’t really covering it lately but he’s busy too so I’m terribly sorry. My retreat will be tomorrow and I need to sleep now so I’ll be leaving y’all with this post and I’ll be back after 2-3 days…

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