Durarara!! – 01

This show is the smex of the season.

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Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu – 01

The Idiot, the Trap, the SHAFT-ness, the Chibis, and the BL-ish ED theme.

>>

Sora no Woto – 01

lol trumpet

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Best of 2009

Lol, recycled OP pic xDD; Anyway, Happy New Year to everyone!!! Let’s get back to the best of anime 2009 with this special year-end post. We had a voting special before in which you voted for your favorite stuff, then we had a very special Anime Status for the Top 20 shows of 2009. This time, we will have special awards for anime, characters, seiyuu, and moments that had been quite memorable for 2009, can be good, bad, or just pure lulz.

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Darker Than Black 2: Ryuusei no Gemini – Original Soundtrack

Darker Than Black 2 OST

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2009 Year-Ender – Fan Favorite Winners

Since the start of December we held the Year-Ender Top 12 series of posts. You all got to vote on 7 different categories and now it’s time to reveal which are the winners and they’ll be named as Fan Favorites of the year.

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Anime Status: 2009 Special

2009 is coming to a close and this calls for a special Anime Status for my Top 20 shows of the year, starting from Winter 2009 shows to Fall 2009. Welcome to METANORN’s Year-End Anime Status Special~!

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Nana Mizuki – Phantom Minds (PV)


Y SO STUNNING, NANA-SAMA?? *AAA* The video is really pretty. It seems like Nana Mizuki now likes putting in little weird kids on her videos these days. I find the crystal ball parts a little bit too tacky though, but overall it’s fine. Nana in the fur gown was so stunning. I also find the song much much better than “Mugen”. The single will be out on 01-13-2010. Go order NOW!

So yup, and it’s only a few days left until we get Nana Mizuki’s debut on Kouhaku! Oh it’s just nothing~ /sarcasm. That’s just where all the MOST SUCCESSFUL MUSIC ELITES on Japan perform~ and Nana Mizuki is the first ever seiyuu to blahblah… *said that a couple of times already* =shot=.. The song list had also been announced and Nana Mizuki’s gonna perform “Shinai“. WORK IT Seiyuu Idol Queen~ <3

2009 Year-Ender – Female Characters

Part 7: Main Female Characters

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First Look: Okami Kakushi


Okami no Naku Koro ni Kakushi has the exciting team-up of Ryukishi07 (Higurahi, Umineko) and Peach Pit (Rozen Maiden, Shugo Chara) behind this project. That really kept this show under my radar and I’m looking forward to check it out this Winter season. The trailer has pretty nice animation, the only thing that irks me is the main guy >.> I’m not really sold yet on him (except that he sounds like Kanon ~yay Yuu Kobayashi). He better pack up something that’ll make him look more interesting. Hey, lead guys need to make a good first impression~

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