2009 Year-Ender – Fan Favorite Winners

Since the start of December we held the Year-Ender Top 12 series of posts. You all got to vote on 7 different categories and now it’s time to reveal which are the winners and they’ll be named as Fan Favorites of the year.

Anime OP of the Year



I knew this was coming. That was a tough fight at first with Umineko, but Eden continues the lead after a few days. Cool OP overall. Nice Oasis song they picked up, great timing, awesome style overall.

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Anime ED of the Year



Well, you guys voted for it… *backs away* ^^;; But uhm yeah, rock on~

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Male Seiyuu of the Year


WHAT?!?! NORIO WAKAMOTO didn’t win?!?! You disrespectful brutes!!!! Ehem, really close fight between the two Daisuke’s and FukuJun because they only have, like 2-point differences. But all in all, Nmkw is the last man standing with 172 votes. reat year for Nmkw anyway because he’s starting to get known more besides from being “Fay” only. Now we got “PASTAAA~”

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Female Seiyuu of the Year



She might not have the most number of memorable names in anime to voice on this year, but I guess in general, this is a NANA MIZUKI year. Her music career is sky-rocketting and she’s definitely leading the names of seiyuus right now that goes beyond just voice acting. So much success for our seiyuu idol queen of the generation~ Go Nana-sama!


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Character Single of the Year


“Hahaha-haha!” Well it’s incredibly catchy and addicting so it’s no wonder this wins Fan Favorite character single of the year. The drunk-ness, wackiness, cuteness, the fish and chips, fairies, Busby’s chair, and the repeatedly firing of “Baka” more than 20 times towards America… Oh how we all effin’ love Arthur~

Pub & GO! ~Remix~


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Male Character of the Year



His undeniable charm, too-good-to-be-true niceness and personality instantly made everyone like him, and doubtlessly beat the likes of other male characters this year. He had a huge lead of 31 votes on Araragi, so it seems like he IS everyone’s Kazehaya after all~


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Female Character of the Year

hitagi 1


Yes~ We all knew it coming and heck, who didn’t deserved it more than her anyway. She was definitely one of the most memorable females of the year with that sharp tongue and fierceness. By the way, it’s also funny to see both Bakemonogatari and Kimi ni Todoke lead the male/female categories.


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Oi! It’s not yet over! xD There are still some special awards to give that won’t require voting anymore, and that special extra 2009 year-ender post will come out soon before the year ends ^^.

P.S. – there’s also a new poll up on the sidebar ^^.


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14 Responses to “2009 Year-Ender – Fan Favorite Winners”

  1. Bawww Aya-sama and Kimi no Shiranai.. only got 2nd place T_T

    But Senjougahara being female character of the year makes up for it X3

    Congratz for all the winner, I hope next year we’ll have interesting shows as well

  2. madamebin says:

    nice rankings!! 😉

    i want my Kimi ni Todoke fix pronto!

  3. LuluChan92 says:

    “There’s something over there that resembles your bike”! LULZ and congrats to Senjougahara Hitagi for being SO FREAKIN’ AWESOME!!!

    Kazehaya is definately the Male Character of the year, hands down!

    Character Single of the Year??? Well, I’m just not interested.

    Nana-sama is surely the seiyuu of the DECADE, not only of the year. Of course Hirano Aya deserves a high place, too. But I think that Ohara Sayaka and Horie Yui deserved many more votes than they had, especially Ohara-sama who was so low…

    As for the Male Seiyuu of the Year, there were so many good seiyuu that it was too difficult to choose. These results are fair enough for me.

    Amine ED of the Year could be no else than “Don’t Say Lazy”!!! ‘Nuff said!

    Anime OP of the Year… Well, I haven’t watched Eden of the East yet, but I really like the OP. “Falling Down” must be the best choice. But the one I love right now is the Umineko OP, “Katayoku no Tori”. It’s so FREAKIN’ EPIC!!!

    Okay, that’s it from me. See ya soon and MERRY CHRISTMAS, EVERYONE!!!

  4. temperus says:

    What a sad year, for Kazehaya to be “the best male lead”. The guy does nothing at all and has almost no character definition. He’s basically there for girls to fawn over, despite not having earned it. I even found Ryu more endearing, especially in the manga. But hey, to each her own.. I’d rather have Lawrence any day 🙂

  5. DrJackal says:

    Nice ranks!
    Well deserved all.
    At least Sawako and Beatrice got silver and bronze medal respectively. XD

  6. Hanazuka says:


  7. Ruby says:

    Oh crap I didn’t get to vote :S

  8. NAT says:

    ahhhhhhh~ yea! totally LOVE for kazehaya! HAHAS. he just have to stand there and smile and all the gals will faint. XD HAHAS.

  9. Xiao says:

    How have I missed this?! *SHOKKUU!!!* :doomed:

    Well, congrats to all the top winners of the polls even though all of them but one I didn’t really vote for but they deserve the spot. And I’m glad most of my choices placed either in second place, close to the top or didn’t land too far to the bottom. ^^

    lol, if you actually held an OTP category, I wonder if HitagixAraragi would have a close match with SawakoxKazehaya. xDDD

    Anyways, yay! Can’t wait for the special awards post!

    Now where’s that poll you mentioned? I feel like voting for something. *goes off to vote* 83

  10. mikaino says:

    The OP, Character Single, Male and Female characters are really expected! I’ve voted for those things (only) 😉

    And yay for the bunch of Moezeyaha gifs :15:

  11. Tania says:

    All are very much well deserving. Interesting fact is Kazehaya & Ar(aaa)aragi along with Hitagi & Sawako leading the main character awards.

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