Nana Mizuki – Phantom Minds (PV)


Y SO STUNNING, NANA-SAMA?? *AAA* The video is really pretty. It seems like Nana Mizuki now likes putting in little weird kids on her videos these days. I find the crystal ball parts a little bit too tacky though, but overall it’s fine. Nana in the fur gown was so stunning. I also find the song much much better than “Mugen”. The single will be out on 01-13-2010. Go order NOW!

So yup, and it’s only a few days left until we get Nana Mizuki’s debut on Kouhaku! Oh it’s just nothing~ /sarcasm. That’s just where all the MOST SUCCESSFUL MUSIC ELITES on Japan perform~ and Nana Mizuki is the first ever seiyuu to blahblah… *said that a couple of times already* =shot=.. The song list had also been announced and Nana Mizuki’s gonna perform “Shinai“. WORK IT Seiyuu Idol Queen~ <3


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3 Responses to “Nana Mizuki – Phantom Minds (PV)”

  1. Xiao says:

    *hugs the screen*

    Words cannot express how much I love this song, the PV and Nana-sama.

    :love: :love: :love:

  2. val says:

    this song is amazing!!!!!!!!…the pv is so perfect.
    this single must be rank 1.
    please preorder the single now!!!!!
    C’mon everyone let’s give Nana her first #1 :kyaa2: :kyaa2: :kyaa2: :kyaa2:

  3. baka_dark says:

    Wow That IS amazing. The first seiyuu to ever perform on Kouhaku. I love her songs so much it amazes me. Im a total fan of hers a definite. Well I want to support her all the way! GO NANA! This song is awesome! Mizuki Nana is so Gorgeous too! ^^. My favorite characters of hers is Hyuuga Hinata.

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