Durarara!! – 01

This show is the smex of the season.

My most anticipated show of the season doesn’t disappoint at all with its first episode!!! Ok without bias speaking, it wasn’t near perfect as I thought it would be after watching the awesome OP, but it still caught me at the edge of my seat for the rest of this series already. OMG I’m so hyped up for the rest of the show now! There’s so much stuff I love I don’t know where to start xD.

OP: Uragiri no Yuuyake by THEATRE BROOK

>> Download OP [.avi, 1280×720]

The OP is very Baccano-esque as expected, and it is just AWESOME. I love it to bits~. Just like Baccano, we have lots of characters already shown in the OP, and the song also rocks ^^. Definitely a contender for the best OP this season.

Meet Mikado, our awkward main character. His awkwardness is so cute~ I thought I’m not gonna like him at first but now after watching him, I think he’s gonna be very interesting. I love how enthusiastic he is and shy at the same time. Toyonaga Toshiyuki is also quite a new name for seiyuus I know as well, so I’m excited to hear more from him. I like him so far.

Ahh~ Masaomi Kida <3 GAWD I LOVE HIIIM!!!!! He’s friggin’ awesome already, plus I love his introduction xD. His jokes may be a bit lame but that’s the part of his charm. Miyano Mamoru is also a major plus fangirl points~!! It has been a while I heard from him after the shotgun wedding incident xP. So yeah, I missed some Mamo dosage and this show would definitely fix it. Moving on, Kida is such a very VERY lovable character~ I got reminded of Tamaki so much from him because he’s so glompy and energetic and just adorable <33

Besides from Kida, there are lots of characters already introduced by the first episode as Kida tours Mikado around the Ikebukuro district. There are Kida’s friends, Walker (CV: Kaji Yuuki) and Erika (CV: Takagaki Ayahi). There’s also Simon (CV: Kuroda Takaya) the big black guy. There’s also Ryohei (CV: Nakamura Yuuichi) and lots lots more. Though not all people are safe to hang along with, because there are quite a few names known to avoid because they are dangerous. That’s Heiwajima Shizuo (CV: Ono, Daisuke) who’s the cause of a flying fridge/vendo/whatevs, and Orihara Izaya (CV: Kamiya, Hiroshi). That and many more not they introduced yet ^^. The seiyuu line-up for this show is also awesome!

Horo = spotted in this anime xD… Well, it’s Brains Base anyway, which is from the same makers of Spice and Wolf II.

And here’s the intriguing part of the show~ Kitty-helmet-headless-shadow-motorcycle-dudette? seems like a girl if you ask me… She brings on the mystery. This black motorcycle rider is so badass, lol I love how she owned some guys with his motorcycle and some awesome shadow powers ^^. More blood ftw~

Overall, I’m lovin’ this show. It was quite a carefree start to a very promising series. Lots of screentime to introduce the two main characters and I love their interaction. Mikado seems like a very mysterious character.

I also wonder why the lady he bumped on the street freaked out, and there’s a strange mark/scar around her neck. Does she have a relation with the headless rider?

ED: Trust Me by Matsushita Yuuya

>> Download ED [.avi, 1280×720]

I love the ED as well~ It’s kind of a J-Pop RnB and it’s easy-listening and modern at the same time and it suits the carefree parts of the show.


I can’t wait for more!! I’m so excited for some other characters to show up and get more screentime. Orihara seems very kickass (he’s sure to be my fave character along with Kida), I’m sure to love Shizuo too. I lol’d when I saw the flying fridge xD. We still have to see Fukuyama Jun and Hanazawa Kana on their roles yet.

The animation is alright, I won’t really care much about it yet because they presented Ikebukuro very well, I love the lights and the busy feel of it. Watching this really makes me want to go to Japan cities =___=. Music is already cool. Both the OP and ED are just sexy. Damn I want both full singles nao!!!

So yeah, no doubt I’m gonna continue blogging this one. I loved Baccano SFM, and it was one of my favorite anime shows, so I hope it’ll be the same case for this one. So yeah, DRRR!! so far has fun and interesting characters, intriguing plot, smexy~ music, nice animation, and the x-factor that keeps me on the wait for the next episode already. This can be the best show of this (very bland) winter season.

>> More Screencaps


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22 Responses to “Durarara!! – 01”

  1. Lacri says:

    Loving Durarara!! What confused me the most were the chat sessions.

    And I’m all for the headless black rider being a girl. That would be her even more epic~~

    Can’t wait for more~

  2. Xiao says:

    YAY! I’m so happy to hear you’re in love with DRRR! as much as anyone who’s smart is! Haha! XD

    Aww man, why can’t we just give the OP the award right now and save the trouble? <3

    Mikado’s awkwardness is just too adorable though I can’t wait to see how he’ll look badass and all. Expect some major squealfest from moi. :kyaa:

    And Kida-kun! Kida-kun, Kida-kun, Kida-kun! :cute:
    Aww, too true, Mamo-kun has been missed so much but I'm glad he's back. And it's nice seeing him play lighter-hearted characters than heavy-angst ones he's been doing before his wedding and baby. Yay for that! *supports Mamo-kun to the fullest* :cheer:

    Uwah, the seiyuu cast for this series is just too awesome for words. I can't wait to hear all of them after the characters interact more. That should be interesting.

    Hehe, Spice and Wolf and Durarara!!'s novels have the same publishers as well. xD

    You're quite right. At least awesome headless dudette is implied to be a woman judging on her name. Also, she's not exactly flat-chested. XD;

    Poor girl with the scar seems very traumatized. *wonders if she'll die soon* …*gasp!* :freeze2:

    And SRSLY! I want those singles NAO!!! because waiting is not smexy at all! *pulls a Shizuo and throws fridge up into the air* :rage:

    Anyways, can’t wait to see Anri and Shinra~ <3
    Hmm, yes, I think this one got a safe budget so consistency should be fine as long as DVD sales are good. :thumb:

    I've got nothing more to add to all the rest of the awesome stuff you already said (cuz to describe this show other than AWESOME! is…not as awesome) so I'll just end it here.

    Oh wait, one small correction: This show probably IS the Winter season. Hopefully. 😀

  3. fenixdown110 says:

    Ever stop to think that the traumatized girl with the neck scar IS the headless bike rider? 😉

  4. Shi says:

    All characters in Durarara!! are made of win~
    Ryuugamine is so cute~ i love his (;´Д`) expression in the chat xD
    and Kida is love of course with his charismatic charm <3
    I liked the otakus and Simon, they seem nice~
    Lol @ Shizuo and flying fridges/people/whatever, that's definetly something new xD I love him and Izaya already, even though they were barely mentioned this episode.
    That girl with scar..the skin on her head looked like it had different color from the body, ""orz. But maybe I'm imagining things?
    DRRR!! really is THE show of the season with great OP/ED, looking forward to spend 6 months watching it! :3

  5. zhokolatte says:

    I think the headless rider is a girl. There were hints of hills on its chest~ I wish they showed Shizuo and Orihara though~

  6. ckb160 says:

    Love the episode!The shifting between Mikado,the headless rider and the online chat were very fresh!Btw,anybody else notice the giant tv showing Baccano in the background? ^^

  7. Eri says:

    Lol! Sorry but I’m not into long posts today so I’ll keep this short 🙁
    The first episode was just AMAZING!!! And I think that the headless dudette is a girl too because … I think she has breasts :ohohoho:

  8. kanzeon says:

    Bbs, the rider really is a girl. 😉

  9. Amutofan123 says:

    I love it, love it, love it, LOVE IT! I like the characters so far. Kida is definitely my favorite. The OP and ED are amazing! This show is love! Can’t wait for more!

  10. leeleekins says:

    so im not the only one who saw the baccano cameo in the background of the city right?
    it was totally jaccuzi and nice, around like 6 minutes and 30 seconds in.
    but totally loving this series. can’t wait for episode 2!

  11. Mikuru says:

    i loved the first episode :cute:
    i cant wait for the other episode! :oha:

  12. Neko-san says:

    I want more episode with more Izaya Dx
    I think I saw a Baccano reference in this episode http://metanorn.kokidokom.net/wp-includes/images/smilies/onion33.gif

  13. metalsnakezero says:

    A very solid start and looking forward for more. Also OP and ED are awesome.

  14. Uzuki says:

    Do you mind if you reupload the opening viedo again cause at one part of it, the picture wont move and when it started moving, some of the picture is skipped.

  15. Oh I’m so not surprised you also loved this series~

    YES!!! KIDA’S JOKES ARE LAME BUT THAT’S INDEED PART OF HIS CHARM xD He also reminded me of Tamaki xD Miyano’s really perfect~

  16. Timcanpy says:

    If you read the novels (or even tried to read the manga), it’s already a spoiler who the headless rider is…

    And yeah, I can’t wait for JUN-JUN!!!!!!

    OMG, I love Mamoru Miyano’s voice —-

    I prefer the novels over the manga

  17. Cheump says:

    OMG I DIDNT EXPECT PEOPLE LOVES DURARARA! as much AS I DO . wholy crap this is a good anime so far.Ecepecally the headless Girl. thats amazing. LOVE ALL THE CHARACTERES IN THIS ANIME ALREADY, :love: : ) this is the first too.!~ :thumb:

  18. kewldude says:

    Really really great episode! I absolutely love the atmosphere and the way everything is presented.I love the lights and busy feel just like you. The headless girl is absolutely interesting. The main character isn’t as lame as I thought he would be 😛 actually , he isn’t lame at all. Im looking forward to how he develops. The Girl, that has yet to appear is cute n interesting as well. he couple shown in the OP and ED is really cute too. Looks like this is gonna be a great experience. ^_^

  19. Beatslars says:

    Such a great beginning to what looks like, an amazing series. Agreed, love the OP, and the ED song is excellent as well. Such color throughout the city, great start!

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