Best of 2009

Lol, recycled OP pic xDD; Anyway, Happy New Year to everyone!!! Let’s get back to the best of anime 2009 with this special year-end post. We had a voting special before in which you voted for your favorite stuff, then we had a very special Anime Status for the Top 20 shows of 2009. This time, we will have special awards for anime, characters, seiyuu, and moments that had been quite memorable for 2009, can be good, bad, or just pure lulz.

Favorite Romance Series


Love, love, love, love, love the second season. It definitely built the relationship of Horo and Lawrence stronger. And most specially on Lawrence’ side, he really needs Horo. Overall, really entertaining and sweet couple. I’m so craving for a third season right now.

Runner-up: Bakemonogatari (really unusual romance, in a good way xD)

Favorite Comedy Series



Runner-up: Hayate no Gotoku!!

Favorite Harem Series


This wins by a meter from Nyan Koi, and a mile among other else that aired this year. What’s funny though is that I find it above-average, so that says a lot on what I thought about the harem shows this year.

Runner-up: Nyan Koi

Favorite Drama Series


Already said on the 200 Year-end AniStats and I’ll basically say it again. This anime just touched my heartstrings and sparked an emotional connection. I never shed a tear coming from an anime in a long while.

Runner-up: White Album (2) (Soooo much drama. Too bad the ending was a bit underwhelming and it didn’t paid off with how intense the second season was)

Favorite Slice-of-Life Series


I loved the slice-of-life elements to be honest. Nothing to be really taken seriously of. I love it’s light and super adorable moments. Not to mention the music inserts are definitely the cream of the crop in this show.

Runner-up: Kimi ni Todoke (I love the slice-of-life parts, specially when the friends all hang out I find it totally reminiscent. Also, Yano is the character in this show I just definitely see myself in ^^)

Favorite Psychological/Horror Series


This was just awesome gem. It’s just something beyond words to describe. This also wins favorite story-telling of the year.

Runner-up: Shugo Chara! Party!! (it’s just… OH NOES THE HORRORS!!) Show ▼

Favorite Action/Suspense Series


Well-animated actions scenes in this show definitely kept me on the edge of my seat. PA Works is the animation studio to watch out for. I’m really wishing them the best of luck to their upcoming projects and I hope they’ll be more recognized by everyone who only knows the likes of KyoAni.

Runner-up: Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~

Best anime series almost no one watched


Oh yes, this show wins again. Well, that’s only if you’re looking for a show that has substance and had gotten tired from all the generic mainstream fanservice anime out there. If those kind fits your taste, then do not <3



Really enjoyable and fun. It was totally underrated at the same time. I was raging because definitely no one’s been subbing it that time it was airing. Tons more better than any other shows airing that season and it sucks how it’s not getting much recognition.

Runner-up: Cross Game??? (I didn’t watched it yet but I heard it’s good)

Worst Sequel…


What I want

What I get =__=

First season wasn’t really that awful, but it was still enjoyable because it provided enjoyable light otaku romance fluff. Then here comes season two and for I thought we’ll be getting more into Yuuto and Haruka’s relationship, we had more stupidity, more whores, more cockblockings, more shit I couldn’t even take. It was definitely disappointing because you’re hoping it’ll be good again, but no.

Biggest Surprise – Most Successful Series


I never expected it to outsell K-ON! to be really honest. I never expected it to become one of the most successful shows of the year by the time I first saw the PV for this show. This was definitely a huge surprise and I guess it’s kudos to SHAFT making one heck of an awesome show balancing “moe” with something extra special~.

Picasso Award for Seiyuu Drawings of the Year


She drew a fanart of Beatrice (Umineko no Naku Koro ni)

She also drew how her house looks like O.o;

Seiyuu That Needs a Grammy Award



Photoshopping of the Year

AYA HIRANO’s bikini revenge

but hey, even though it’s photoshopped, at least the bikini was worn properly… unlike this one: Show ▼

Male Seiyuu I LOVELOVELOVED this Year

YUUICHI NAKAMURA – Stunning performance on CLANNAD ~After Story~. I guess that made him officially relevant more than as Alto imo. Now he’s voicing every single awesome character/bishies in anime lately. From Iceman, to Ryuu, Gray, and now we’ll be seeing him as Akira on Vampire Bund this January ^^.

Runner-up: Hiroshi Kamiya (he’s just amazing); Daisuke Namikawa (very distinguished moe voice ftw~)

Female Seiyuu I LOVELOVELOVED this Year

HARUKA TOMATSULEGS Very fresh yet versatile and just entertaining to hear. She tries variety on different roles she had this year and proves that she isn’t just a one-hit wonder from Kanangi.

Runner-ups: Ayahi Takagaki (excellent performance on Phantom); Chiwa Saito (excellent performance on Bakemonogatari)

Seiyuu OTP Award


JUN FUKUYAMA x AMI KOSHIMIZU – Shipped them on Code Geass as Lulu x Kallen, then on Spice and Wolf as Lawrence x Horo because of their unbelievable chemistry. I really wished for both of them to star on the Kaichou wa Maid-sama anime but that dream was crushed >_<

Seiyuus I love but didn’t shine much this year


I think he’s on his way for a comeback since he already started doing so on Aoi Bungaku, then catch him on Durarara!! this January.


She was one of my favorite seiyuu like, ever, for voicing such fierce characters like Ami (ToraDora!) and Rima (Vampire Knight)… It’s kinda sad that she’s sticking with very forgettable characters lately, I hope she gets some lead roles too. Looking forward for her role on Sora no Woto ^.^


I loved him on Kannagi and Special A. Too bad he didn’t get much relevance this year. I’m looking forward to listen to the Karneval Drama CD though… and oh, Ookiku Furikabutte 2 too~

Fight of the Year

BAKEMONOGATARI – Koyomi vs Kanbaru – and it hurts a lot more on DVD version…


Trap of the Year

MARIYA (MARIA+HOLIC) – Yepyepyepyep… And I swore that this award is reserved to her since January, so all hail this sadistic trap queen king!

Thing I Didn’t Knew Existed Until Hetalia Award

PRUSSIA (Hetalia Axis Powers)


“What is this I don’t even” ED of the Year Award






WTF Smexual Scene Award

CANAAN – Hakko fucking one dead Santana.

Oi Canaan, you’re disturbing them!

Much much more WTF Smexual Scene Award

EDEN OF THE EAST – Shiratori cuts off “Johnnies”

“You want?”

Most IQ Reducing Shota Anime of the Year

AKI-SORA – Also wins “Shota raping of the year” award and “Shota who got owned in bed the most” award, beating out Hope x Lightning from FFXIII.

Most Annoying Fan-service Style

JUUDEN-CHAN’s urine content


Best DVD Promotion


Flying pantsu in real life.

Most WTF Anime-NTM Photo

ORIHIME – Race Car Photo Shoot

Seriously, I don’t even know why the hell I made her do that pose. I don’t think anyone could even tell what she’s doing…

Best QUALITY Anime of the Year


Nuff said.

Favorite Villain of the Year




MOAR BEATRICE-related awards…

Dining Menu of the Year


Fiercest Laugh of the Year


Engrish Line of the Year

“ARE YOU READY GUIZE??” – Put ya gunz onnn!!! (Sengoku Basara)


Most Unforgettable Character Names of the Year

OYAKATA-SAMA AND YUKIMURA – Who wouldn’t after watching this?


“Word I Don’t Wanna Hear Again” Award


“Phrase I Don’t Wanna Hear Again” Award


So that wraps up this special ^^. Happy New Year everyone!!! Wish you all the best in this new year. Let’s also wish 2010 to be full of memorable anime as well.


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23 Responses to “Best of 2009”

  1. Michael says:

    Nogizaka Haruka 2 may be utter crap from it, but Darker than Black 2 has got to be one big trollfest with the ending.

    Also, have you watched Kara no Kyoukai yet? :3

  2. mei says:

    “BAKEMONOGATARI — Koyomi vs Kanbaru — and it hurts a lot more on DVD version…”
    there’s more color in the DVD version :oha:

    GA ART DESIGN CLASS – definitely underrated, why’s nobody watching this?? at least there’s an ova coming out next year, can’t wait

  3. higurashi310 says:

    Lol I love these Awards. So much fun, memorable moments this year.

    – WTF Yuu Kobayashi’s drawings?! :doomed:
    – Aya Hirano shoop … *nosebleeds*
    – Haven’t checked out both NEEDLESS and CANAAN. I’m so gonna check out the former ;D
    – lulz at Akikan xD,
    – Beatrice ftw!
    – Kyon-kun, denwa~

  4. mikaino says:

    Lmao. I fell on the chair laughing.
    Gotta love Beatrice~

  5. zhokolatte says:

    I loved those loop videos!! And this post made me LOL so harrrrrrrd. A hundred thumbs up to you!

  6. tingyik90 says:

    damn! this is the most entertaining anime blog ever!

    thumbs up to you!

  7. meteorhouse62 says:

    :XD: Oh wow. Those are crazy.
    Lulz @ Sora no Otoshomono flying pantsu ED and promotion… Those are hands down epic.
    And I lol’d hard on the last parts. Beatrice and Basara ftw!

  8. zetsubou says:

    well i liked k-on and umineko… especially BEYATORICHE-SAMA! ahha….

  9. Baka-Raptor says:

    Indeed, Battler’s cow-tit-sandwich line was the funniest moment of the year.

  10. DrJackal says:

    It’s PAHFECTO!!!

    Awesome prices, Lol’d at shugo chara horror!!
    Yuu Kobayashi is a real artist.
    And real life flying pantsu are epic.

    Happy new year!!

  11. Faer1edust says:

    Lol @ Shugo Chara Party. It should have won first place in horror category no matter how good Aoi Bungaku is ;P

    Oh yay for GA!! I seriously loved that show. I agree, it was so underrated and the subs were TOO slow that time to the point that it feels like no one’s subbing it 🙁

    Yeah, NHNH2 was such a disappointment. Not planning to watch a third season if there’s gonna be any. They are just dragging it with useless stuff.

    I want MOAR Mamo on 2010. kthnx! :love:

    Lol so much on the remaining awards in here xDDD. Haha, I love Yu Kobayashi’s drawings xDDD. And I lol’d a bit remembering Aya Hirano’s bikini fail~

    Ergh… WTF Smexual Scene Awards are kinda disturbing and pure WTF indeed xDDD;; Oh god I don’t wanna remember those (but I loved Santana x Hakko from Canaan though T.T). And eeek, what the hell is Aki-Sora??!

    Lots of Flying Panties, Engrish, QUALITY, “SUGOI!”, and “Kyon-kun denwa” this year too @[email protected]

    But rofl, BEATORICHE-SAMA PWNS :love: “IT’S PERFECTO~!!” xDDD; Awesome round-up~ Happy nEw Year!!

  12. :-) says:

    OYAKATA-SAMA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Kiseki says:


    If you don't have time to watch Cross Game, just watch episode 1. I read the manga, and nothing compares to that first episode, which made me a crybaby after just reading a summary and watching the end. (I was going to make a 12 moments of anime post about that too.)


    By the way, wrong picture of Hirano Aya. That one’s put on properly.

    Flying pantsu is the most brilliant thing I’ve ever seen.

    Whoever that seiyuu is is adorable as Uni, but Maria has one of the most annoying voices I’ve heard in a while.

  14. Xiao says:

    Happy New Years, kanzie~! <3

    & yay for special awards! XDD
    I’m nodding at most of your choice (lol, Umineko. DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN!!!!!)

    I thought you were going to put Phantom over CANAAN actually. Then again, there’s that ending… ^^;

    GA Art Design Class looked only cutesy to me at first. Hmm, might check it out now. 😀

    Haruka is irrelevant. Moving on.

    Some more FIERCE! love for my Bakemonogatari there. *kickpunch of awesomeness* >8O

    Lawlz, I remember those drawings. They should be hung next to Mona Lisa at Le Louvre. XDDD

    …AWW HELL! I’m gonna watch Spice & Wolf now cuz that commercial was so f*ckin’ CUTE!!! XDDDDD :kyaa:

    Mamo-kun~! We missed you~~!!!!!!! ;_____________; 😥

    And totally agree on Eri Kitamura and Hiro Shimono getting more roles this year. Big names, please step down a notch, kthx.

    Intestines galore~ 8D

    And I doubt anyone can overcome Mariya-sama in elite traphood.

    Want less pantsu this year if possible. I don’t mind them flying. I just want less. >/(

    Haha, that was fun. Happy New Years again and hope it’ll be a good one for ya! ;D

  15. Rin says:

    Ohmigod. That was hilarious.

  16. Happy new year! =D

    Wahahaha . . . . so entertaining xD And yay for lots of beatrice~

  17. spazer says:

    I read “Phrase I Don’t Wanna Hear Again” Award, glanced at the image, and I burst out laughing.

    Awesome, awesome awards.

  18. Canne says:

    Nogizaka 2 should be grateful that it is finally recognized by someone even though that recognition comes in the form of ‘worst sequel award’ 🙂

  19. CyberPixie says:

    beatrice is manipulating the awards, haha well she deserves that because of her stunning performance (evil laugh loves it!) bakemonogatari surely makes the biggest surprise of the year, too bad the episodes are too short, but still waiting for the last ep CHEERS FOR HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  20. First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010!!

    Spice and Wolf = romantic *heart* *heart* *heart*! nuff said. it should be a tie with Bakemono in my case, I love abnormal couple X3

    Umineko is a comedy show, yep, just like Geass

    Shugo Chara is.. ugh, how come they made it into U-15 idol show? maybe they’re waiting for the new manga (shugo chara encore IIRC) to catch up

    Bakemono outsell K-ON = EPIC!

    And what’s with that Beato fanart O___O?a
    but I can picture boobs so I guess its alright

    Johny guillotine FTW! LOL

    And Aki Sora is HOT (I like big sis chara XDDD)

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