Winter Anime Catalogue 2012


Genres: School, Seinen AIR Date: January 5, 2012 WEBSITE
Original Creator: Meme Higashiya (manga) Episodes: Unknown
Producers: Seven Director: Hiroshi Kimura
Seiyuu: Show ▼

Trailer: N/A

Now this is something that sounds interesting from the summary at least. The older looking dude Atsushi Miyagawa, standing at 180cm is actually a young elementary school going brother, while the 137cm loli Atsumi Miyagawa is a high schooler and the real aniki of the house. Growing tall however doesn’t mean that you won’t face trouble. Imagine those tall boys in school, who are intimidating yet get in all kinds of trouble? Well, this is their story with sis-complex added to the mix.

The crew is very new from character designer, scriptwriter to even the Director. This will be Hiroshi Kimura’s big break because before directing this, he has only been involved in episode direction and some storyboarding. After reading the Vampire Bund episode direction, my expectation have gone even lower. Don’t expect too much from this rag-tag team, even when we have the talented Ryotaro Okiayu (Byakuya, Scar, Furukawa, Igor) as the main lead along with the loli expert Rie Kugimiya. There’s some Aya Hirano in the mix as well so watch it for lulz but don’t hold your breath.

// C O M M E N T S
To be honest, I’m going to watch this because the main girl is shorter than me. Yeah, I’m a short girl. But the main girl IS shorter than me. HAH! Anyhow, short people aside, I have a feeling that I’ll be able to pass my time pleasantly with this anime.I like the art style of this anime, and there are some familiar VA names in the list (such as Kugimiya Rie, Hirano Aya, etc. etc.). The story about the short big sister and the tall little brother is interesting enough anyway.
I thought that this was an anime about a recorder and the bond between a grown pedo man with a little girl. But obviously, I have not read into this anime… ‘till now. That just proves that you can’t just figure what something is about based on a picture. So yeah, how about that plot? The life of a boy who’s body is that of an adult and the older sister who’s body is the opposite; a little girl. Now, this might sound slightly boring (or maybe that’s just me) but there’s hopefully something to it. I’m guessing that this anime will be about the hardships that these siblings have to go through in a society that shuns those that are out of the norm. These are two kids who support one another in their challenging life ahead of them and especially because they are kids is what makes this more interesting. Aside from seeing that this is a School and Seinen genre anime, I’m foreseeing Drama too.

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Genres: Comedy, School, Shounen, Slice of Life AIR Date: January 9, 2012 WEBSITE
Original Creator: Yasunobu Yamauchi (manga) Episodes: Unknown
Producers: Sunrise Director: Takamatsu Shinji
Seiyuu: Show ▼

Trailer: Show ▼

Last season some people were wondering, what would be so interesting about the daily lives of some high school boys. BAM, Kimi to Boku arrived and everyone went DAWW and LOL with the shenanigans of the five boys. Due to that I had more of an open mind for this series and after watching the initial preview, I can’t wait for its regular air! Let me tell you why.

This titles boasts more ‘realistic’ take on the everyday life of three boys (there’s Kanamechi, Chizuru and Yutan~), who are in search of some love. Sad part is that they study at an all-boys-school, so of course hilarity will ensue. This comes from the Director of Gintama and School Rumble, so you definitely have the funny down. The seiyuu cast is five-star with Tomokazu Sugita, SuzuKen, Miyu Irino, Namikawa Daisuke, Ishida Akira, Nobuhiko Okamoto, Yu Kobayashi and Chiwa Saito. As the original manga is said to be pretty hilarious, we have a solid ground to expect good comedy even if the character designs aren’t very avant gadre. Three previews have already released from which I found the second one (Sugita monologues are awesome) to be most hilarious. As it will only take up 6 minutes of your time, you should definitely watch this.

// C O M M E N T S
This is soo going to be my yaoi guilty pleasure. I’m pretty sure the daily lives of the boys will be very interested. Heh. Yes, in case you wonder what this is about, it’s about the Daily Lives of High School Boys. And duudeee, it’s the director of Gintama (Shinji Takamatsu, which is also the Storyboard of Flame of Recca, S-CRY-ed [!!] and the original Yu-Gi-Oh! [!!]). You know, that person who resides in Elizabeth. Sunrise as the studio of course and OMG Tomokazu Sugita as one of the main characters! Since I like to stare at boys, I’m pretty sure I won’t have any trouble liking this anime.
I recently saw the first preview and found myself laughing so freaking hard! The main guys were talking about trying to get a girlfriend, and suddenly they busted out into role play! Thanks to the popular voice work from Tomokazu Sugita who does Gintoki from Gintama and Switch from Sket Dance. Well, I am looking forward to seeing a full episode, just to see how far the slapstick comedy goes! If anything it will provide plenty of laughs for me; hell even Kimi to Boku had plenty of hilarious moments.

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Genres: Romance AIR Date: January 5, 2012 WEBSITE
Original Creator: Enterbrain (game) Episodes: 12
Producers: AIC Director: Tomoki Kobayashi
Seiyuu: Show ▼

Trailer: Show ▼

My experience with the first series was kind of interesting. After watching the first episode and having my doubts about the 4-episode formula of find new girl, go thru trials, romance, wrinse, repeat etc., I decided to finish Haruka’s arc and thought, “wow, I just watched a 20+ episode shoujou series wrap up in 4 episodes!” I loved the formula, and liked 5 of the arcs (Rihoko’s done from her point of view didn’t really cut it for me).

Does anything about this series strike you? Thinking about watching it? Alright, here goes an easy method to figuring out if you like Amagami SS. Take into consideration your interest in shoujou romance/harem stuff. Take a look at the pics above and find out which girl you like. Find out her name and look for the 4 episodes her route is featured in. If you enjoy that arc and find the side characters interesting, go ahead and sample their arcs, too. If you end up watching all of them, you wouldn’t mind seeing another 12 episodes with this great harem led by the relatable doofus/pervert Junichi. Also, plot order has been announced. Tsukasa first, then Rihoko, Ai, Kaoru, Sae and last but most certainly not least, Haruka.

// C O M M E N T S
Ah Amagami SS! What a fun series and I agree with Jrow, the 4 episode “arc” format works for some of the past stories, so what can we expect from another series? Probably more of the same romance, trials and more Miya? Sure why the hell not? I wonder if we will get any new characters? But from what I hear there are no new girls to use or throw in. So, I can’t wait to see more Haruka, Miya, Rihoko and Kaoru those four were my favorites, and hell ya Kara, summer uniforms!
Whoa, one of this year’s (or last year?) favorite harem anime will get a second season? what’s the second season will be about? The teacher? The stalker? The continuation of Rihoko’s story? Or… A remake? HEH. I don’t know what it’s going about, and I don’t know what to expect from this. The first season was superb, but too bad they’re not using the same director for the second season. But Tomoki Kobayashi contributed at the creation of Hamtaro and Ichigo 100% OAV, and some tiny bit in Steins;Gate and Chobits, so I guess the second season will be good also? We’ll see.

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Genres: Comedy, Semi-Ecchi AIR Date: January 10, 2012 WEBSITE
Original Creator: Tomohiro Matsu (light novel) Episodes: Unknown
ProducersFeel Director: Itsuro Kawasaki
Seiyuu: Show ▼

Trailer: Show ▼

“Listen to what your Father Says” is about a university freshman named Segawa Yuta who moved in with his older sister Yuri ever since his parents died when he was young. However, she moved out and left him alone when he was in high school after she got married. Yuri comes back one day to ask if he can take care of her 3 daughters while she goes on a trip with her husband, leaving him in custody of 2 stepchildren and one of Yuri’s children. However, the plane Yuri and her husband takes goes missing and now people are fighting over who takes custody…until Yuta decides to take them in.

This sounds like a sweet, heart-warming story until you take a gander at the art work. Lolis. Lolis everywhere. It’s based off of light novels written by the guy who did Mayoi neko Overrun, so it’s unlikely this is going to be a classy tale of Yuta becoming a father and raising the girls. It’s a rom-com. Dear god, please let his love interest NOT be the little girls. Daisuke Ono, how did you get stuck doing this? Having Eri Kitamura voice one of the girls makes me wary of crappy tsundere jokes too.

// C O M M E N T S
This is a Feel anime… OTL. And I was ready for some emotional drama maybe? Of course, not every title can be Usagi Drop. The PV has turned me off and the character designs are garrish to say the least. I seriously don’t understand the point of those pink blobs on lolis that make them look like giant tomatoes. I mean, dude! No human body part has that kind of shine or redness unless someone is blushing beetroot red. But yeah, this is anime so I’m barking up the wrong tree… As Hatano Wataru would be voicing the main character, I hope he uses his seme voice to boss the lolis around. And I simply lol’d at OD being Yuta’s wingman. So, the bets should be will these be poor lolis or bad tsundere lolis who would make life hell for the new father? From the title, you can easily guess it to be the latter.
Mild hentai sounding plot? Err anyway, I saw that cover art and was like how many lolis will this series freaking have?! I am with Overcooled, they will be everywhere, but hey this might be an interesting series it can’t be anywhere as bad as Lotte’s toy right? RIGHT? I will listen just to hear Daisuke Ono. I wonder what he did to get pushed into this lame series? Ah well work is work I suppose…

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Genres: Comedy, School, Seinen AIR Date: January 5, 2012 WEBSITE
Original Creator: Kaduho (manga) Episodes: Unknown
Producers: J.C. Staff Director: Yoshiki Yamakawa
Seiyuu: Show ▼

Trailer: Show ▼

Alright I’ll bite J.C. Staff since I am a fan of most of their works, and I admit when I first saw these character designs my mind went straight to Nichijou! After all, those designs are not really complex to look at. The story sounds interesting with an assassin trying to adjust to normal life? That could open lots of windows for hilarious scenes. I can picture a lot of failed “kills” so I wonder will this be a moe show? With girls doing cute things? That twin tail girl looks a lot like Fate from Nanoha. Speaking of characters we have a small voice cast starting with Yasuna Oribe as Akasaki Chinatsu ( Nanami from Sacred Seven), Sonya as Tamura Mutsumi (Sayaka from Seitokai Yukuindomo) and last Argiri Goshiki as Takabe Ai (Maiko from Hourou Musuko). So a few fresh sounding voices.
// C O M M E N T S
Ok so, my belief in J.C. Staff was strengthened after Kamisama no Memo-chou. They’re alright, you know? So I’m going to take a risk here and go for this one. First of all, it’s about time we got more cute humor in that doesn’t have dirty humor. There’s only so much dirty humor that I can take. That’s why I love this sort of stuff. It always makes me giggle. I read the manga for this series a while back and, though I never finished it, I found it adorably hilarious. Basically, I like small and stupid things because they’re usually super, super funny. This fits the equation perfectly. The art is clean, simple and cute. I’m excited to see where our little Sonya’s going to take us. She’s bound to get into a buttload of shenanigans.
Is that Suzu from Seitokai Yakuindomo? Just look at those blonde twin-tails and… loli stature. This definitely has funny written on it (what’s it with this season and 4-koma being adapted?). Anyways, Kill Me Baby is all about the daily life of a typical school girl Yasuna and her assassin classmate Sonya. From the PV, it seems we’ll be getting some manzai entertainment with Yasuna playing the Boke while Sonya, Tsukkomi. The crew is pretty varied so this can go anywhere, but in terms of OP, JC has definitely nailed the comedic breath into this and I already predict many otaku karaokeing over this.

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Genres: Romance, Comedy, School, Slice of Life AIR Date: January 9, 2012 WEBSITE
Original Work: Yousuke Kuroda and Taraku Uon Episodes: Unknown
Producers: J.C. Staff Director: Tatsuyuki Nagai
Seiyuu: Show ▼

Trailer: Show ▼

Here we have Tatsuyuki Nagai, a guy who has directed Toradora, Honey & Clover II and most recently Ano Hana. Popular animes that all feature love stories, heartbreaks and so on, almost challenging its viewer not to become emotionally invested. I like two of those series, and have been told good things about Toradora. We also have Onegai Teacher/Twins story writer Yosuke Kuroda involved in what is a reuniting with Nagai and also character designers Taraku Uon & Masayoshi Tanaka. Oh, and JC Staff too. Those names, very much a part of the drama/romance realm of anime adds up to what might be one of Winter’s most intriguing shows. Am I excited for this anime? Quite frankly, no. Does it have the chance to surprise me in the way Ano Hana did so early on? I’m don’t think so, Kyo! JC Staff isn’t the primary deterrent for me, though I don’t care for the designs I’ve seen in PV(s) to this point. It’s the ideal of another adolescent romantic series that I fear might just keep doing the same ole romantic situations with the typical character interactions and sparse-but-charming bit of humor, and the weird twist or something about some second-life or aliens or whatever.
// C O M M E N T S
Seeing the PV, I instantly zeroed it on people who made AnoHana. And yes indeed, the brains behind this definitely has a lot of AnoHana foreshadow but that doesn’t mean this is going to be another tear-jerker that would pull at our heartstrings. With original work, summaries are usually devoid of much information and I’m reminded of the brilliant Mawaru Penguindrum with a one-liner of “Ikuhara thought something”. However, as it’s JC and they are famous for their formula work most of the times, I’m not too keen about this like Jrow. There are very selective titles which have pegged the romantic comedy, so I can only hope that this is not another weird rabu-triangle-yo. What attracted me most though is art direction and no wonder, it’s by Ayu Kawamoto, who has No.6, Durarara!! and HoTD under his belt. This will definitely get a three-episode test.
So, Toradora and Ano hana director working on this? Hmmm that sounds really good to me! I loved those shows, yeah I know I need to watch Honey & Clover. So does this mean I should expect some tragic event to happen to one of these characters?! I sure hope not! Well, I always enjoy a good character death if done right. As long as someone doesn’t die and magically come back to life! Like a few anime out there, don’t want to name due to possible spoilers. Anyway the artwork did catch my eye instantly and the character designs look amazing! I will probably end up loving this series a lot…Oh and another winter anime for my birthday! Hooray.
Ness An adolescent romantic comedy huh? Seems like a typical school slice of life anime to me. Now, the animation and the character designs on the other hand is pretty cool. But I guess that’s what is to be expected considering the staff of this project. I’m not too interested in this two girls and one guy friendship story. I’m sure there will be some dramatic elements thrown in and I won’t be surprised if there is some love triangles. But hey, this is the f-ing rom com slice of life section… yo~!
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122 Responses to “Winter Anime Catalogue 2012”

  1. Bass says:

    Man I’ve been so out of the loop lately, this will definitely come in handy. Once again, an amazing job by everyone, everything looks so sweeeettttt XD

    Now it’s time to read this monster. :3

  2. Karakuri says:

    I-it’s beautiful! *cries*

    Ness, you are my hero. Seriously.

    • Ness says:

      The designs it the easy part>< haha it's just finding info and getting around to put in my own comments/synopsis' that is time consuming for me :3 But yeah, thanks Kara XD

    • Foshizzel says:

      My niisan is awesome! GOOD JOB NESS

  3. Foshizzel says:

    Amazing job everyone! For comments and graphical work hooray team! 😀

  4. skylion says:

    I’m on board with all of the romance series. I may be unpopular here, but I am really interested in Listen to Me Girls..
    I think it might be a ‘pull the rug out from under you series’ Lotte actually did do that. It was a bit squicky until it got to be charming in it’s own way. Like Fosh, I’m going to be wary of bad tsundere jokes.

    Ano Natsu looks and kinda feels like the spiritual successor of both Toradora and Ano Hana…so I’m not only on board, I’m setting my deck chair up and ordering the bubbly.

    Kill Me Baby. Yes. Yes. And did I say, Yes?

    • Foshizzel says:

      LOLLOL Yeaaaahhhh Lottes toy was good and not as sexual themed as most people feared…sure there were tons of loli-pantsu every 10 minutes ok maybe not every 10 mins….But hey! Whatever people be scared.

      Toradora and Ana Hana and believe it or not…HoTD! I know shocking right?

      Yep! I can’t wait to watch Kill Me Baby <3 It looks like Nichijou!

      • skylion says:

        Gonna show my numb numb here, but HoTD? I’m not getting the abbreviation. Numb numb.

        • Jrow says:

          Highschool of the Dead.

          • skylion says:

            Ah,that show just never got on my radar, beyond a few clips from AMV Hell. Rlly? ::checks anidb:: Oh, got it. OK. Now on me radar.

            You know, Fosh, I wasn’t thinking Nichijou until you said it, now all I can see is Rock, Paper, Scissors, GUN!

  5. Zabobinator says:


    This looks awesome. 😀

  6. Blackholeheart says:

    As is becoming a tradition, the Metanorn season preview has inflated my watch list number(though not to the fall insanity level of 22 shows) to 15 from 9.

    Great job Gals & Guys, thank you for the work each of you put in to this. You’re all awesome!

    • Ness says:

      Thanks much. Glad we could help you with deciding on what you’ll be watching XD

    • Foshizzel says:

      MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! -thumbs up-

      I know right? I always go ok…lets limit our personal lists shall we? WRONG! I end up with 15+ shows always xD

      Thank you so much! We do it for our fans and fellow anime bloggers..

  7. Mitsuki says:

    BERSERK MOVIEEE~ Oh how I’ve been waiting for it!
    .hack has a theme song by KOKIA?! *w*
    and anyway once again thanks for this informative post~

    • Ness says:

      You’re welcome~! I still need to watch the series><; Then I'll be just as excited as you for the movie? :3

      • Mitsuki says:

        I didn’t watch the Tv series after watching the first episode. No Puck and not that good animation quality=NO.
        But I’ve read and reread the manga 3 times already and it’s still just as awesome as reading it the first time.
        The reason why I’ve been so exited about the movie is that it appears that they intent to stick closer to the manga than the TV series and generally the first episode really told me everything I needed to know not to keep on watching.
        AND THERE WILL BE PUCK *_________________*

    • Foshizzel says:

      .Hack for the win! That CGI movie actually looks amazing, can’t wait to check it out.

      Welcome! I hope you find lots of shows to watch in Winter.

  8. BlackBriar says:

    Where did Fall go? That was incredibly quick to say the least. Well, let’s get started on Winter 2012.

    Black Rock Shooter: I can’t believe we have to wait so long for Black Rock Shooter and I’m bummed that it’s only 8 episodes (Saw that on Anime News Network). That’s an irregular number for any series. What threw me off are the differences between the OVA and the series, like the artwork of the characters is not the same. Like Dead Master’s veil and glasses.

    Senhime Zesshou Symphgear: This anime looks interesting. I always give a chance to anything that has supernatural in the genre. And since Aoi Yuki and Yuka Iguchi are part of the cast, it’s just another reason to check it out.

    Nisemonogatari: Yes, Nisemonogatari is near!!! I’ve been itching to see what happens after Bakemonogatari which was badass. And this time, Koyomi’s sisters are taking the lead. At least it’ll help keep me occupied until the prequel movie Kizumonogatari comes along. And if I feel like it, I might put them in order and marathon the entire thing. LOL.

    Another: The trailer alone had me creeped out even though there wasn’t much to show, not to mention the girl with the eye patch. Its genres are Mystery, Drama and Horror so I’m hoping that it will be exceptionally impressive though I’m not expecting it on Shiki’s level but would settle for Blood-C’s level.

    High School DxD: Not sure what to expect so I’ll just wing it and see whether it deserves to watched or not.

    Inu x Boku: Another supernatural anime, this time with a loli and a guy with two colored eyes? And he’s a fox demon? Maybe I’ll check it out. After all, first impressions are what counts.

    Holy Knight OVA: Hmm… a vampire based OVA?! YES!!! Whew, I needed that because I was getting a severe backlash from vampire withdrawal and it wasn’t pretty. I’ll be eagerly awaiting this one. And hopefully, Kara, we’ll get a Bloody Cross adaption in the near future and for me, adaptions of Blood Parade and Mondlicht. And Overcooled, if you were interested in the vampire part and then you got scared by it, I think that’s a good thing. LOL. I see I’m not alone; there are few other vampire lovers here as well.

    A pair of Rurouni Kenshin OVAs after so many years? What the hell took so long?! I was a little kid when it was playing on TV. I watched every episode I could.

    • Ness says:

      I’m excited for the Kenshin OVAs. But this is just a remake from Misao’s perspective. I could have lived without any additions because of not expecting any. But stuff happens XD I’d totally buy the BluR releases if they were international.><

      • BlackBriar says:

        A remake OVA? I hope they keep to the actual story and not screw it up or it defeats the purpose of having the OVA at all.

    • Foshizzel says:

      DAMN FALL! Why so short? Seriously….

      BRS- Yeah….I am really bummed out about that whole 8 episodes…I swear the first two better not be a damn recap! But I know we will have some sort of “what you forgot” episode. Worst case we can hope for some hr episodes? or 30+

      Symphgear- That series sounds interesting, right! I will watch cause <3 Index's VA Yuka Iguchi.

      Nisemonogatari- YES YES AND YES! I loved all of the characters from Bakemongatari they are all amazing, I bet people are drooling to hear Hanakazawa again.

      Another- PA works doing horror? Thank you! ALL MY MONEY, then again I have yet to see a horror anime do much. I guess if you said Mairai Nikki? Does that count as horror? Anyway looks great.

      DxD- I will watch anyway cause I am currently watching Maken Ki, yes censored to all hell but not as bad as some shows out there.

      Rurouni Kenshin OVAs yay!! I hope we get action xDD

      • BlackBriar says:

        I wonder if this season will go as fast as Fall did.

        BRS: I hope those 8 episodes will be worth it. With Hanazawa playing the lead, it might turn out good. I want to see BRS’s other enemies.

        Nisemonogatari: Let’s see how Araragi’s sister will pan out as main characters. The cast is pretty much the same except there will be no Araragi or Senjougahara. Why?!!

        Another: Since this is supposed to be horror, it better deliver because not all anime seem to do well in the horror category (Unless it’s Shiki or Hellsing). And yeah, Mirai Nikki is supposed to be horror as well and it’s doing a good job so far.

        Most of the shows I’ve seen on the list, I’ve seen Yoko Hikasa’s name. She’s even playing the lead for High School DxD. I guess she wants to create her own virus. But most of all, I’m extremely pissed that season 2 of Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka has been pushed to next season. *grinds teeth*. Hurry up, next season!!!

        • Kyokai says:

          For Nisemonogatari. There will be Araragi and Senjou in Nisemonogatari, even if they are not the main focus. We’ll be seeing them around.
          And you know, BB, time flies~ Spring will be coming before you know it. :3

    • Karakuri says:

      An adaption of Bloody Cross would make my life. Seriously.

      …I have a feeling that you’ll enjoy Holy Knight though XD.

      • BlackBriar says:

        Yeah, having an adaption of Bloody Cross would have me grinning from ear to ear. I love it when Tsukimiya and Hinata are together and constantly trying to backstab each other for the book. For the record, they’d make a good couple if they weren’t trying to get one another killed. I love it when Tsukimiya is sucking blood from her victims, especially the way she did it to Hinata: By a bloody kiss. LOL.

        For other good vampire manga out there, I strongly recommend the recent chapters of Dance in the Vampire Bund, Blood Parade, Mondlicht and Yougen no Chi.

        I really hope Holy Knight will be great and I hope the mixed blood vampire girl bites a lot of people. The key part I really love is when they get a grip on their prey and bites them. In my opinion, the female vamps I’ve seen who have bitten a large number of people (or demons) would be Tsukimiya, Sunako, Karin and Mina Tepes.

  9. Overcooled says:

    Oh man, I’m just getting a first look at the graphics Ness made for this list. AMAZINGGGGG. Is it bad taste to praise our own site’s season preview? Oh well….

    I hope the next season is good, even if I don’t pick up anything new to blog. :3

    • Ness says:

      Thanks OC~!

      I hope so too for the next season and that I have more time XD

    • Foshizzel says:

      OC FOR GRAPHICAL PRESIDENT! Make it happen.

      Tag teams for everyone! That tag team poster is going to get lots of shows complete…they are so cheating! xDD

  10. Reaper says:

    Argh, so much to watch!!! Well, there it goes, my summer holidays just disappeared…:D Good work to the Awesome team of Metanorn!

  11. Joojoobees says:

    Well done, guys. I definitely learned a few things.

  12. Samantha Zan says:

    Wow can’t believe this post is up already! Great job again Metanorn team ^_^. But anyway, wow lotta shows for Winter, my picks are…

    Black Rock Shooter: Ahhh the OVA was kind of mehhish in my opnion. Such beatuiful animation, but I expected more DX. Though I think its still gonna be interesting to watch though. So still on my watch list.

    Amagami SS: AMAGAMI SS AGAIN??? I remeber reading the blogs with Hato-Kun. Wow can’t believe it got a 2nd season. Though it was an interesting to watch throughout. It wasn’t really a bad show for its type of genre, just usually think shows like that don’t get 2nd seasons. Though I’m pretty sure I’m wrong lol.

    Nisemonogatari: Another Bakemonogatari stroy???? OMG SHAFT IS BACK IN ACTION. Though I don’t mind the focus on the Koyomi sisters, I hope we can see some of the other characters from before too. (I <3 Sejougahara)

    Another: Horror, Supernatural…YES, YES, YES!!!!!! 8D

    New Prince of Tennis: It was my first anime about sports. My god I miss this show….Bring back Seigaku 8D

    Gyo: Junji Ito? The author who wrote Tomie and Uzumaki? I. AM. JUMPING. ONTO. THE. BANDWAGON. NOW.

    I swear I thought I saw Kana Hanazawa like 3 times on the first page lol. Nice to know that she's still spreading her virus around xD

    • Foshizzel says:

      We are fast! Hooray!

      BRS- Yep yep and yep! 8 episodes is sadness and suffering thou….lame but I will watch anyway.

      More Amagami SS! Yep yep can we get more Nishishishi oh god yes I will make it my new ringtone.

      DAMN THAT HANAZAWA VIRUS! Hopefully we all got our shots..

  13. Avalon says:

    I could swear that the guys who created High School Dxd tried to copy S-Cry-ed powers. The hand that the main character got is a total rip off of Kazuma’s shell bullet lv2 arm.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Well there is a girl just like that in Maken-ki! Gloved weapon of awesome, it totally adds 20% to her boob-jiggle.

  14. Avalon says:

    hey did anyone take notice that Coppelion still hasn’t aired when it was supposed to air months ago. Whats with the hold up?

    • Kyokai says:

      When we reviewed it last season, there was no info on producers, crew or even seiyuu cast so I think it has been shelved. We’ll update you whenever we hear about it. :3

    • Foshizzel says:

      That series has flown under the radar, I haven’t seen a lot of DL links or any comments on it…seems like it failed before it got off the ground.

  15. amado says:

    *once again, reserving this spot for my comment sooner or later*

    • amado says:

      likely to watch:
      black rock shooter – needs more rockshooterXgoldsaw. seriously, those two scream more to me than pairing her with dead master.
      amagami SS+ – well I watched some arcs including the extra 2 girls. romance here is actually good, I just didnt have time for the other girls 🙁
      nisemonogatari – finally SHAFT is animating again next season. a sequel of bakemonogatari to boot. its one of their greatest hit, along with madoka magica.
      another – you guys convinced me. seems like it will be interesting.

      might check out:
      symphgear – *shrug* hoping for yuri and have a feeling on this…
      rinne no lagrange – as you said, this one seems to be simple yet it can become better. definitely better than GC at least. potential for yuri too.
      papa no lukoto wo kikinasai – dont judge me! anyway, the mom is called yuri so…
      milky holmes – maybe if I saw 1st season. even Arudoc says this one was good(or was it jinx?). plus yuri I guess…

      anyway, list will change depending on Divine’s preview(if he does make one this year).

      • amado says:

        oh and I just realized that most all of the ones I put in the tentative list have the reason of “yuri” as the interest…

        and I’ll post tomorrow about the OVAs and specials. maybe.

        • BlackBriar says:

          Thanks for the motivation. If there’s any hint of yuri in any of the anime you mentioned, I’m sticking to it. There definitely needs to more yuri shows around. Girls trading spit and the possibility of them shamelessly getting it on is a plus anytime.

      • Foshizzel says:

        BRS! Yes they better get to the other damn boss characters..I was bored with deadmaster…she was Zzzzzzz BORING!!

        More SS mmmm yes <3

        The might check out list looks good! I want to see Rinne no Lagrange, that series is going to show 12 episodes and then it will take a break and continue in another season.

  16. Tofu says:

    WHAT WAS THAT ANAAGA!??! D;< Do I see you HURLING over my precious K-On MOVIE!?!??!! lols oh yeah, great list Metanorn, keep up the good work ;D *totally just changed the sunbject and walks off like nothing happened*

    • Foshizzel says:

      Some people can not handle the pure moe overload of K-ON! I want more Yui and Azunyan and yes a bit of Mio! Thanks man just don’t stay away forever Tofu.

      • Tofu says:

        ahahaha of course Fosh ^^ I’m just playing around and as if I could ever leave Metanorn behind. This is where it all started for me :3

      • skylion says:

        You know Fosh, several years ago, when Firefly first came on, my group of friends were able to divide people into “That that love Firefly and are therefor cool, and decent, and honest, and caring, and just generally all around awesome” and “Those that hate Firefly, and are not cool, and have unkempt hair, and spinach in their teeth, and are keepers of other odious habits, and not at all awesome.”

        Same thing with K-On. You need no more a litmus test for people than the Moe Wonderful that is Yui. And Captain Malcolm Reynolds.

  17. Namika says:

    The only show I’m actually excited for is Another I think this will be the only show I’ll be following from the winter season, if I will have time for it. I love the art and music is also pretty interesting. We’ll see, we’ll see. Aside from that, Danshi koukousei no nichijou (can you imagine a bolder name? xD) looks really funny and positive. I don’t think this wil be another Kimi to Boku, but nice enough for the laughs. XD

    • Foshizzel says:

      Another for the freaking win! Can not wait to see how scary things will actually get..

      Danshi looks absolutely hilarious have you seen the preview specials? Those are to die for…like the dress one and the RPG scene. Yeah that will not be another Kimi to Boku! This is like the perv cousin of boku xD

      • Namika says:

        no, I haven’t seen any. xDD well, if it’ll be like a pervy cousin, maybe I’ll give it a try :3

  18. Toori-chan says:

    To get things summarised, the anime I’m listing for Winter is everything except Senhime (not my style of music), prince of tennis and area no kishi (no fan of sports), high school dxd (too much boobage for the year).

    The series I will be looking forward is definitely Black Rock Shooter. Other than that will be Nisemonogatari and Another. FYI I started immediately to marathon Aquarion to prepare for the next season.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Enjoy some DxD! I will check it out…

      Yeah BRS, Nisemonogatari and Another all look really good, have a fun time with Aquarion! I love the OP and music throughout that series.

  19. Masu says:

    i am so excite about berserk: it is possibly the first manga to make me realize my interest in manga and anime weren’t just a passing phase. its basically everything i look for in a manga.

    also, why y’all hatin’ on denpa onna? i thought that show was brilliant. :[ but thats just me.

    anyways, the site looks so polished now i want to lick it. good work guys. :3

    • Foshizzel says:

      I dunno Denpa as a great idea and theme, but ah well things are just failure after the 4th or 5th episode…I want to see the final episode just to see if they close any loose ends.

      Ahahaha clean your monitor afterwards 😛

  20. Yippy says:

    I read till the end! (Though not every single word, sorry!) Anyway, my picks for Winter are:

    1)The Daily Lives of High School Boys- DAT PREVIEW

    2)Another- DAT ART.

    3)Rinne no Lagrange- DAT CGI.

    4)Amagami SS Plus- DA…THEM GIRLS.

    5)Inu to Boku SS- DAT STORY

    6)Nisemonogatari- DAT BAKEMONOGATARI (which I still have yet to finish)

    I might check on Aquarion if I have some time left. Again, thanks for the summaries, comments and the handy chart guys!

    • Foshizzel says:

      Highschool boys! BEST PREVIEWS OF ALL TIME! I always laugh so hard..and they are just 5 mins long.

      Another- Yes please! PA WORKS good stuff right there.

      Lagrange- Good CGI and character designs.

      DO IT! Aquarion is good fun xD

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