Code Geass R2 – 25 [Ending]

Just watched the final turn of Code Geass on raw (after skipping 12 episodes of it XD which I only visit RC in order to catch up with the series…), meaning I only understand like, 10-20% of what they’re saying, anyway, I don’t take this show too seriously so I don’t care that much but I can tell a few on what’s going on. So here goes some USELESS sh*t…

  • Kallen battles it out with Suzaku
  • Nunally fell down on the stairs (yeah, like that’s important)
  • She wears a cute prison uniform (is that a prison uniform?)
  • Lelouch dies from the hands of Zero (Suzaku)
  • Orange-kun ends up with Anya…………. LOLWUT?
  • There’s a cute group portrait at the ending
  • CC became a wanderer… And then she is talking to somebody while lying on a haystack.
  • Plus I don’t think that Lelouch was dead.

Now I’ll dl the subs as soon as it is released to confirm these stuff… (And again… Anya? With Orange-kun??? WRRRYY???)

Skip Class Quartet Zero Tytania…

Well, this post pretty much contains the trailers of five shows upcoming this Fall: Skip Beat!, Kyou No Go No Ni, Yozakura Quartet, ga-rei zero, and Tytania. Which ones will you be going to watch?


[: See the trailers here:]

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Thank you EVERYONE for commenting!!! I’m really appreciating it to the highest ^_^ It brings up a smile on my face, whether if it’s a praise, a suggestion, a correction, or a flame (but I guess I haven’t had any serious one yet…)… You’re words really motivates me to enjoy this blogging stuff! Many thanks to my blogospheric friends/frequent commenters (I’ll keep it on alphabetical order): amayalee, Baka-Raptor, biankita, FuyuMaiden, issa-sa, Kitsune, Llora-chan, omisyth, Shin, xephfyre, and also to my newfound pals 7, foomafoo/jitensha… and BLISSMO I MISS YOU!!! Also thanks to my non-blogging frequenters: my sis CinderBird, bff Solviter and those plenty others… Thanks again everyone (sorry if I have forgotten anyone, but thank you very much from the bottom of my heart) This is such a great milestone. Hope you continue commenting and sharing your thoughts to me because I really care.


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Chaos;HEAd – Preview

Chaos;HEAd premieres October 9.

Persona 4: Rise [PSP Wallpapers]

I tried to create PSP Wallpapers using Rise from Persona 4. She’s my favorite character from that game. She is voiced by Rie Kugimiya in the Japanese version. The NA version will be released sometime in December. All wallpapers are sized 480 x 272, only for Playstation Portable units. I tried to create some for computers but the scan was too small and it would look grainy. Anyway, for those who have PSP’s and a fan of Rise from P4, hope you like it ^_^.

Anime’s Next Top Model [FINALE ~part 2]: The Portfolio Showdown!




This is the second round of Anime’s Next Top Model! We are all a step closer on knowing who will be our very first winner but before that, we should meet the judges for the last time! We all go back to their previous photoshoots and let’s all compare every photo of the girls! We are all accompanied by judges: Kallen, Rima, Yukari and Akira.

>>

OH MY GOD – part 2


Manga Randomness: A Tsundere Guy, A Hot Chairman-Guy, and The Chaos;HEAd Guy…

I’m in trauma mood today because of a scary happening a while ago. The bus I rode in had thieves in it (or in our country, it’s called hold-uppers…) and the drama was really intense. Anyway, let’s move on to my manga round-up for this week. I have three series which are lined-up for this post. All three of them have interesting male leads. Let’s first head off with the Tsundere guy. The manga is entitled Ojousama wa Oyomesama (The Lady is a Bride) by Hazuki Megumi.


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ANTM Cycle 11 Episode 05: Fierce Eyes

Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! As America’s Next Top Model gave a shocker episode… Two girls had been eliminated this week.

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Another anime I’ll definitely watching this Fall, ToraDora airs 1st October. The story revolves around two misfits who found themselves helping each other on their social lives, Ryuuji and Taiga.