Anime’s Next Top Model C3: 5th Elimination

 Fifth round of elimination and another pair is gone. Find out the painful results!

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Anime’s Next Top Model C2: 6th Elimination


Now it’s time to deliberate on who will complete our TOP 5!!!!! Misa is automatically safe, so which girl between Amu, Orihime, Yuki, Shana and Sakura would be eliminated?

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First Look: Anime’s Next Top Model Cycle 2!!!

Here is the opening sequence for the second season of Anime’s Next Top Model!!! New season means new girls, new twists, fierce photoshoots and wackier judges!


[DOWNLOAD Anime-NTM Cycle 2 OP MPEG format]

We’re going BIG TIME because I’ve managed to make our very own OP sequence for it!!! Forgive me if it was horribly made because I never ever really touched our Movie Maker until yesterday… So yeah, this will be my first ever video masterpiece!!! Please don’t be hard on me >.<… I got the song from the official ANTM OP, sung by Tyra Banks herself ^_^. Please continue supporting this upcoming new cycle of Anime’s Next Top Model!

I wanna hear about what you think about the OP of Ani-NTM 2!!! Which are your early bets among the 11 girls that will be dukin’ it out to be Anime’s Next Top Model? What do you think of them?

Ani-NTM cycle 2 premiere date is still a classified information but I’ll update everyone when it would start 🙂

This is your last chance to vote!

Which one between Enma Ai and Chii will be the very first winner of Anime’s Next Top Model? THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE TO VOTE PEOPLE!!! The Grand Finale will be up soon! You can refer to the Anime’s Next Top Model page for an episode guide and it can help you on voting. Click on the girls’ names below to vote for them.




Thank you very much for participating Anime’s Next Top Model! The winner would be known on Sunday, October 05, 2008.

Anime’s Next Top Model [FINALE ~part 2]: The Portfolio Showdown!




This is the second round of Anime’s Next Top Model! We are all a step closer on knowing who will be our very first winner but before that, we should meet the judges for the last time! We all go back to their previous photoshoots and let’s all compare every photo of the girls! We are all accompanied by judges: Kallen, Rima, Yukari and Akira.

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Anime’s Next Top Model: Special Episode

Welcome to a special episode of Anime’s Next Top Model! Now that the final three will reduced down to our FINAL 2, we will all first take a break and see the wacky part of the competition! You will also see never-before-seen photos and actions of the girls! Last but not the least, we will be getting a first taste of the SECOND SEASON!

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Anime’s Next Top Model: 6th Deliberation



KALLEN [Bunny Suit – top, Megane – bottom]

The FAB 5 will now become our FINAL 4!!! Which girl would be eliminated this time and which girls would move forward and get closer to the finale? It’s down to Enma Ai, CC, Haruhi, Eve and Chii!!! Who will be on top?

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