Anime’s Next Top Model C2: 6th Elimination


Now it’s time to deliberate on who will complete our TOP 5!!!!! Misa is automatically safe, so which girl between Amu, Orihime, Yuki, Shana and Sakura would be eliminated?

Obligatory: Watch the OP!

The judges:



First of all, our new Head Master for this season, Nagi, which also seems to be under huge controversies these days with her mangaka struggling in some health issues. The next one is supermodel, veteran fashion icon, and had walk in several runways on the anime world: Yukari from Paradise Kiss. The third judge is the perfectionist guy which is currently working on with his upcoming fashion line, Perfection by OCD: Death the Kid from Soul Eater. And the fourth judge is none other than the innocent, cute, adorable, and whose words are so sweet and helpful like cotton candy: Akira from Lucky Star! Next is the is the fierce special blogger commentator Xiao Jie, from the blog ěk-sěn’trĭk. And last but not the least… coming back from being a judge at the first season and now that she’s having a break from Vampire Knight, she ready again to bitch off the girls as a special guest judge: The one and only cool Rima Touya.

Now let’s head on over with the call-outs…





Yukari – Oh my I change my mind now. For I thought Misa’s blazin’ car shot last week was my overall favorite. This one gives everyone a run for their money! Good job Orihime. The smile, the pose, everything is so natural and fresh!

Death the Kid – Whoa go Orihime! The underdog has risen!

Akira – Wow… for the second time, an Orihime photo that I haven’t noticed her ginormous boobs!

Xiao Jie – [About the whole shoot with Misa] Best shot out of the three. A really refreshing photo. I like the dresses. And the breeze just makes everything look lovely. Bee-yuu-tee-fuhl~. ^^
The pair looks good but are they really? Hmm. Well, no doubt Orihime is the best this week. Why didn’t you show us this wonderful side of you sooner, huh? Chit. -_-;

RimaFresh. Easy-Breezy. Covergirl-Material.



2nd: ~Girl of the Week~ MISA

Nagi – “Pretend you like this country place.Pretend you like this country place.”

Yukari – This one is also a very very pretty photo! It proves that Misa can tone down a bit and show softness besides all the ferocity she showed in the competition. Good job.

Death the Kid – I’m starting to like this girl now. She always stays in the Top 3, but I can’t blame the voters for she’s doing well in the competition!

Akira – I wanna cut that head off and steal that dress! Ugh!

Xiao Jie – What the hell is with up with that face?! Get back to being a bitch right now! I am not pleased! If you’re going to start out bitchy, then you’re going to end bitchy and make bitchy look good! UNDERSTAND?! >8(

RimaSimple Life. Paris Hilton. Rich Bitch.



3rd: YUKI

Nagi – “O.O”

Yukari – This photo is very playful. There’s a touch of innocence, a touch of intensity and as well as a touch of fashion.

Death the Kid – It would be great as an ad for an MP3 player/iPod but not as a country fashion shot.

Akira – LMAO what the hell is up with that look Yuki? She’s like a deer caught in headlights!

Xiao Jie – …Looks like a badly tilted hologram or some cardboard cutout of herself. *checks* … :argh: Ok~, being late or having a stand-in really pisses me off but when you’re not even here for the shoot and use an object as substitute instead, makes me want to RIP YOUR HEAD OFF!!!!1one *tears “Yuki” to pieces* Dx<

Rima Lost in the countryside.




Nagi – “Hey Mr. Bear!!! What? You want to take me with you? Okay!!!”

Yukari – I think this photo is effective. She looks like a playful small-town girl and she definitely stands out between her and Shana.

Death the Kid – She should have at least put up a symmetrical pose T_T

Akira – Oh come on Sakura,  you know you’ll gonna get raped!

Xiao Jie – Lose the staff and get a cute handbag or something, skirts look nicer than gym shorts, exchange the sneakers for sandals and a small hair accessory or sun hat wouldn’t be so bad either. The clothes, hun, the clothes. *snapsnapsnap*

Rima Pedobear bait.



5th: AMU

Nagi – “Ummm… yeah. So… what’s up?…”

Yukari – Oh my holy macaronies, she slid totally down this week. It’s quite disappointing but it’s good that she’s given another chance.

Death the Kid – Oh god she’s wearing a short skirt again *nosebleeds* Short skirt!!! Ooh the sign is symmetrical *wents off away to check it*

Akira – Wow I like this photo! Because it ranges from a lot of things! From a lesbian, to a door-to-door vacuum cleaner saleslady, to a transvestite!

Xiao Jie – Looking nice and normal (kyaa, nice subtle flirty glance towards the camera, that’s just win!)

Rima Disappointing. It’s boring and dull.




Nagi – “Oooh my v***** is getting itchy! Lemme get that staff to rub it…”

Yukari – Sorry Shana but you can’t handle the fierceness of the competition. For I thought you’re the flaming hair blahblah warrior… Anyway, good luck on the future!!!

Death the Kid – I like her smile though, but she hadn’t been catching up since the past few weeks…

Akira – Hahahaha!!! Agree with Nagi!!! Post-rape look and her vajayjay is still itchy XDDD. You need to wax it, girl. Ever heard of that?

Xiao Jie – …Looks like she’s holding onto Sakura’s staff to keep herself from falling flat on her butt or like she wants to rip it away from her and start doing violent things. “I can’t believe I ended up with you! And what’s this?! A toy?! HA! Trying to mock me because you won SaiMoe and I didn’t?!. Oiya, oiya…
Deduct more points for the school uniform (c’mon, girls, we’re already in the 6th round) and that pose. She doesn’t look comfortable at all. It’s so stiff and forced, I don’t know how she can manage to smile as if it’s not affecting her.

Rima – Constipated, forced and awkwardly horrendous. Eww at Nagi’s comment btw. Ew. Thanks Akira for uncensoring it… ugh.



Let’s take a look back on Shana’s journey…










Anime-NTM C2 Episode 6 Voting

  • Shana (5%, 4 Votes)
  • Sakura (15%, 13 Votes)
  • Amu (14%, 12 Votes)
  • Yuki (15%, 13 Votes)
  • Orihime (36%, 32 Votes)
  • Automatically Safe: Misa (16%, 14 Votes)

Total Votes: 88

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Shana is out of the competition!!! And now five girls are only remaining!!! The next following weeks would be the fiercest level on the competition now, for they’ll be having TWO photoshoots before elimination!!! Yeah, that means, double the pressure! Speaking of pressure, can the girls handle it next episode? It’s all because they’ll be having a photo shoot with their male partners! Watch out for that!


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8 Responses to “Anime’s Next Top Model C2: 6th Elimination”

  1. FuyuMaiden says:

    Wow. Shana lost by a lot. Not totally unexpected because she was so weak this…week, but I thought she was another girl with lots of fanboys to mess up objectivity.

    And omg did I hear a photo shoot with male partners!? I am prepared to love the next episode more than any other. (I’m making a safe bet that I’ll want to vote for Amu no matter what…)

    FuyuMaiden’s last blog post..First Impressions – Sora wo Miageru…

  2. warriorhope says:

    Xiao’s comments always work so well with the rest of the judges. :^_^:

    Orihime winning was pretty expected too.

  3. Omisyth says:

    What the hell happened?! Not Shanaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
    I no longer have anyone to support ;_;

  4. Nazarielle says:

    I know, me too Omisyth >:| Well, I suppose I could vote for Amu, she seems pretty decent. But why Shana, why?!

    Nazarielle’s last blog post..Koukaku no Regios – 02

  5. Xiao says:

    Not so surprising that Shana lost. Shame. She was doing so well but the uniform, y’know (and other things)…the uniform, tsk tsk (and other things xD; ).

    So I’m glad my Amu-chan is still in the game and got a considerable amount of votes even though this shoot wasn’t one of her best. But I’m sure she’ll do great on the next one, hehehe~! xDDD

    Awesome again. Going there now. |3

    Xiao Jie’s last blog post..(not so) MASSIVE! First Impressions Pt. 2

  6. foomafoo says:

    I think Shana would win if and only if she has a wide range of wardrobe. Too sad she didn’t brought her convenient black cloak storage. For me, her first photo shoot was the best. Bye Shana~ :huhu:

    foomafoo’s last blog post..Lupin VS Conan!

  7. mikaino says:

    At last! Shana’s gone *stretches my fingers* Lol at Nagi and Akira’s comment at her XD
    And I am glad that Orihime is in the top 🙂 She deserves it.

  8. OH NOE! SHANA!! T.T

    Kairu Ishimaru’s last blog post..Yoroshiku On Hiatus

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