This is your last chance to vote!

Which one between Enma Ai and Chii will be the very first winner of Anime’s Next Top Model? THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE TO VOTE PEOPLE!!! The Grand Finale will be up soon! You can refer to the Anime’s Next Top Model page for an episode guide and it can help you on voting. Click on the girls’ names below to vote for them.




Thank you very much for participating Anime’s Next Top Model! The winner would be known on Sunday, October 05, 2008.


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3 Responses to “This is your last chance to vote!”

  1. omisyth says:

    You might have to post another OH MY GAWD.

  2. amayalee says:

    *Puts on cheer leading outfit* ENMA AI! ENMA AI!

  3. kanzeon says:

    @omisyth: Nah, luckily, it’s not a tie anymore 🙂

    @amayalee: Whoa you sure are very supportive of Ai 🙂

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