Quiz Magic Academy OVA

Aired last September 13, this 30-minute OVA already has mixed reviews. Me? I liked it for it is light and chuckle-worthy… This post most likely contains much more picture spam than words 😛 …


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I was recommended by a friend a manga entitled Sundome by Okada Kazuto. He said it was a psychological-seinen one so I gave it a try since I’m a psychological junkie. I’ve read the introduction saying that about a guy falling head-over-heels on a new girl, then after a request… His life became ‘frustating’. I was like, wow maybe she’s letting him do shopping/stealing/orders/murders/whatever… Reading it blahblahblah UNTIL she asks him the favor and I can’t continue reading on past page 30… Wanna know what I saw? (DISCLAIMER: If you’re open-minded and ready for a disturbing stuff, you may continue reading this post…)

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Skip Class Quartet Zero Tytania…

Well, this post pretty much contains the trailers of five shows upcoming this Fall: Skip Beat!, Kyou No Go No Ni, Yozakura Quartet, ga-rei zero, and Tytania. Which ones will you be going to watch?


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