ANTM Cycle 11: Episode 12 – Good Times and Windmills


I really like the fact that ANTM Cycle 11 is bringing more high fashion to the table. These past photoshoots had been one of the better photoshoots had been the best throughout the whole ANTM. This week, the girls do a high fashion shoot again, this time, as fashion zombies guarding the windmills of Amsterdam.

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ANTM Cycle 11: Episode 11 – The Final Five


Episode 11 Photoshoot: Simplistic; Dramatic

The girls get photographed by Tyra Banks in two contrasting shoots but both are in black and white. The first one is with simple polaroids and the girls only pose naturally. The second one is an edgier, high-fashion shoot which requires fierce posing, with the girls having make-up. In my opinion, Tyra really photographs well and this cycle doesn’t disappoint with the photoshoot themes. This is one of my all-time favorites from the show.

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Bihada Ichizoku: 01 – TEH BEST DAMN SHOW!!!!!!!111


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ANTM Cycle 11 Episode 06: Natural Beauty


DING DONG! The witch is dead!

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ANTM Cycle 11 Episode 05: Fierce Eyes

Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! As America’s Next Top Model gave a shocker episode… Two girls had been eliminated this week.

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The Ladder of Top Model Success

I think this would be the very first NON-ANIME show that I’ll cover up on my blog so wish luck on me!

Note: I’m typing this while I’m watching the show so it’ll be a little incoherent and “OMG”-much so her it goes…. Episode 3 is up!!! The new OP credits was like, meh… I like Cycle 10’s better >_>… For speculations in the OP credits, the first girl shown will be the runner-up, like what the past cycles did and this time, Lauren Brie was shown first… The last girl was the girl who makes it far and this time it’s Clark, uh-oh…

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