ANTM Cycle 11: Episode 11 – The Final Five


Episode 11 Photoshoot: Simplistic; Dramatic

The girls get photographed by Tyra Banks in two contrasting shoots but both are in black and white. The first one is with simple polaroids and the girls only pose naturally. The second one is an edgier, high-fashion shoot which requires fierce posing, with the girls having make-up. In my opinion, Tyra really photographs well and this cycle doesn’t disappoint with the photoshoot themes. This is one of my all-time favorites from the show.



Simplistic – I agree that this DOES look like a Calvin Klein ad. There just one problem with her clients on the go-sees that she looks too much commercial and not high-fashion, however, in her two photos, I’m so not seeing commercial at all! I also like her boyish-ness. Best simplistic photo.


Dramatic – Ok, those are funny parachute pants, but Sam makes it look fierce. Her pose is really unique and her face is stunning. She reminds me of a short-haired Chantal (cycle 9). This week is Sam’s week and she deserved the first call-out, IMO.

—————- —————- —————-



Simplistic Sorry but I don’t like it. She looks posed and forced. It’s just tragic, but she’s beautiful.


Dramatic – One thing I didn’t like about this photo is that she looks like she had lost an arm. What I like about McKey is that she has that androgynous look especially here with her hair slicked back and with that outfit.

—————- —————- —————-



Simplistic – Face is beautiful but I think the hands are horrible. It looks like she’s from the gym or something…


Dramatic – I was completely blown away by this photo. Everything screams stunning from the face to the legs. Her legs are to die for! Best dramatic photo IMO.

—————- —————- —————-



Simplistic – Ugh… I can’t even stand looking at it. Just plain Meh… This girl needs some ice to freeze up her jell-o…


Dramatic Her simplistic shot was just way horrible but I think that this one is great. I love the intensity in the eyes and the overall feel of the photo is haunting, in a good way. She’s like a fierce serial killer waiting for you.

—————- —————- —————-



SimplisticLove the profile but I guess she should have done more. Her elimination is justified. I really like how this girl stands up for herself and what she believes in.


Dramatic – I guess she could have done better. Btw, this photo screams Angelina Jolie again XD… I found it okay with her leaving. She had been bottom 2 three weeks now and I guess that last week was her last chance.

—————- —————- —————-

The remaining top 4 is, if not the best, one of the better ones in ANTM history with every girl having their own personalities and playing ground in fashion.I’m definitely looking forward to the upcoming finale but before that, let’s see who’ll be eliminated next after a fierce windmill photoshoot and a girl getting overly drunk next week.

So what are your favorite simplistic and dramatic shots this week? Who do you think will be eliminated next?


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7 Responses to “ANTM Cycle 11: Episode 11 – The Final Five”

  1. kerli says:

    I really agree with you that this elimination is justified. Now I want Marjorie to go home next!

  2. thepoop says:

    Ah! I love Analeigh’s dramatic picture so much. Very good recap of the episode. Btw do you watch these eps on the internet? If so where?

  3. missb says:

    Marjorie gets drunk i think. in the preview she rushes up to and makes out with this guy (male model i guess). I want her to go home.
    I think sam will be third place and something tells me mckey will be runner-up because of the whole opened-her-mouth-and-you-hear-an-idiot thing like in the commercial. Analeigh will win!!

    i hope

  4. sandy says:

    ok i guess marjorie will eventually go home. the elimination was justified but she got 0 jobs on her go-sees. she’ll be next to go.

  5. kanzeon says:

    @kerli: I also want Marjorie to go home next… Her nerves annoyed me that much in this episode.

    @thepoop: I watch it on youtube, but you still have to wait for several hours or even a day or two depending on how fast the people will upload them.

    @missb: Yes. I guess she got drunk because she got tired of the competition and her nerves that’s why she wants to break free for a while. I also want her to go home next. And OMG we have the same favorites for the placings! I totally agree with you.

    @sandy: I agree. And it’s also Marjorie’s time to go because even if she have great photos, her walk and personality isn’t that suitable enough for a winner.

  6. Rich says:

    I guarantee you Mckey will win, followed by runner up Analeigh.

  7. kanzeon says:

    @Rich: Aww I hope Analeigh wins. Anyway, both of them are good so I can definitely see any either of them winning 🙂 .

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