Death the Kid: Symmetrically Perfect


Hooray for Death the Kid! He’s featured on my banner (look up ^_^). Why? Oh well because he’s awesome. I started falling in love with him from the very first time I saw him. He screams perfection from head to toe. That perfect hair (even though it’s not symmetrically right, the white stripes makes it look really hot). He also has stunning yellow eyes which can go from fierce to cute. He has cool outfit. His weapon is kick-ass. It’s not just one, but two big guns to kick enemies’ butt. He handles it with style. Plus his expressions are just priceless when his OCD attacks him. That just makes him more cute. His VA is hawt too. Though I don’t ship him with any character at all in Soul Eater (because he’s mine only XD just kidding), he’s still cute alone, and with the Thompson sisters. Nobody can copy him. When my classmates found out Soul Eater because of me, the guys just started copying him, they’re hopeless wannabes >_>… Anyway, he’s really the perfect guy with a disease of perfection XD… His perfection and weakness is absolutely symmetrical! OMG just PERFECT! Trust me this isn’t the last Death the Kid banner you’ll see here, because I’ll make some more from time to time [I’ll also make a banner with his picture doing symmetrical V-signs 🙂 soon].

Continue for some Death the Kid pics!!!

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Go Gothic!


First of all, Happy Halloween everyone! As what you can see above, there’s a new banner up! It features Ciel and I put up a gothic motif for my site this November. Of all the banners that I’ve made, I must say that this one took me the longest of almost an hour of making it and I really took this one seriously. I got the scan from the single cover of Kuroshitsuji OP theme.

If you’ve also noticed, there’s an optical illusion in my banner on its right side. Can you find the black dot amongst all of the white ones?

Negative Happy Week Ahead…

anime basketball Pictures, Images and Photos
I’ll be taking a break on blogging on this week because I’ll be very busy. Our school intramurals had just started a while ago (Monday) and it would last up to Wednesday. I enjoyed playing basketball but we bitches end up on physicality from pretending foul to get free throws to shoving the opponents and using my butt to knock them off XD (that just means that I suck at basketball XD). I’ll be also participating in the dance competition. I’ll be terribly busy then with matches and practices. On Thursday, we will be having our school trip and for sure, I’ll be unable to blog. And last but not the least, Friday: The day of hell. We would be having our CAMPING at the woods/forest/mountains/whatever they’ll take us. That would last up to Sunday.

sad camping girl Pictures, Images and Photos

I wanna talk about the camping. Ok, I’ll admit that this would be the very first time that I’m gonna do that on outdoors (if slumber parties on the pads doesn’t count). What I’m getting on my head right now are trees, grasses, the noise of crickets, darkness, snakes, frogs, and maybe WEREWOLVES (ok, I guess I read too much Twilight XD)… I’m really frustrated right now because I still don’t know how would I handle a luggage bag while hiking in the mountains (that’s the littlest thing that would make me survive there). I don’t know how would I eat because instant noodles and stuff are prohibited. PLUS, there’s no bed. Only sleeping inside tents on the grass. I do not even know how would I take a bath there. Plus cellphones, iPods, PSPs and other gadgets EVEN chocolate milk, sweets and reading materials are prohibited and would be confiscated in there T.T… Wish me luck for my survival…

So to make it all short, you would not hear from me for the rest of the week, but I’ll try my best-est to do something about tomorrow until Thursday because I really hate catching up on the shows I watched.

P.S. – I took the “Negative Happy” part of the title from the manga “Negative Happy Chainsaw Edge”… Lol, that was just random XD…

[:METANORN:] gets a touch of Halloween!

Since Halloween is just around the corner, I’ve decided to create a bunch of headers with a touch of Halloween!!! Of course, following the cute tagline “Trick or Treat!”, I’d had much fun making these sweet banners. Here is the sneek peek of some that I’ve made. Btw, if you have noticed it, the first one is up ^_^.

Thanks to Code Geass R2’s finale…



The series is gone for like, more than 10 days ago now and my so is my post about that (09/27/08)… I’m surprised that day when I got those freaking number of views and comments. It had been my most viewed ever (and I think its reign will remain for a LONG time) and I got the 12th spot for the daily-counted, most popular blogs on WP… But two days after that, O_O… nosedive time XDDD!!!!! Now my blog is back on receiving its average views again… Back to reality~

New Banner!!! Again.

Lol I’ve been chronically changing my banner like, almost everytime I wanted to… With Enma Ai winning Anime’s Next Top Model, she deserves to get a fabulous banner so here it is *drumrolls*…


Once upon a time, a few minutes ago at my house, I am downloading the raws of Vampire Knight Guilty and ef -a tale of melodies-. I had finished watching ef and it was spectacular. Another season of vectored-anime drama. The opening was original and unique as well. Vampire Knight was VERY SLOW so I got bored on by just staring at my laptop… ANYWAY, this post is neither about ef nor downloading VK… Moving on, now that I thought of vector, I became ispired of creating a new banner again. This time, I’ll be using Anime-NTM’s winner, Enma Ai. Actually, I also got the idea of making Enma Ai’s banner because of mikaino‘s comment on the Ani-NTM’s finale, so thanks for that.ツ I named this banner Froth, yeah, I’m weird for naming my banners XD… because of the blue-circles vector brushes I used which reminded me of bubbles. I masked it up with another layer this time it’s with black and voila, it ended up alright. Btw, my first attempt on this was instead of just using plain blue color for the backdrop, I used bright and fluorescent colors of different variads.

One thing amazed me, and that was the text. I thought about making my blog name in there aligned vertically so I experimented it but wth, when I uploaded and cropped it on the Custom Header feature here, it perfectly sank in on the header along with Blog, About, etc! I thought that was cool. And finally, I already finished downloading Vampire Knight Guilty by the time I put this one up so I didn’t waste electricity and time at all. And so the story ends about my new banner… toodles! Whaddya think?

Anime’s Next Top Model [FINAL]: And The Winner Is…


This is the FINAL RESULTS of Anime’s Next Top Model! Who will be our very first winner? Will it be Chii or Enma Ai? Both wowed us all with their stunning photos and personalities. They have beaten out 8 other girls who strived hard to be in their places but they fail. Now that the competition is at end, we will now know who will be the winner! So who’s gonna be on top?

[:Who’s gonna win?:]

All new [:METANORN:] turns a month old (…and three days)!!!


My last and my first banner… Get it?

Lol I’ve been too busy with so much stuff that I forgot that my “new” blog turned a month old already three days ago!!! Maybe it’s also because I’m really enjoying my inner hermit side and loving it to the fullest that I never knew that time flew fast and bam!… One month already. Y’all know why I re-created Metanorn, right? Yeah, not going back to it again XD… Anyway, I wanna say THANK YOU for always visiting me. I means so much to me that people cares and I care ^_^. I’m also glad thatツit already received 15,000 hits immediately after a month which is almostツmaking up for the half of my old blog’s views. Thank you also for the comments, again ^_^. Hope our friendship will be forevah guys!!! Yeah that’s all xoxo >.<!!!

Ok, back to work again… Which includes Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu’s final episode (which I AM NOT yet finished yet because I went with ToraDora! first), EVE No Jikan Act 2, CLANNAD ~AFTER STORY~ and more of the upcoming Fall shows. I also dragged along somebody to write something up about Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto, because I don’t want it to be dropped. The new “guest” author will be up too soon. On with Ani-NTM, whoever will be the winner will be featured in my fabulous, special banner plus a special photo spread here in my blog and a MoeGirl邃「 contract ^_^.

P.S. – I bought a cake (REALLY!) commemorating my very first, official, non-suspended month of my brand new [:METANORN:] blog ^_^… My friends went like, “why the hell?”. My mom was like, “it’s for me??? thank you!!!”. …And my boyfriend was like “It’s not our monthsary right?”.ツ Lol. Anyway, so here’s the cake pROn for everyone!!!