Negative Happy Week Ahead…

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I’ll be taking a break on blogging on this week because I’ll be very busy. Our school intramurals had just started a while ago (Monday) and it would last up to Wednesday. I enjoyed playing basketball but we bitches end up on physicality from pretending foul to get free throws to shoving the opponents and using my butt to knock them off XD (that just means that I suck at basketball XD). I’ll be also participating in the dance competition. I’ll be terribly busy then with matches and practices. On Thursday, we will be having our school trip and for sure, I’ll be unable to blog. And last but not the least, Friday: The day of hell. We would be having our CAMPING at the woods/forest/mountains/whatever they’ll take us. That would last up to Sunday.

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I wanna talk about the camping. Ok, I’ll admit that this would be the very first time that I’m gonna do that on outdoors (if slumber parties on the pads doesn’t count). What I’m getting on my head right now are trees, grasses, the noise of crickets, darkness, snakes, frogs, and maybe WEREWOLVES (ok, I guess I read too much Twilight XD)… I’m really frustrated right now because I still don’t know how would I handle a luggage bag while hiking in the mountains (that’s the littlest thing that would make me survive there). I don’t know how would I eat because instant noodles and stuff are prohibited. PLUS, there’s no bed. Only sleeping inside tents on the grass. I do not even know how would I take a bath there. Plus cellphones, iPods, PSPs and other gadgets EVEN chocolate milk, sweets and reading materials are prohibited and would be confiscated in there T.T… Wish me luck for my survival…

So to make it all short, you would not hear from me for the rest of the week, but I’ll try my best-est to do something about tomorrow until Thursday because I really hate catching up on the shows I watched.

P.S. – I took the “Negative Happy” part of the title from the manga “Negative Happy Chainsaw Edge”… Lol, that was just random XD…


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13 Responses to “Negative Happy Week Ahead…”

  1. Yamcha says:

    Sounds like a fun and busy week. We’ll somehow try to get along without you… Auu~

  2. FuyuMaiden says:

    I’ve done a lot of camping. Just family fun at camp sites and real in the woods camping with just a tent and a fire. What you’re prohibited to bring just seems excessive. I understand no electronics so that you’re kind of forced to enjoy the outdoors, but no reading materials? What are you supposed to even do? They better keep you pretty busy all day or it’s going to get really boring.

    I certainly do wish you luck. Even though I used to go camping all the time, your weekend sounds like it’ll be tough. But camping is fun, so I’m sure you’ll enjoy it if there’s no long patches of inactivity, because that part sucks.

  3. omisyth says:

    I’ve only been camping once but the primary thing I remember was the FREEZING cold. Make sure to wrap up warmly and have a nice trip (that’s hopefully less hellish than you’ll think it’ll be :P)

    And if you get bored, just keep these words in mind:

    ~Dango dango, dango dango, dango dai kazoku~

  4. 7 says:

    Do tell us your great expeditions once you’re back from the camping trip. And oh, watch out for those pesky mosquitoes. They’re especially notorious in the Phils…

  5. Xiao says:

    Wow, sounds pretty busy. o.O
    And you still find time to blog in all that. That’s awesome. I applaud you. xDD

    Have fun camping. I’ve never been camping and probably never will. I’ve grown too attached to my nice cozy bed and convenient shower. xD;
    But wtf? No reading as in no books? What kind of silly rule is that? :/
    You’re allowed to bring flashlights, right? At least toilet paper! *going crazy just thinking about it*

    Haha, but have fun. 🙂

    Oh, and I love the title. “Negative Happy” I think I’ll use that. ^^

  6. Kitsune says:

    Yes, it is a very busy time for many people, but it is good to take a break once in a while. I hope it will replenish your energy and you’ll be back to blogging with renewed enthusiasm 🙂

    Sounds like your basketball games are very intense!

    Dance competition! That must be very exciting! Good luck! Think of Sebastian and his lessons 😛

    Ok, I窶冤l admit that this would be the very first time that I窶冦 gonna do that on outdoors


    Let us know about your camping experience and especially if you see werewolves, Yeti, or Ryo-Ohki 😛 Oh, you’ll be fine – it just sounds scary at first, but you’ll have fun 🙂

    That girl on the second picture looks so sad 🙁

  7. biankita says:

    ack! what a sucky weekend you’re about to have!!! sorry, i’m neither a sporty nor an outdoorsy type of person. ^^ i hope you have fun. and learn to utilize secret pockets of your bags to smuggle in contraband.

  8. kanzeon says:

    @Yamcha: Aww ^_^… But I’ll really try my best to update from here until tomorrow.

    @FuyuMaiden: You really have a point :). Even if I bring a cellphone in there, there would be no signal… They are not necessary.

    @omisyth: Here in the Philippines, it is VERY hot… And I’ll be definitely humming dango ^-^

    @7: You’re from the Phils? Lol I honestly don’t know about that… And I’ll try my best to capture the best of nature on our trip :).

    @xiao_jie: Aww I envy you. It is required on our school to participate in this activity because it composes 50% of our P.E. grade T.T…

    @Kitsune: Thanks. Haha, Sebastian is one of my inspirations XD… Oh great… Now you scared me more about camping XDD.. Just kidding 😉

    @biankita: Lol I’m neither sporty nor outdoorsy too, unless if shopping can be counted as an outdoor activity XD…

  9. 7 says:

    @7: You窶决e from the Phils? Lol I honestly don窶冲 know about that窶ヲ And I窶冤l try my best to capture the best of nature on our trip :).

    Let’s just say I’ve been there in essence 😉 …so, I’m pretty much aware in some sort of way. Then again, I’ve been to other places too.
    I kinda like to keep my origins a secret. 🙂

  10. kanzeon says:

    @7: I’ll respect that 🙂 . I love mysteriousness and ambiguity ^_^.

  11. blissmo says:

    I go camping A LOT and its loads of fun! I’ve been three-four times this year, and I just absolutely love it, especially because of the people I go with. A few days ago I just came back from camp and I did canoeing, mountain-bike riding, and loads of other things. Its really refreshing going to the outback as well.

    I never knew you played basketball! I used to play for my school, but then I changed to soccer, and now I don’t do anything at all except participate in the music department playing my cello/viola in my school quartet and orchestra. Dancing is cool too! I bet you’re really good at it since all my Filo friends are friggin’ awesome at it.

    Anyway, I slept in tents before but we were allowed to bring our phones and iPods and lollies with us just as long as we take care of them. Luckily we got to go camp DURING the weekday so we missed out on school work 😀

  12. kanzeon says:

    @blissmo: Wow, you just made me excited on camping. I hope ours would be that fun too 🙂 .

    I play basketball but I’m so not good at it XD… Wow you play the cello? That’s cool! I only play a little bit of the piano and drums because it’s taught on our school. And dancing is probably what I’m very proud at ^_^…

  13. Xiao says:

    @kanzeon: Now that’s just dumb. -_-;

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