Go Gothic!


First of all, Happy Halloween everyone! As what you can see above, there’s a new banner up! It features Ciel and I put up a gothic motif for my site this November. Of all the banners that I’ve made, I must say that this one took me the longest of almost an hour of making it and I really took this one seriously. I got the scan from the single cover of Kuroshitsuji OP theme.

If you’ve also noticed, there’s an optical illusion in my banner on its right side. Can you find the black dot amongst all of the white ones?


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16 Responses to “Go Gothic!”

  1. Yamcha says:

    First the white dots, next it’ll be the colorful ‘spinning’ circles. Well played.

  2. Maura says:

    Happy Halloween!!! Nice Ciel layout!! I need to change my soon, too,lol. I can’t believe it, October already over =|

  3. unscentedbox says:

    beautiful and creative!

  4. nazarielle says:

    D:< there is no black dot! Or rather, there’s a bunch of black dots, whenever you’re not looking at them.

    Optical illusions are so annoying :p But it really does make you think.. if our eyes can be fooled that easily, what else do we think we ‘know’ we can see, but might be completely mistaken about?

  5. blissmo says:

    wo! I love optical illusions!

  6. FuyuMaiden says:

    Optical illusion is going to drive me crazy! Though it’s really cool actually. Just can’t look at it when I’m incredibly tired.

  7. omisyth says:

    MY EYES!!!

  8. kanzeon says:

    @Yamcha: How did you know?! Kidding.

    @Maura: Thanks ^_^ and Happy Halloween to you too 🙂

    @unscentedbox: Glad you like it ^_^ Thanks.

    @nazarielle: Quite thought provoking :). And I totally agree.

    @blissmo: Glad you like ’em ^_^

    @FuyuMaiden: If you’re tired, just immediately scroll down on my site to unsee the header ^_^.

    @omisyth: You don’t like it ;_;?

  9. Very smexy 😀 And the optical illusion is kid of creepy. XD

  10. kanzeon says:

    @Kairu Ishimaru: Is the banner sexy or Ciel (the character)?

  11. Kitsune says:

    That is a nice banner 🙂 Next one should have a certain butler in it 😛

  12. kanzeon says:

    @Kitsune: I don’t wanna faint everytime I check my blog so I guess I’ll save him for later 😉 .

  13. 7 says:

    As expected from Kanzeon. That’s a very cool banner.

  14. kanzeon says:

    @7: Thanks ^_^

  15. mikaino says:

    Your headers are pure W-I-N!!
    Kanzeon FTW!

  16. kanzeon says:

    @mikaino: Thank you very much ^_^!!!

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