Becca – I’m Alive! [Kuroshitsuji ED]


There’s a new singer on the block that I’m starting to love. It’s Becca. This 19-year old American singer just started out her career in Japan early this year and she is known for her English songs (duh, she’s American) and singing the songs “Guilty Pleasure” and “Falling Down”, both for Ultraviolet: Code 044. Her current single in her album, entitled “Alive!!!” is “I’m Alive!”, which is currently the ED theme for one of my favorite series this year, Kuroshitsuji. “I’m Alive!” music Video, lyrics and MP3 download below the jump!!!

[:I’m Alive!!!:]

Kuroshitsuji OP Single – Monochrome no Kiss

Here’s the full OP single of the uber hot anime series this fall, Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) sung by SID. Ciel is looking good as always in the cover. Btw, is he wearing a skirt?

[:DOWNLOAD Kiss of Monochrome here:]

Haruka Tomatsu – motto hade ni ne! [PV]


It’s just too adorable for words! The video was fun, with Haruka Tomatsu herself just spending free time at her pad having fun with reading, laundry, eating and dressing up. There’s no Kannagi dance this time but I guess there would be as soon as she’ll have a live performance. One thing I noticed is that she looks reeaalllyyy tall! Or is it just her thunder thighs (which is an asset, btw). She’s very cute in this video especially when she’s making a fruit shake and she tastes it awful but she still continues to drink it ^_^. Also when she’s playing dress up! So adorable. Tell me you love it or else I’ll shove Haruka Tomatsu’s thighs into your throats!

Btw, you can download the full song HERE.

Chihara Minori – Paradise Lost [PV]


This is the PV of GA-REI ZERO‘s OP: Paradise Lost by Chihara Minori. Bada** series needs a bada** song! I just got so addicted with this song… Well, it’s the beautiful Minorin so except me to love everything from her. Honestly, I’m really a fan of her voice and her music style. The violins accompanied by upbeat techno music is just awesome.

Haruka Tomatsu – motto hade ni ne!

Ever since the first time I’ve heard and watched the OP sequence of Kannagi, I already knew that this is gonna be a hit, and it is! Great job for Haruka Tomatsu for a phenomenal performance as Nagi! I just love this song and for sure it would brighten up your day. I also can’t wait for the PV! More scans below the jump as well as the download link for the full version of the song!

[:Download below the jump:]

Kanon Wakeshima – Suna no Oshiro [Vampire Knight Guilty ED]

Vampire Knight EDSuna no Oshiro by Kanon Wakeshima

[:DOWNLOAD Suna no Oshiro TV size:]

Kanon Wakeshima does it again. The PV was not too long ago but I’ll tell you again, Suna no Oshiro (Castle of Sand) is just so haunting and mysterious. I like her voice but not a fan of it. She plays the cello really well!!! Like still doll, she still kept up with her lolita gothic attire which is so cute! God I would have wore that everyday if weren’t you’ll be laughed at on our country. She really looks like a doll (wayyy prettier than Barbie). The song is perfect for Halloween! Btw, sorry because I only uploaded the TV size, I’ll be replacing it with the full version as soon I found one ^_^.

[:Lyrics below the jump:]

ToraDora! ED: Vanilla Salt


One of my favorite ED themes of the season, sung by Horie Yui.


ToraDora! OP: Pre-Parade


ToraDora! OP: Pre-Parade by Kugimiya Rie, Horie Yui, Kitamura Eri

I’m back from our camping!!! Haha lols… I’m very tired now so I’ll just leave you with this one. I’ll be also putting up Horie Yui’s Vanilla Salt (ToraDora! ED) tomorrow because I’ll be taking a rest now after four straight, tiring days. I’ll also try to create a post about our school trip and our camping because I have a lot to share ^_^.


Soul Eater Character Single – Death The Kid and The Thompson Sisters

The third character single of Soul Eater is finally uploaded! This time, it’s the uber-perfect Death the Kid (with the uber-hot Miyano Mamoru as his VA), along with the Thompson sisters, Liz and Patty. I really like the song, though Liz sounds out of place between Kid and Patty but I ignored that. It’s less hardcore than Mauve-Iro no Sympathy by Soul and Maka but still, Miyano Mamoru makes up for it!

[DOWNLOAD Sore ga Bokura no Michishirube MP3]

[DOWNLOAD Sore ga Bokura no Michishirube Remix MP3]

Vampire Knight Guilty OP – Rondo

Vampire Knight Guilty OP

Full version of the song “RONDO” of Vampire Knight Guilty, sung by the twins ON/OFF. They also sang the first season’s OP.

[Download “Rondo” by ON/OFF]