Nana Mizuki – Shin Ai

Listen to Nana Mizuki’s Shin Ai

~Credits to nemumikoto for the video ^_^

This will be the OP for White Album. No PV yet but they say that they’re already finished taping it. Also, forgive me for the quality of the sound (this is just the radio version). I’ll probably update this as soon as there would be a kind person to put it up on youtube.

For this song, all I can say is just wow, I like everything from the strong vocals to the harp. Shin Ai means “Deep Love” by the way, and the song is not that cheery-“DISCOTHEQUE” type because this is far more emotional. This already had became an instant favorite of mine.

Tommy Heavenly6 – Unlimited Sky [PV and Lyrics]


We all first heard this as an insert song on Gundam 00 Second season episode 7. I found to like it (well, I’m so a Tomoko Kawase fan XD). I find it funny since the edit really looked quite reminiscent to PAPERMOON’s PV, just by removing the Wizard of Oz theme and such. Anyway, after the jump has the PV and the lyrics…

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Japan’s Top 50 Singles [12/14/08]

Probably the most wtfenergetic batch I’ve ever encountered here (in a good way)… Merry Christmas!

>>

Featured Artist of the Month: Tomoko “TOMMY” Kawase


Featured Artist of the Month: Tomoko Kawase

The woman with the two (or three?) faces. She is the face behind the cheery, bubbly and cutesy Tommy February6 and the dangerous, rebellious and dark Tommy Heavenly6. We count down my Top 10 favorite songs from her as we count down some 10 fun trivias about Tomoko Kawase!

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CLANNAD ~After Story~ – OP and ED


CLANNAD OP [Toki wo Kizamu Uta] and ED [Torch] by Lia. Toki wo Kizamu Uta (A Song to pass the time) is such a beautiful song. It’s one of my favorites this season. Torch was the lesser Dango Daikazoku but it’s overall fine.

[:Download CLANNAD ~After Story~ OP – Toki wo Kizamu Uta:]

[:Download CLANNAD ~After Story~ ED – TORCH:]

Kanon Wakeshima – Suna no Oshiro


Kanon Wakeshima’s second single Suna no Oshiro (Castle of Sand) contains “Suna no Oshiro”, the current ending theme for Vampire Knight Guilty. The second song, “skip turn step”, is a song where we get to hear Kanon’s less creepier side and it’s more pop than her usual gothic.

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Hilary Duff – Reach Out


Little Miss Lizzie McGuire had grown up even more with her new single, entitled Reach Out. The single is reminiscent of Depeche Mode’s Personal Jesus in some parts and in the chorus. The music video gets more dirtier than With Love and Stranger, both from her previous album entitled Dignity. Her current upcoming album contains all of her best hits, along with two new singles: Reach Out and Holiday.

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ELISA – ebullient future


Lyrics and song download below the jump ^_^.


PAPERMOON – Tommy Heavenly6 [Soul Eater 2nd OP]


[:Watch Soul Eater 2nd OP and PAPERMOON PV by Tommy Heavenly6:]

Chihara Minori – Paradise Lost


Finally, Paradise Lost and Yuuki no Kodou by Chihara Minori are up!!! I already posted the PV of Paradise Lost here. It’s the kick-a** OP theme for GA-REI -ZERO-. Paradise Lost is a more upbeat song while Yuuki no Kodou is more slower and mellow. [EDIT: Link fixed ^_^]

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[:DOWNLOAD Yuuki no Kodou:]