Anime’s Next Top Model C2: FINAL 2 Deliberation


It’s down to Misa, Amu and Sakura… but one of them will be sent home which leaves the TOP 2 of Anime’s Next Top Model Cycle 2!!! Which girls would be face-to-face at the Finale? All in this post!

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Kanon Wakeshima – Shinshoku Dolce


Album review and download link to Kanon Wakeshima’s Shinshoku no Dolce.

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Abusing Animation… [Edited]


[Wallpaper: 1024 x 768]

So I added three more banners on my current banner-roll. What makes them different too is that they’re gif animated!!! Yay!!! I used AnimationShop. Shame though that they weren’t flash T_T… Well it’s because it’s so hard for my layout to get a flash header so just stick for gif only ok? It may take a while to load but the load will be worth it ^__^.

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Hotel 626


Enjoy your stay at Hotel 626

Final Fantasy 13 – New Trailer [01/29]

You can watch it on youtube HQ here. [Official website]

This trailer shows much more on the upcoming PS3 and XBox 360 game as it shows real in-game battle, as well as voice acting. Definitely looking forward for this game.

Persona 4 Soundtrack: Download

[EDIT:] Persona 4 soundtrack finally re-uploaded, since I got a mail regarding that the link doesn’t work anymore. Contains “Pursuing My True Self” (OP) and “Reach Out to the Truth” (Battle BGM) and as well as other BGMs and songs. So enjoy! Click below to the links of each disk 🙂

.:DISC 1

.:DISC 2

My Much-Awaited Games of 2009

PhotobucketHere are my much-awaited games for this year. Most of the games in this list are PS3 and Xbox 360 games only because that’s all I have lol. Keep in mind that they are only based by my own taste of gaming and opinion. Yeah, I’m more of an Action/RPG/Survival freak XD.

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Final Fantasy Versus 13 – DKΣ3713 Trailer

Just awesome…

Everything looks well for my most anticipated game ever IMO. From the cars to the fashion, to Stella’s wind in the hair, everything oozes with awesome sauce.

The men (in black XD) accompanying Noctis are all cool, I think they are the friends of the Prince 🙂 Looks like this is going to be a futuristic version of the yakuza though. Lol at 3:54 for I thought that Noctis Caellum and Stella Fleuret would go run and hug each other but I’m so darn wrong XD… But lol, looks like the enemies are going to have a date on 4:17…

I’ll admit that I’m happy to own a PS3. With all those console wars happening, that’s all I’ve got to say.

Random Vid: Soul Calibur 4 – Tomoyo v.s. Sunohara

Tomoyo and Sunohara in… “Star Wars”.

Credits to creativewiring for the youtube video.

Final Fantasy Versus 13: New Pictures and Info


New pictures of FF Versus 13 characters Noctis Caellum and Stella Nox and some info about their names and personalities below.

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