Kanon Wakeshima – Shinshoku Dolce


Album review and download link to Kanon Wakeshima’s Shinshoku no Dolce.

1. sweet ticket

The album starts off with an instrumental opening. This sets the mood with Kanon playing the cello.

2. Shinku no FATALISM

This is the first track of the album. Shinku no FATALISM or Crimsom Fatalism is my new favorite song. It’s fast-paced, and it’s really something new from Kanon. The start was calm and quiet until it becomes upbeat. There are shifts on the speed regarding some parts.

3. Kagami

Menas “mirror”. I must say that this one’s eerier than “still doll”. Not much the song that I would listen to a regular basis but it’s a really good dak gothic song.

4. still doll (album ver.)

This is Kanon Wakeshima’s debut track. Since this is the album version, there is a slight change with the start, it begins first with the chorus then it’s followed by the Orgel. Other than that, it’s still the same, beautiful gothic debut single. I would still say that it’s still what I liked about Kanon.

5. Maboroshi

Means “Phantom”. Just amazing. Kanon sounds new in here with her trying to pitch up her vocals to make it sound cute. I think it’s really effective. The overall song was complex but really amazing. I also love the xylophone playing.

6. Annyui Kibun!

This track is so odd, as it starts off with the sound of nature then a telephone ringing. I must say that this is definitely something cute and new for Kanon who’s always doing eerie/gothic songs. Definitely worth hearing it.

7. Suna no Oshiro

Means “Sand Castle”. The ending of Vampire Knight Guilty. I really found this song very intense. The vocals of Kanon are powerful in here and emotional. The bass sounds add to the atmosphere and it’s really really good.

8. Monochrome frame

Kanon sounds more mature in here but it’s still good though, but it does not stand out unlike the other songs.

9. L’espoir -Mahou no Akai Ito-

This track has a nice beat and has a quicker pace. It’s really nice to listen to and it’s cute. Nothing much more to say.

10. Kuroi Torikago

This is the shortest song in the album.  And with that, I did not appreciated it that much compared to the others and it’s my least favorite track of her album.

11. skip turn step

This is a very danceable track with a catchy beat. It feels overall like a waltz.

12. Shiroi Kokoro

This is a pretty good ballad. Kanon sings really well in this one. Plus it’s another unique track. SOmething fresh for her if I would say. Though the song just ends randomly somewhere, lolz.

13. sweet dreams

And the album closes with another Orgel. Sweet Dreams. Zzzzzz…


I mostly like all songs but my top 5 favorites from this album would be

5 – Suna no Oshiro

4 – still doll

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3 – Maboroshi

2 – Kagami

1 – Shinku no FATALISM

So what are your picks on this album?


I must say that this album is definitely recommended. It is unique and it’s something that I would not get tired of listening to. Kanon Wakeshima is definitely talented, not to mention stylish. A strong album to an artist to watch out for in the future.

And here’s the download link for Shinshoku Dolce:



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24 Responses to “Kanon Wakeshima – Shinshoku Dolce”

  1. vandakiara says:

    Kanon Wakeshima :kyaa:

    I’ll be downloading this now ~

    I’ll give my thoughts on it later ~ :blush:

    vandakiara’s last blog post..1000 visitas ~

  2. vandakiara says:

    sweet ticket – I really like this song – somehow it reminds me of an abandoned fun park or something – dunno why :huh:

    shinku no FATALISM – I really really like this song – it’s just as you said x)

    kagami – I really really like it – the calm parts could be used in a horror movie :hmm:

    still doll (album ver.) – rabu :kyaa2:

    maboroshi – love it but the begining completely reminded me of the sims’ songs :XD:

    annyui kibun! – yup, definitely a bit odd, this one. but it’s actually catchy in a weird sort of way :heh:

    suna no oshiro – I’ve always loved this song but as I’ve headr maybe a bit too much now, it just doesn’t have that impact on me anymore…

    monochrome frame – you’re right, it doesn’t really stand out like the others. I don’t really like it much but I bet that I’m going to, with time…

    l’espoir – mahou no akai ito- – cute yeah… don’t really know what more to say x)

    kuroi torikago – I don’t like it. period.

    skip turn step♪ – reminds me of a waltz too. not one of my favs though

    shiroi kokoro – it’d be a great insert song on an anime :hmm: I like it 🙂

    sweet dreams – sounds like a music box – it’s really cute and it makes you really sleepy :XD:

    vandakiara’s last blog post..1000 visitas ~

    • kanzeon says:

      :runs: Thanks for sharing your thoughts ^^
      Agree^^. Most of Kanon’s songs put you in a eerie gothic situation like some abandoned parks, etc. It’s really cool. Plus her Orgels are like music boxes :))

  3. Ashelea says:

    Nice review ^^. My favorite besides from still doll and Suna no Oshiro would definitely be Maboroshi. It’s really really nice! I love Crimson Fatalism too. I hope there would be a PV for it.

    • kanzeon says:

      I love Maboroshi and Crimson Fatalism too ^^. l’m sure they’ll put up a PV fo it or at least one song from here ^^. *begs Wakeshima-san* lol

  4. diet otaku says:

    i think kagami is becoming my favorite. if you translate the lyrics into english, it’s about the story of snow white from the stepmother’s perspective. pretty cool. >w<

  5. stephy says:

    i love all the songs on the tracklist. :cute:
    my personal favorite: kagami :kyaa2:
    other favorites are anything dark, gothic or cute. :cheer:

    btw, just to clear up the confusion on ennui kibun!, the song begins with her taking a shower, her cat meow-ing and that’s where the telephone ringing comes in, then she says “Who is it at this time of day?” type of thing and the song starts.

  6. L says:

    ehh… !!
    i really , really love her songs !

    daisuki yo ! :runs:

  7. Essie says:

    My favorite song by Kanon would have to be Kurio Torikago!!
    It’s so addictive♥

  8. Essie says:

    I LOVE HER!!


    Peoples of Malice Mizer, Moi Dix Mois, Gazette, and Hizaki Grace Project…..are AWESOME as well^_^

    :aww: :mwahaha: :blush2:

  9. Yuuki says:

    My favorites are Kagami because it is so addictive and I love her voice in it, still doll for the instrumentals(and it is the song at the end of Vampire Knight season 1!!! I <3 Kaname!!! :kyaa2: ) and Suna no Oshiro.

  10. neko chan says:

    I sooooo want that album :blush: :blush: T.T :aww: i want it!!!!!!!! Were can i get it???? :doomed: i live in england so its really hard 😥

  11. Matie says:

    I wonder why no one likes Kuroi Torikago, it’s my favorite song on this album! D: Have you checked out the english translation? Well, if you haven’t, I think you should! :ohohoho:

  12. Felicia Nomiko says:

    Shiroi Kokoro Did the piano melody in this song remind anyone else of the music you hear in the original Zelda? Being in the dungoen low on life? Maybe it’s just me but it makes me heart this song even more.

    other than that, I loved this album. I love her randomness. Ennui Kibun reminds me a bit of Megumi’s Until Strawberry Shebert. 😉

  13. angie says:

    so i downloaded it..but it seems there was an error… :huh: can anyone help? :3:

  14. angie says:

    or where can i download it? :cute2:

  15. Eva says:

    😀 OMGGGGG THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH FOR SHARING!!!!!! As soon as I heard one of her songs I instantly became a fan! I’m loving the album!!!! KANON RULES!!!!

  16. dominikana0 says:

    😉 :kyaa2: 🙂

  17. Anna says:


  18. Ashley says:

    hey, nice blog…really like it and added to bookmarks. keep up with good work

  19. Misa says:

    I wanted a Kanon Wakeshima CD Forever! but i never got one :sad5 but now it’s almost my birthday! :runs: so i will get it! But i dont understand! :huhu: why doesn’t anyone Love Shiroi Kokoro!?!?!?! :baww:

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