Winter Anime Catalogue 2014


Welcome to METANORN’s Winter Anime Catalogue of 2014!

Winter is here to stay and so it seems my ever-visiting flu. This winter has been pretty bad for me but I’m coping with my unusual under the weather body. On a pleasant note, I’m making headways with my aniblogging plans this month and looking forward to the new lineup, which has more magic related shows and at least two agricultural school themed ones, studios are sure playing on niche this time around. Though, everyone’s been jabbering about Space Dandy, which should be awesome but I am also looking forward to Mahou Sensou, Noragami, Silver Spoon S2, Hamatora series along with Natsume and Mushishi OVA/Specials. With many Fall shows continuing, I can see my list at 15+ shows again but hey, that’s what I’ve been doing for many years. :3
 A new year means a new start…and new anime. Don’t make a New Year’s resolution to go to the gym or be kinder – resolve to watch as much anime as you can! Although, to be honest, this season’s pickings seem pretty slim so you might have time to do both. Everything is a blur except for SPACE DANDY, which is sure to be a blast. Funny how amongst all the shows about crazy magical powers and whatnot and all I remember is Spacy Dandy and Silver Spoon season 2. Yes, the show about farms. Not sure if that’s a good sign or a bad one.
 Goodbye fall hello winter which means cold weather and another birthday for me also Valvrave will be finally over leaving me waiting for the next big batch of mecha anime with Nobunaga the Fool and sure why not I will give Buddy Complex a test run even though I think the name is dumb! That said I can’t really poke that much fun at it after watching that other mecha anime named Majestic Prince?! So yeah I am excited for that and just like Highway said we still have a bunch of fall stuff continuing on through Winter which means more mini talks with Jrow on Log Horizon!
I don’t know what it is this year, but the weather has been absolutely cold and snowy where I live. …So I’m not looking forward to the winter season itself (it went down to negative 30-something degrees celsius in the fall alone OTL), but the anime should be okay. Strike the Blood is continuing on of course (along with a ton of other shows), and some of the new anime look really interesting. I admit that a huge part of my interest in Noragami is about Kamiyan and Kaji. Space☆Dandy is rather exciting too, since I’m recently become rather fond of Watanabe’s anime.
Winter isn’t generally the biggest season of the year. But this year we still have a lot of two-cour leftovers from Fall season, so it’s actually more jam-packed than we might imagine. One thing to note is the apparent influx of romcom shows coming up. Perhaps they’re trying to warm our hearts to tide us over the cold weather? More seriously though, I’m definitely excited for the upcoming season, what with Bones attempting a serious return (looking ahead to Spring season as well) and Shaft again trying their hand at something different (for them).
A very busy Fall season is passing into the rear-view mirror, and ahead of us is Winter. A bunch of shows are carrying over, but I think there are quite a few interesting shows coming up, and it seems like so much of it is described as “romance”. I don’t think it’ll rise to the level of Fall here, but I’d bet I’m watching something like 22 shows this season, but I’ll definitely try almost everything.
Fall and winter make no difference to me when it comes to weather. Being a person who lives in a tropical country, all I get in every season are sun and flood- I mean rain. So damn you people who complain about snow. Give your snow to ME *sob* Well, at least I got my anime to keep me warm as I forget how snow will never fall in my country. Some anime sounds meh, but there are some I am excited about, from the classic Sailor Moon to the plain strange Nobunaga the Fool. There is also Seitokai Yakuindomo to keep my perverted level sane too. So yeah, this winter might be full of flood, water kind of flood and anime kind of flood.
With the coming new year, we also get a new season of anime, as usual. And as usual, I’m flying mostly blind with just a handful of picks, but with the plan to give a fair shot to almost every show. To be honest, I’m ready to crown one show the winner of next season, and every other show has its work cut out for it if it wants to challenge Seitokai Yakuindomo for that crown.

Better late than never as usual so enjoy our comprehensive list of Winter anime 2014, meticulously organized under categories for your viewing pleasure. So, read on without any further ado. Let’s start by wishing you

>>  HAPPY HOLIDAYS~~~  ✩*⋆ ⍋*☪⋆⍋⋆*✩ (⌒▽⌒) ✩*⋆ ⍋*☪⋆⍋⋆*✩



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