Why bromance is forever?

The more badass the better. Kyo Year II Special 2/3

Defining Bromance is not that hard. It has not only left its presence known in anime, but in RL and every form of visual arts too. Be it Obi-Wan Kenobi training young Luke Skywalker to the chemistry between Sherlock Holmes and Watson, Vladimir Putin politicizing Dmitry Medvedev, Kaworu shafting Shinji in Evangelion rebuild 2.22, Lelouch angsting after Suzaku and even a god kissing Natsume as thank you for saving his life is all bromance. Be it the continuous fighting between Date Masamune and Yukimura, Hijikata’s continuous rivalry with Gintoki to the almost electrifying chase between Sena and Shin to become the fastest running back. Fandom digs badass heroes, who show glorious progress and if there’s even a hint of BROmance, they lap it up and greedily so.

It’s nothing new and no, it’s not yaoi; not even shounen ai and that is the reason it has a bigger fandom following. There are fanboys and fangirls and I’m sure the latter population is quite more than the former but I’ve known many seasoned male watchers, loving it and even obsessing over it. In simple terms, bromance is a non-sexual relationship cultivated between two or more males and supposedly one of the strongest bonds a person makes. I got your back, bro! is so very important and the anime fandom salutes this particular trait into many new territories of brosephdom.

Anime mechanics of relationship isn’t based on a particular formula because they could either be friends and/or foe. There’s usually some past or history involved, but it works even without it when both of them are thrown into an unknown situation. If you ask me, along with the setting of characters, the seiyuu playing these roles are very important to set the mood and there are times that their chemistry and brilliant voice acting sets the screen ablaze. In the end, reasons and combinations are many folds and I’ve tried to list the important ones down. Some may overlap but you can say these are the main ingredients that make the broseph-code in most of bromance relationships.

Delicious Complexity
More complex the connections and situational reasoning, the more delicious it is. Many a times this just develops out of the plot and becomes the central pointer for pacing. Remember Code Geass, a point came when you almost forgot that Lelouch was doing all of that for Nunnally rather to regain his friend Suzaku? Return to my side with the subtext of fighting for justice, against Britannia politics, for friendship and even for the connection to the girl Suzaku liked; all fueled the progress and complexity of this relationship. I’m sure there were many who cheered when Suzaku finally returned to Lelouch’s side and don’t even get me started on that symbolic scene at the end of season two. A horrid past, an unhealing wound, an unfortunate event, an unforeseen situation can further fuel complexity between characters and influence some monumental outcomes.

Angst and Hate
People usually have it right when they say, there’s a thin line between love and hate. Hate is intense and it’s fueled by the other party’s action. Sometimes, it’s something simple as being more talented or giving a tough time, familial pressure and a certain title in the society can cause protagonist lots of angst too. ‘He’s better than me but I have the title to rule, how would I measure up to him?’, ‘Can I confess to the girl I like? But she likes him.’, ‘Why is he better than me?! I need to level up!’, ‘You are the brain, I’m the brawn, but I wish I didn’t have to depend upon you!, ‘We are alike; you should join me in my quest. Why do you have a different point of view?’, these are just a few samples of monologue the protagonist has to deal with hate and/or angst. Of course, the degrees are different but the spark it produces becomes highlight for a series.

Opposites Attract
It’s not always hate that rules a bromance though. Just like a mirror has two sides, there’s the respect and affectionate side as well. This happens when a character looks up to a more experienced and talented senpai. If you wrack your brains, you have already seen a long list of admiring kouhais who can do anything to please the senpais they look up. Oofuri as shown above is an example where the birdy young player almost showers his mentor with praises and adulation. Giant Killing has a full team bromancing their coach Tatsumi just because he’s that great. I can’t forget to mention Waver and how much respect he has for the Broskander, Alexander. Even if a character doesn’t show his respect for his senpai/mentor, doesn’t mean he doesn’t worship him in his heart. So, I say, RESPECT goes a long way.

Yaoi Bait
Fujoshis breathe, eat, drink and sleep this. Whenever there’s a possibility or hint of a relation, fangirls just jump on the prospect. The force is just too strong in this one and proven by the many hundreds and thousands of fanart that you can find floating around the fandom. There are doujins, ask tumblr accounts, fan-made videos, merchandise and what not. Even proximity can cause the yaoi goggles turned on to the nth degree. A recent example has been of Taichi and Arata’s bromance even when both of them like the same girl but still, there’s a bro-code that they are following and the fangirls are loving it. In short, every possible bromance pair you can think of has been yaoi-fied by the fangirls. It’s similar to rule 34 so don’t judge, you moe-cons.

There’s a long list of fans for this because taboo has that mysterious quotient. An example is the unique relationship shared between twins because they were just born that way. Who was not titillated by the Hitachiin twin’s shenanigans in the Ouran Host Club? You literally see Hikaru and Kauro sharing a bed and being super aware about each others’ feelings. The heightened twincest moments at the clubs were all drama but you already know the fangirls reaction. Same happened with a recent OTP of Yukio and Rin, even when most of the times Yukio bosses Rin around, their brotherly relationship is watched with twincest intentions by the fangirls. The same applies for the brothers and cousins in different titles and as the BL world thrives on this genre, even a hint of it is thoroughly enjoyed in the mainstream anime.

Name Calling
It’s endearment, silly! Shizu-chan is supposed to be a very cutesy name? Like hell, this is usually used to infuriate the other to the point of demeaning. However the pair hates each other, they still call each other specific names and in recent times, Shizaya has been the most repeated example: “IZAAAAAAYAAA KUNNNNN, YO!” Just see the video and you will understand. Similarly, Kotetsu started calling Barnaby, “Bunny-chan” after warming up to him. And who can forget the almost contest like exchange between Yukimura and his master, Oyakata-sama? It’s not like there’s any dearth of bromance in Sengoku Basara to begin with. Anyways, however the names are called, it influences lots of fandom squee, art and frantic following.

Taking Sides
People love to ship and take sides. It’s like the fight for justice or whatever you make of it. There are times that the evil and mysterious character is the one getting more votes just because he’s got pizzazz and at times better character design. Not to mention, girls tend to fall for the bad boys in general so whatever havoc the dude wrecks, being the anti-hero, he’s worshiped more than the supposedly do-gooder of the pair. Lelouch and Aki come to mind with their dramatic entrances and murdering instinct. They have a bigger fan following than their counterparts, Suzaku and Kyouhei. I’m pretty sure you have taken sides yourself while watching a series. Don’t say no. :3

I’m sure there are many more facets to bromance as you can’t really break this down into a x+z=y formula. So, now I’ll just finish up my thoughts by highlighting some strong bromance pairs of recent times, in the light of above points. And yeah, I’ll be steering clear of all the threesome, foursomes, orgies, etc. 

 //: Masanosuke & Yaichi

  | House of Five Leaves / Saraiya Goyou |

I’ll start with something unfamiliar to most. I know a lot of people dropped this series just because they couldn’t get Natsume Ono’s beautiful art, just like there will be people calling Shiki’s art gaudy(!); just because something is out of norm, doesn’t make it ugly. Anyways, the very ordinary and troubled ronin Masanosuke is hired by Yaichi as his bodyguard (more like taking him under his wing), and nothing is ever the same dull again. Masa gets embroiled into the dealings of the Five Leaves setup run by Yaichi and many incidents follow making their relationship strong to the point a lot of trust is gained. Of course, it helped that Yaichi was mysterious to the point that no one really knew his real name but their strong relationship along with the addition of some solid support characters and the period feel, this series was an enjoyable watch.

  | Daisuke Namikawa :: Takahiro Sakurai |

//: Ozu & Watashi

 | Tatami Galaxy / Yojouhan Shinwa Takei |

People, go watch this series NAO! Plugs aside, the story is told in Watashi’s point of view and a series of unfortunate events start whenever he meets Ozu. Yes, you read that right because the clock restarts each episode and Watashi (not really his name), experiences another version of his rose coloured university life. Ozu steers him around on whim and is the cause of lots of distress, pain and even mugging to name a few. He even pretended to be a girl once (one fugly looking at that), and almost kissed Watashi, don’t mind though as it was funny than anything else. And however much hate Watashi showed Ozu, he always sought him out and became the agent of change to get him out of his spiral. A weird yet awesome example of bromance.

 | Hiroyuki Yoshino :: Shintaro Asanuma |

 //: Sugata & Takuto

 | Star Driver: Kagayaki no Takuto |

Oh the sparkles on this one! But of course, everything is all kagayaku about this series including its title and the bromance. Takuto literally explodes on your screens with his transformation and from day one, he’s after the girl Sugata is supposed to marry. Sugata’s clear about his affection but it’s constantly tested and assaulted by this bright being that is literally a wonder boy of mechs and transformation. I still remember how it hurt my eyes, the first time I saw it. How their friendship develops and how they save each other and have a happy end is what makes some of the highlight of this crazy series along with lots of sexual innuendos. Also, both the voice actors have rabid fangirl following heightening the popularity.

  | Jun Fukuyama :: Mamoru Miyano |

 //: Barnaby & Kotetsu

 | Tiger & Bunny |

How can you even enjoy Tiger and Bunny without its brand of bromance? Starting from wtf is this commercialism of heroes to getting to know the characters and then see them grow on you with their unique traits is what makes this series a dark horse. Highlight however is the relationship between Barnaby and Kotetsu. Of course, there’s justice and some very eccentric characters mixed in but it’s all about the moe oldman and the complete tsundere blondie who’s too cocky for his own good. Their chemistry balances the series out with their hot and cold interaction; not to mention lots of amazing comic and even emotional moments. Fun fact: Morita is already pretty famous for his Ichigo but his variation was revealed with this role, while Hirata won a Seiyuu Award for this role.

  | Masakazu Morita :: Hiroaki Hirata |

 //: Kaito & Rook

 | Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle |

When puzzles become serious business, we have a pair that just can’t let go. Of course, Rook’s obsession over Kaito knows no bounds and recently he has announced this in quite loudly, “KAITO’S MIIIIINE!” I’m somehow reminded of the pigeons from Finding Nemo but let that slide for now. Their relationship is similar to Kaiba and Yugi and the obsession with puzzles is what heightens it. Even when the anti-hero is powerful to the effect of mastering the great Orpheus’s armlet, the main protagonist wouldn’t back down settling things in his own terms. If you are following this series, I’m pretty sure you are waiting at the edge of your seat to see the conclusion of this bromance. It’s okay even if you support Kaito with Gammon, Rook with Bishop or even Baron with Jin. Plenty of bros for everyone to cheer on with the wonder of puzzles! Also, this is the second mention for both Asanuma and Sakurai on this list; if you haven’t already check some of their other anime out as well.

  | Shintaro Asanuma :: Takahiro Sakurai |

 //: Kiritsugu & Kirei

 | Fate/Zero |

Fact: these two haven’t officially met if the progress of season one is considered. Still, they research and hunt each other like vultures zeroing on its pretty. You can only guess what would happen when they actually meet in the second season. Sparks will fly and the battle will be badassedly epic. Even without sharing any history, these two are almost like two sides of the same coin made only to deliver death as efficiently as possible. Their past has been brutal and if one is walking the bloody path of Holy Grail War for a reason, the other doesn’t even know the reason for his existence. From the way they seek each other out, what else can you label it than delicious bromance?! Another fact is that both the voice actors have the voices to die for; many fangirls (including me) HNNNGGG nonstop just by hearing them talk.

  | Rikiya Koyama :: Jouji Nakata |

 //: Izaya & Shizuo

 | Durarara!! |

As Izaya said, “There’s nothing I hate more than Shizu-chan.” Supposedly, they were in the same middle school but never got along even when they somehow share Shinra as friend. That could be more on necessity’s sake than anything. Bottom line is that their hate is legendary and they can’t stand each other, wishing the other was dead. Their electrifying cat and mouse chase is what made lots of people aware about bromance and converted many fangirls into crazy fujoshis. This pair has too much charisma that overflows wherever they are. I still remember the hue and cry it created when both of them were disqualified from our previously held ANTM auditions. Their fan following is immense, doujinshis countless, fanart and videos in many thousands. I only wonder if a second season was ever announced what would happen? I can already hear a collective global squee. I’d rather not mention the fan following of Kamiyan and OD because you should know better!

  | Hiroshi Kamiya :: Daisuke Ono |

I hope you liked the second special after the 50 Q series, which took me more time than expected though the third post will be perfectly on time tomorrow. I would love it if you share your concept of bromance because I’m sure everyone has a unique take on it. Do you agree of what I surmised or have anything to add? What are your favourite bromance pairs/groups? Let’s get some interesting discussion started~


The Boss lady of Metanorn, who makes it all happen. An animanga enthusiast, who watches/reads almost anything that strikes her fancy. Just beware of her Death Perception and always keep her happy. Regularly found at @KyokaiTM & #[email protected].
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38 Responses to “Why bromance is forever?”

  1. Shey says:

    I think I remember a gay-for-eachother-gag in Durarara concerning Izaya & Shizuo. And also the Russian guy (Simon) saying to Izaya that the latter ‘needs’ Shizuo or something (in one of the last episodes). Somehow this duo seems more than just bromance to me 😛

    In Star Driver, Takuto and Sugata are a good example of bromance, except maybe for some scenes… In 2 duel/training scenes Sugata’s (longer) stick – his own words! – rose slowly to the sky when Takuto approached him, as if the sight of this boy made it stand erect. This is of course not THAT strange (it’s a good fighting stance), but the angle of the camera and the pace of his movements made it somehow seem sexual. At least to me haha. One of these scenes was in episode 18, just before madoka attacked them. I sadly can’t find the other >.<

    Oh and lets not forget the more than 30 seconds long heavy breathing at the end of episode 8, just after Sugata and Takuto had an intense encounter in Zero Time…

    But as you said, bromance is not a x+z=y formula hehe.

    Nice post =)

    • Kyokai says:

      Lol! You have to remember Erica going all fujoshi over Shizaya and Kadota warning her not to show this face to any of them or she would face death; not to mention my own fujoshi was activated due to these two. >.>

      Star Driver is full of such moments and thanks for reminding me of even more! To me the most memorable moment is the ending scene when Takuto goes all crazy to save Sugata and get his true end with him. I mean, if they had kissed in the sunset, I’m sure no one would complain! Their bromance sure went over many boundaries. xD

      Thanks for the compliment, Shey. <3

  2. Hawthorne says:

    I loved reading this post Kyo, very funny and accurate! You captured all the best parts of bromances, but “Angst and Hate” is probably the part I most like, I enjoy seeing two characters come together despite their differences.

    My favorite though will always be Sugata/Takuto, even though they were both interested in Wako they managed to stay friends and not let romance get too much in the way.

    Hm, another one I remember from recent years is the bromance between Natsuno and Tohru, that one had a pretty big fan following I think. But yeah, I liked their friendship as well, even if it was a bit one-sided in the beginning, Natsuno eventually warmed up to Tohru. (It’s too bad about the whole vampire plague though lol, stupid Megumi >_<)

    I'm looking forward to the finale post! ^^

    • Shey says:

      “My favorite though will always be Sugata/Takuto, even though they were both interested in Wako they managed to stay friends and not let romance get too much in the way.”

      I feel the same! I really liked how they both asked Wako if they were still allowed to come over if she married the other guy.

      • Ceyrai says:

        I agree. Though I’m not the biggest fan of the ever FAAAAAABUUULOUUUS Star Driver, I have to say one of the reasons I even bothered to finish it was the way Sugata and Takuto handled their relationship with Wako, and ultimately, with each other. It was mature and sweet, and a natural conclusion of a really good OT3.

        (…though, admittedly, I was rooting for Sugata and Keito.)

    • Kyokai says:

      Thanks, Hawt! :3

      The mechanics of Takuto/Sugata was pretty interesting and there were times that Wako was just a nuisance between their friendship. >.> And I’m a big fan of Shiki series and the reason I skipped Natsu/Tohru bromance so that I wouldn’t go overly fangirly on this. Remember the first time Natsuno came across Tohru while watering his garden? There was an effing rainbow shooting off the water! Aaah, I remember making so many jokes on that first encounter but damn, I love this pairing and hated Megumi so much.

      @ Shey/Ceyrai, A good example of OT3 indeed. And I did like Keito with Sugata until she went batshit crazy for bringing him to power. >.>

  3. Tofu says:

    Being a guy myself, I don’t usually take notice of bromance within any kind of series unless they are really, really obvious like Izaya and Shizuo,and yeah… if you consider ‘hunting each other down’ as bromance than Kirei and Kiritsugu 😛 I’ve taken a liking between Natsume and Tanuma’s bromance development from when they met till now because these two share an understanding about each other and it’s what real bro’s do ya know? We help each other out no matter what ;D

    Awesome post on Bromance Kyo~! Although I kinda started thinking “….potential yaoi?” before I clicked into it 😛 Looking forward to the next post!

    • Kyokai says:

      Bromance by definition is a completely platonic relationship so except for talking about the yaoi-goggles, the pairs in themselves are not yaoi at all.

      I really like Natsume and Tanuma’s friendship and recently even how Natori gets all soft whenever he’s around Natsume from the coldblooded exorcist that he was before. I knowingly didn’t mention Natsume and Shiki bromance in this post because I would just babble like a fangirl. I tried really hard not to do it in Kiritsugu/Kirei example. :3

      Thanks for looking forward to the next one, which is coming very soon! xD

  4. Overcooled says:

    BROOOMANCEEE!!! An awesome topic to celebrate 2 years of aniblogging, Kyokai. As a crazy fujoshi who hides her power level, I must come out from under my rock and say this post is awesome. You nailed all the typical relationship dynamics that almost always lead to the two males in question being slashed together. My favourite bromance type is when one of them is mentally unstable in some form and the other one devotes all their time and effort to take care of them and protect them. This is probably why I like Kotetsu and Barnaby so much. I also love when rivals have bromance moments…hence my favourite ship: Seto Kaiba x Jounouchi Katsuya. CARD GAME BROMANCE, ALL THE WAY!!!

    • Kyokai says:

      I swear my second post was originally a retroblog show but then at the eleventh hour, I came across a few paragraphs scribbled last year about Bromance on my iPhone notes and BAM! I changed my mind and finished this editorial instead. xD

      Thanks for the compliment and for some reason Ozaki and Seishin come to mind with your mentally unstable example. It’s just awesome, we have so much variety in bromance and the reason I wasn’t sure, I would be able to pinpoint them all. Kotetsu would always be my hero and damn, how can I forget the blue-eyed Jounouchi?! Aaah, classic examples are the best! :3

  5. BlackBriar says:

    Like Tofu said, since I’m a guy, I wouldn’t take notice of bromance in any anime unless it’s obviously out in the open. And it seems rivalries between guys are sometimes taken as bromances as well.

    The bromances I seem to recall would be: Rin and Yukio; Zabuza and Haku (Naruto); Kyohei and Aki; Natsuno and Tohru; Seishin and Toshio (Though particular circumstances pitted them against each other which made for some nice entertainment).

    I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I saw this post, so I clicked on it simply on a whim and find it’s very well done. You have a great way of gathering information, Kyokai. Keep it up!!!

    • Kyokai says:

      Rivalries are filled with adrenaline and whenever intense emotions are exchanged between two male characters, possibilities of bromance is nigh. Your examples are spot-on for the recent pairs, some of which have caused lots of tension and nail biting.

      I still remember thinking in Kamisama Dolls that Aki and Kyouhei should be friends than foe because it was really not Aki’s fault for going berserk. Toshio and Seishin are another example that really pushed the boundary of psychological intensity and difference of value.

      Thanks for the compliment! This Editorial is literally written out of a whim. :3

  6. Ceyrai says:

    Even though I’m a girl (or maybe because of it), I’m not too fond of yaoi/shounen ai (save for very few instances – the Klaine pair from Glee was the first one I squee’d at, and I’d always been intrigued by the boy love in Katekyo Hitman Reborn), mostly as I hate to see the girl “lose”, so to speak.

    But bromance is a notch lower than shounen ai, and is platonic (to one who’s not wearing shipping goggles at least), and that is its charm, along with all that testosterone-fueled hotbloodedness that brings in the action. It’s heart-pounding, it’s full of determination and nakama and FAITO, and it makes you want to root for them. It’s easier to love, too, because it’s the grey area in the sliding scale of non-romantic-ness versus full blown yaoi. Any fan can interpret it as they wish.

    …which of course can be a double-edged sword. Even though I do love watching bromance work its magic, I usually shy away from a show with a large boy-girl ratio (or conversely, a large girl-boy ratio) because I just know the fanwank will be atrocious. There’s nothing wrong, I’m sure, with pairing boys who have a chemistry that can be taken for sexual tension, but when the fans start to treat it as canon… ah. That’s where I draw the line. It gets sickening when it becomes srs bsns and the bashing of het couples (which I mostly find in boy-love fandoms more than girl-love ones) start. Not that I’m absolving het lovers from the same mistake, but really, it’s just that the population of fujoshi is so big online that it seems they produce the biggest amount of fanwank.

    So really, it’s just the fandumb that ruin a nice bromance pair for me. Otherwise it’s pretty cool and a large dollop of it in my action/adventure anime helps in my digestion.

    • Kyokai says:

      There was a time that I was like you but then the dark side welcomed me. Actually, the more you get into fandom and the more anime you watch, your horizon expands. I hated ecchi at a point and I would never watch anything relevant, even if someone paid me but then I attended some fun group watches where people saw it for plain fun. Now, I can watch ANY genre of anime without even blinking.

      What I’m trying to say is the fact that after a while, you learn how to ignore the irrelevant and even fandom squee. There will always be porn and yaoi – rule 34 that is. So, if you like something, stick with it because fan artists won’t stop and neither the stereotypical obsession fiends.

      Just enjoy your favourite genre of anime along with delicious bromance. :3

      • Ceyrai says:

        I agree wholly. To be honest, the dark side has been drawing me in closer, though at a snail’s pace. I’ve been watching anime for more than half my life and it’s only been, what, 2 years ago? that I seriously considered the cookies the dark side’s been giving out. 😛 I guess my problem is in taking anime too seriously (which makes me a hypocrite? Haha).

        It’s been easier to expand horizons with Metanorn though. 😀 Reading the summaries and the reactions, I mean. That way I don’t have to watch genres I’m not fond of but still keep up with the plots enough to be familiar and be in with the times. (That sentence just made me feel old. :P) (Also, I fangirl Metanorn, if I haven’t made it obvious enough. :D)

      • Kyokai says:

        The dark side has cookies, cake and the whole frikkin’ frat party to lure you in. I’ve been through this already and won’t be going back. >.>;;

        And thank you for the kind words and awesome support! <3 Metanorn is hear and blooming just because of our awesome readers like yourself. :3

  7. tatsuya says:

    what with the kappa face from Oofuri – Abe Mihashi – Cutest Scene Ever ~~~ i watched this anime 3 times but i never noticed this scene …

    • Kyokai says:

      I believe this was from season two and with Abe, isn’t this his usual face?

  8. Foshizzel says:

    Izaya, Shizuo, Gintoki, and Hijikata are all so awesome! Yes every time Izaya makes fun of Shizuo I can’t help but laugh ever damn time. And then we have Gintoki always messing up Hijitaka’s plans? There was a recent arc where they fought side by side and it was so bad ass xD

    I think most Tiger and Bunny fans tuned in every week just to watch those main characters interact with each other! I always laugh when I think of Bunny’s VA voicing Ichigo of Bleach…and I place Urahara as bunny cause he always makes Ichigo angry well most of the time he trolls.

    Great post Kyo xD

    • Kyokai says:

      We know for sure that Shizaya won’t ever unite but like you, I loved how Gintoki teamed up with Shinsengumi at times to save their face. I think the most fun I had was when Hijikata was possessed by a cursed sword to become a scaredy cat otaku and Gintoki saved him from doing seppuku (lol!). xD

      Tiger & Bunny was another awesome series, along with the interesting VA cast. Imagine Ichigo acting tsun all the time. Oh man!

      Anyways, thanks, Foshy! <3

  9. Yippy says:

    The last thing I expected was Putin and Medvedev showing up in a post about bromance. Wonder if there are fujoshis who’d pair them up in a dou-never mind-my mind couldn’t take it’s sheer surrealism anyway. XD

    I can’t put my finger on any favourite bromance since I rarely pay attention to them…Perhaps I should start now.

    On another note, could you explain how you consider hate-filled relationships like Izaya’s and Shizuo’s as bromance? I know you said ‘non-sexual relationship’ above without any exceptions, but doesn’t bromance have romance in it, and thus a positive connotation? Just a bit curious here.

    • Kyokai says:

      Well, I like to surprise people and there’s no comic about Putin and Medvedev’s bromance but there are articles… Yeah.

      Bromance is one of the best things out of entertainment that literally form cults. There are times I wonder how much stuff people come up with just going through tumblr but yeah, it’s here and to stay forever.

      About your question, by definition bromance is supposed to be all about the nakama concept but you must have heard of the saying, ‘Keep your friends close but enemies closer?’ There are times that the protagonist is DRIVEN/INFLUENCED by his nemesis so much that his own decisions become different just because the other person is there. This is the hate/angst/hunt bromance that borders on obsession. Of course, they would keep hating the other person but due to circumstances, it does change later and sometimes even towards friendship. In case of Izaya and Shizuo though, it’s more of an eternal chase and theirs is still bromance because of all that badass adrenaline.

      • Yippy says:

        Hm…I think I get it now. So, what you’re saying is a bromance is a relationship in which the characters mutually inspire/influence (both positively or negatively) each other, right?

      • Kyokai says:

        Yes, that is exactly how it is. The outcomes can differ monumentally too. Some examples:

        – Aki/Ryouhei (Kamisama Dolls), after all that hate and vengeance, their relationship turns back into friendship.
        – Naruto/Sausuke (Naruto), Naruto would always consider Sausuke as his friend but the latter has turned off everything from his life and thus no acknowledgement to Naruto’s friendship even if he’s too disturbed by the circumstances
        – Kiritsugu/Kirei (Fate/Zero): Kirei considers Kiritsugu as THE OPPONENT, someone just like him who has thrown away everything (he’s wrong at one count), while Kiritsugu is almost scared of facing Kirei as he’s the only opponent he can’t figure out

        • Yippy says:

          I see, thanks for the examples. Fate/zero is starting to pique my interest, I think I’ll try it out.

        • Kyokai says:

          You have to watch it. One of the best adaptations of Type-Moon beside Kara no Kyoukai. If I was rich, I would donate half my fortune to ufotable just so they could work on all Type-Moon projects. xD

  10. […] 2.  Why Bromance is forever? […]

  11. Alynn says:

    Yes yes yes YES! I love bromance. The interactions between the pairs! My favourite on this list HAS to be Kotetsu and Barnaby.

    Amazing post!

    • Kyokai says:

      Bromance is the best thing out of anime fandom for sure! xD

      And thanks, Alynn! :3

  12. Moni Chan says:

    ohhh bromance the best type of relationship i’ve ever seen/created. such a warm feeling I get when I have a chance to see it

  13. Martin says:

    I have to say that bromance is one of the best character dynamics I’ve encountered in film and TV (and I’m a straight male too, so it’s not any sexual chemistry aspect that makes me appreciate it!). The recent BBC TV version of Sherlock is the first I can name off the top of my head.

    The best I’ve seen though is the bond between Guts and Griffith in Berserk. I don’t usually get drawn into angsty, historical fantasy fare byt there’s so much about that show that’s excellent, but it’s all about the friendship between the two leads. The bromance between Guts and Griffith MAKE that story. There’s loads of courage and heroics, but you can’t help but get utterly transfixed at the way their fates get twisted together. I don’t want to spoil too much, but suffice to say the mutual respect they have for each other, plus the downward spiral that follows, is simply awesome.

    • Kyokai says:

      Good bromance doesn’t need any sexual tension to sell it. I think the cult formation is just a typical fujoshi trait, even without which bromance can bloom and become strong. Sherlock is a good example, I like Dean and Sammy’s bromance in Supernatural as well.

      I still have to catch up to Berserk but whatever I have heard about it, proves your point. Not to mention, violence and awesome fights? I’m so in! xD

  14. anaaga says:

    Intelligent explanation of my fandom. Now every time someone is insulting my yaoi, I’ll just shove this article and say “Read this! You lack the intelligence to understand the complexity of bromance!”

    NGGHH House of Five Leaves. I was watching it but then distracted with so many things at that time (Well, it was the Kiryuu twins who distracted me with their TWINCEST), but the artwork of it is gorgeous. I’ve watched Natsume Ono’s Ristorante Paradiso and liked it. Man, her works are so underrated :'(

    • Kyokai says:

      Hahaa, flaunt it! xD I think I had to shout at twitter multiple times to say that this was no yaoi. Bromance in true form is never yaoi and that is the fun of it. Of course, fujoshis can take it to an overly top degree like any other cult/following.

      I dunno why Natsume Ono’s work doesn’t get enough attention; it’s so unique! Glad that you reminded me, I have to finish Paradiso.

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