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My weekends are filled to the brim and every week, this series becomes the highlight, every episode of which sends me to a nonstop frenzy of typing and light novel skimming. So, keeping up with the previous week’s tradition of no summary but highlights, welcome to another review of Fate/Zero and let’s see how the adaptation matched with the original source. PS: We have an IRC channel now (Web Client), so join in whenever! And yeah, this post delayed a few hours BECAUSE of it. Divine was right. >.>

New Supervisor

There’s a new Holy Grail War Supervisor in town and his name is Moe-Moe Kotomine. Just kidding! He’s the srs bsns clergyman, who doubles as Church’s Executioner. If you wondered how he got those awesome tats, it was his father’s doing in completely trusting him. By rule, the command seals are protected by the Supervisor with holy scripture rather than spells and this is the reason, no ordinary Magus could steal them even after the supervisor’s death. However, Risei’s blind faith gave Kirei more than an advantage in this war with the extra command seals gained (power wise, they can compared with magical crests of old families so if I say SUPAH POWUH, I am not exaggerating). You can bet your life that Risei never found out that Kirei received a new set of command seals after the Assassins died. I’m sure he was also unaware of him working against Tokiomi and the many secret meetings between Gilgamesh and his son.

There was another skip in adaptation though. Kirei actually cried seeing his father’s dead body but it was more from the realization of his path than affection. He remembered his wife who died three years ago and the suppressed feelings of love that he labeled sin came crashing onto him. And I quote:

Show ▼

I understand why this was not adapted. For the same reason as Enkidu was discarded; so that the audience doesn’t feel sympathy for the bad guys. But do you think that gels well with the story? I like such stories, where I get to find out what influenced the bad guys to come to such life-changing decision. And even if it was skipped in anime, I wanted my readers to not miss this because it makes you understand yet another character facet and the more complex they are, the more delicious the whole experience becomes.

Gilgamesh’s Influence: 

If you read the last bit of the above excerpt, you can clearly see that if it were not for Gilgamesh’s prodding; Kirei might have remained clueless for a longer time, almost like a cart horse, whose eyes are covered from the sides so that it can only see in one direction. It was literally Gilgamesh, who took away that cover and showed him the world of entertainment and pleasure. He killed all his concepts of pleasure being sinful, rather making it something voyeuristically fantastic—spying on and then saving Kariya, obsessing over Kiritsugu, to name a few.  You can ask why the hell he’s playing all these mind games? Well, it’s a form of entertainment for him (almost similar to Izaya’s declaration, “I love humans!”), and there are some new elements that have piqued his interest more than ever (Tokiomi, Kirei and Saber).

I’m sure there are a lot of people, who get pissed off with the high and mighty attitude of the King of Heroes, but that’s how he is. You can say, he’s a character that everyone loves to hate. Personally, I like his delicious brand of manipulation. But here’s the catch, Kirei is NOT like Tokiomi, who would just follow a set of rules like a blind man. Of course, he has done the same thing in terms of church and his father’s teaching for a while but he has never been satisfied with his life and had been purposeless until the first set of command seal appeared on his hand. You can compare him to Araya Souren of Kara no Kyoukai and like him, he has been in search of his purpose throughout his life and is at the cusp of discovery.

The whole conversation that spiraled towards let me be your master and servant lullaby was wordy but had enough pizzazz to keep me glued to the screen while grinning to myself. Yes, they were that amusing to watch and it was a perfect example of bromance, even when I think the OTP of bromance is Kirei/Kiritsugu. On situational sense, Gilgamesh and Kirei are perfect partners because they complement each other’s goals. If Kirei is still in the ‘find-mode’, Gilgamesh is in ‘enjoy-mode’ because he has already found it. From the beginning, they were literally circling each other just like Risei and Tokiomi did to Kirei in the first episode. They will wreck quite havoc but that is what makes all of this interesting!

Elitist’s Proposal of Alliance

Risei’s death put a cincher on Tokiomi’s plan and thus, he strategized a proposal of alliance wrought with prissy advantage. According to him, only the three ancient families should participate in the run for Grail rather than an outsider like Waver. Iri recognized this attempt as calling them the weakest opponent but I’m sure, Tokiomi just wanted to use Saber to finish off his other opponents. Anyways, the standoffish scenario for a ceasefire could have worked with Kirei gone but all of us knew that would never happen.  Though, I loved it how Iri ruled over the discussion and made her voice heard rather than being belittled. The discussion she had with Maiya originally took place in the new residence of Emiya (Shirou’s future home) than in the car, while Saber checked out her new wheels.

New Bonds

From episode twelve, you are privy to the ever weakening Irisviel. She has literally been under the life support of Avalon (Saber’s Noble Phantasm) and is unable to even move sometimes. I can finally reveal it to you that she’s the vessel for Holy Grail. This has already been heavily hinted by the OP and ED both and ufotable could have put a damper on this but still, it’s about time to know this, just like Maiya. I have a lot to say about her because she’s one of those strong Type-Moon females that I’ve come to like. My first reaction to her was hatred because she was getting in Kiritsugu’s business but reading the novels gave me knowledge about her and there is nothing but platonic relationship between Kiritsugu and her. He is her god in a way because if it weren’t for him, she would have been a lost and dead child. She doubles as the left hand of Kiritsugu (his right one is his guns and sadly Saber does not come into picture unless very necessary), and part-time protector of his wife.

Like Iri, Maiya knows the aim of her master and that is what makes them share such a deep bond in a short time because both understand him almost 90% and are ready to give their life for him. For different reasons but both had been rescued by him from a doll-like state and actually feel alive. It was very touching to see Iri share her fears with Maiya because she can’t with Saber as that would even further trouble her in the upcoming battles. Everyone needs a confidante, right?

Holy Grail’s Truth & Reveal

Out of all the masters, the only one who worked truly for the true Holy Grail aka Heaven’s Feel was Tokiomi. Like Kirei revealed, the main purpose of creation of the Holy Grail War by the three ancestor families, Einzbern, Tohsaka and Matou was to reach the Akashik records for the ultimate revelation with a Greater Grail. This would only be possible when all seven servants pass on and fill the Grail with so much mana that connection to Akasha is achievable. However, with the course of Grail wars, vessels failed; so Acht of Einzbern fashioned a homunculus, which would fend for herself and save the Grail till it was proper time of its release.

Thus, a shell to protect it is what Irisviel’s purpose. She wasn’t supposed to live like a human (pay attention to some ED scenes in which Kiritsugu is examining her, while she stares off as a doll), but with the arrival of Kiritsugu after being hired by the Einzbern for a winning streak in this war; they had their fateful meet up and came to love each other. Fully knowing that their journey is not forever, the eight years they spent, she cherished all of them. Now her only wish is to transfer the Grail in Kiritsugu and Saber’s hand but it’s not all up to her sadly.

Tokiomi’s Farewell

A fact about Fate/Zero: except for the very minor characters, whenever you know someone is about to die, you feel pity for them. You have seen me raging at Tokiomi before being an awful father, who doesn’t deserve two talented daughters. But you know what? I actually felt pity for him because he never got to live his own life. He always followed the rules almost perfectly to the s as if even a small deviation would cause his demise or losing of points in the game of life that he lived by incorporating the ideal Magus ways.  He was not a promising magus, not even 30% of what Rin would become in future but he still tried and if it took 50 times more effort to reach a 10% goal, he would slug it out just because he thought of it as his family’s creed and thus followed like it was a lifeline.

From marrying Aoi to giving up Sakura on adoption was all according to the magus’s creed and values that were passed on from his ancestors. Sadly, according to him, that is the sign of the best father and that is what he left for his daughter rather than any words of affection. Rather than the news of another Holy Grail War in the future, I love you, my daughter, would have sufficed, you douchebag oyaji! Even when, his values did not have any meaning, Rin grew up thinking of him as the most powerful magus of all time. Kids are sometimes delusional like their parents too.

Kirei’s Betrayal

This backstabbing was the meat of episode. So, delicious and amazing. The symbolism of dying at the hand of your student you trusted the most is more than pitiful. Imagine, the guy Tokiomi handed the guardianship of his daughter to, is the one responsible for his own murder… There are already too many memes out for this scene but that epic shocked face was priceless and Kirei doing it with the ironic dagger that Tokiomi gifted him?! Justice for being a douchebag, you say? Of course, Tokiomi had it coming but the way he was dealt with dents his reputation even more. Imagine after so much strategizing and planning, your own student KO’s you out of the game? I pity his disposition but even more so, I’m sad about Aoi, who was doomed for an unhappy life and for Rin, who would never get a father’s real affection, who would actually hug her on impulse. Fact, that head patting was a first for Rin and this was the height of Tokiomi showing his emotions towards his daughter.

Overall, even after trying quite hard, I was unable to reduce the post length. I just have too much to say about this series. I love the fact that it has been sending the viewers reeling backwards in shock every week. I was pretty amused with some people going, “We HATE Kiritsugu /RAGE,” last week, and now I’m waiting for the same yells for Kirei. I highly enjoyed his turning over the dark side Darth Vader style; it was almost like a snake shedding its skin for a new and more interesting design. Before closing though, let’s do a head count of the remaining servants: Saber, Gilgamesh, Berserker and Rider. Waver is definitely being singled out and I expect Rider to knock on Saber’s door anytime because he promised to duel whoever wins Saber vs Lancer fight. Though, what I’m really looking forward to is Kiritsugu’s flashback and the devil-duo to wreck havoc in the coming weeks.


See this island? It’s where you will find an innocent boy named, Kiri. It’s time to learn a bit more about our BAMF Magus Killer. Hope you liked the new format. Feedback is welcome! Till next time, ja ne~


The Boss lady of Metanorn, who makes it all happen. An animanga enthusiast, who watches/reads almost anything that strikes her fancy. Just beware of her Death Perception and always keep her happy. Regularly found at @KyokaiTM & #[email protected].
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19 Responses to “Fate/Zero – 17”

  1. Toori-chan says:

    My favourite part is definitely the backstabbing part. I was like “Stab him!!! Stab him!!!” all the way and cheered “YES!!!” when Tokiomi’s dead. Gil is definitely owning Kirei’s mind. Those who are evil influences people to become evil.

    • Toori-chan says:

      The new format is definitely good. It’s filled with lots of context and some hidden spoilers (I think). The preview was different compared to the usual. I thought it was some other anime’s preview. XD

    • Kyokai says:

      Loved this episode and the rape face Kirei made before stabbing Tokiomi. Oh so good! Also, don’t give Gilgamesh too much credit. Yes, he has been a catalyst but Kirei was the one performing all actions, knowing all the consequences.

      Thanks for the feedback. I only use spoiler tag because it’s a novel excerpt that not everyone would like to read but no way spoiler because anime has already gone over/skipped these facts from novel.

  2. feal87 says:

    Nice new format, a bit lengthy and editorial like (and long to write thanks to IRC distractions), but quite interesting. 🙂

    • Kyokai says:

      I tried cutting down words but oh well, next episode! Thanks for the feedback. 🙂

  3. SPIRAL says:

    rofl at the tags. a stab in the back isn’t a metaphor in ufotable’s eyes.

    • Kyokai says:

      Lol, it’s not really a ufotable thing but a Type-Moon metaphor. :3

  4. Reaper says:

    Huehuehue; Tokiomi should have known this was coming…there was a reason why Kirei was the Master of Assassin… now poor Rin and Aoi will never know what happened to Tokiomi…Show ▼

    . Yes, Tokiomi’s last meeting with Rin would have felt detached, but he is a Mage; it was the only way for him to convey his feelings to Rin, whom accepted her father’s legacy as we all know later on…for now though, Kirei and Gilgamesh decided to make their own side series, called Gilga’s and Kira’s ‘How to have Fun!’ show! First episode! Show your teacher in the back! Remember to post their death face on Facebook like Kirei did! 😀

    Iri’s really feeling the pain now with the coming climax of this bloody but wondrous tale (so good but no! please don’t end!), sharing it with Maiya, Kiritsugu’s faithful attendant/servant (cue yes my lord/madam?)

    Also, I haven’t mentioned it before but I’m also part of the whole crowd definitely loving the new format. More personal insight, shows a greater level of appreciation/love for anime, and a better form of reviewing, with summaries and thoughts instead of just repeating/replaying the aequences of each episode. Keep it up Kyokai! 😀

    • Kyokai says:

      Tokiomi had it coming, he was just too clueless to find out. Definitely not Rin and Aoi’s fault but you still feel sorry for them and Kariya for trying so hard… T_T

      for now though, Kirei and Gilgamesh decided to make their own side series, called Gilga’s and Kira’s ‘How to have Fun!’ show! First episode! Show your teacher in the back! Remember to post their death face on Facebook like Kirei did!

      LOL, laughing forever! But yeah, I get the whole serious Mage’s deal, I just never liked it.

      I’ve really come to like Maiya now, she sure is pretty strong and awesome (love her yes, madame~). Thank you for the feedback, I was bored of summarizing stuff myself when I want to really get my thoughts out there. ^^

  5. Yoyo says:

    Tsk Tsk tsk Kirei how could you be soooo dirty and stick your new long pointy thing into your Teacher from behide as well. Did you not see his face when it went into him. That was a face of “ughhh its too big, it hurts blah”. And Gilga comes at the right time to show off his looks and his looks and wooow have you seen them red piecing eyes they are soooo dreamy… I mean coming at the right time to see your master died by the hands of your play thing. Buttt you get a new master and kirei gets a new servent and they all live happy ever afterr playing games ufufufu.

    Oh a side note that dagger has a history of killing people (ref to f/sn).

  6. Ghostalker says:

    I feel like the last 2 episodes are very unceremonious. I thought if this 2 characters are to die at least I see them off in awesome fights, nope it never happened!

  7. BlackBriar says:

    What an episode!!! Gilgamesh’s prodding is a little devil sitting on Kirei’s shoulder negatively influencing him for his own satisfaction. He’s the closest thing to Izaya Orihara I’ve ever seen.

    Kirei, your treachery knows no bounds!! Biting the hand that fed you. Let’s see how far Gilgamesh’s brainwashing will take him. That smile he had before he stabbed his former master was epic and irrefutable proof that he’s now corrupted.

    But Tokiomi had it coming for what did to his two daughters so it was a fitting end. You betray your children by setting them up to fight each other so it’s only fair that you be betrayed by your own student. You reap what you sow.

  8. †Croos† says:


  9. Rakuen says:

    I really love the posting format and the breadth of knowledge you’re giving about the show. Keep it up.

    Rin lost her father at what? Seven? I can’t be bothered to look up the timeline at the moment. In any case, when you lose a parent at that age, all you have are memories that become unreliable with time. You looked up to them. Over time you idealize them.

    We know Tokiomi was a fool and powerless to save himself. However, there’s a little respect to be had for someone who would so fiercely stick to his beliefs against all odds. And while he sucked at showing love for his daughters, at least he entrusted Rin with the Tohsaka grimoire, giving her the tools to protect herself and become a badass tsundere.

  10. foomafoo says:

    so THAT was the significance of that John whatnot bible verse. I just moved on after hearing that because I thought it was irrelevant.

    and lol at the Rokkenjima vibes of that island.

  11. Overcooled says:

    I like blogging styles that are more free-flowing like this as opposed to blocking everything of methodically going through every single detail, even if it’s not of interest to the writer. Better to pick and choose exactly what you want to write about so you can put on a nice show for the readers AND enjoy yourself more. :3

    I love the relationship between Gilgamesh and Kirei, and not just because of the glorious BL undertones. Gilgamesh in the “enjoy” stage and Kirei in the “search” stage is an interesting combo. Their personalities clashed so staunchly when they first met, but now they can’t stop smirking when they’re next to each other and they seem to see eye-to-eye on a lot of things. Mmm, can’t wait to see what kind of entertainment they find!

    I never liked Tokiomi much, but I did feel bad because I knew it meant that Rin would be fatherless D:

  12. Bob from Accounting says:

    Ha ha ha! Tokiomi is dead! Ahahaha! Good riddance. You go, Kirei!

  13. Dan-go says:

    awwww…tokiomi was a really nice father if abit traditional, yes he was pretentious, and yes he was arrogant, but at the very least he adhered to his beliefs and values. i think it must of been incredibly painful to be killed by the one that he trusted most. That said being killed would be incredibly painful nonetheless. :3

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