World Destruction – 02

Sorry for the lack of episodic blogging in the past few days since I’ve been too busy with the FALL 2008 anime preview and the latest Anime’s Next Top Model episode. Now let’s move on to the show.

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Mistress Fortune Ch02: Issue About Diet and Boobs…


Another chapter of Mistress Fortune!!! And this one covers up a petty fight over boobs…again.

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Chocolate Underground 03: Where’s my sugar?!?!??

I’d rather die than live a life like them…

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Chocolate Underground 01 – Let’s Get Healthy!


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Vampire Knight 09: Crimson Eyes(re-edited with more screencaps!)

I re-edited this post and added MORE screenshots!!! Yipee!!! BTW, the first 3 shots were from the new scene in the OP sequence…

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Vampire Knight 07: The Scarlet Labyrinth

A flashback episode……………..-_-

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