Vampire Knight 07: The Scarlet Labyrinth

A flashback episode……………..-_-


At the beginning, Zero is shown on a target practice while Yuuki is watching. Zero then began to tell her about what her blood tastes like and that he could taste how she wants Kaname. Yuuki then leaves irritatedly, feeling that she was being spied on by her blood…

She then lies on the sofa and starts reminiscing her past when she was first taken to the academy to be taken care of by the chairman. At first she was afraid when she saw and felt Kaname’s fangs. But later on she started becoming more and more attached to him. Then she saw the chairman with Zero. She was also given the information that Zero’s family was killed by a bad vampire. Then the day begun when Kaname came to visit while Zero feeling an uncomfortable feeling of a presence of a vampire. He then grabs a table knife and attacks Kaname while Yuuki tries to stop him. Later on Yuuki talks to Zero in his room for what happened earlier but Zero was confused and frustrated at the same time of how the chairman and Yuuki treats Kaname who is a vampire. They then receive a news from the chairman that the Night Class will be started and that the students of that class are vampires. Zero was furious but he can’t do anything about it. After class, when they were about to go home, Yuuki insisted of going to see Kaname. She went inside the place where the night class was suppose to stay but was told that Kaname will be late. But Yuuki stayed inside and waited for him and fell asleep. Kaname then finds her and carries her to his room. She soon wakes up, and peeking out of the door, sees Kaname drink the blood of Ruka and gave her a fright which made her run away. (Back to the present again..)Zero finds Yuuki sleeping and covers her with a blanket. Kaname then shows up and left to talk to Zero privately outside. Yuuki woke up and saw Kaname only so she mistook him for putting the blanket on her… On the outside, Kaname tells Zero that he still lives because its his duty to protect Yuuki.


Besides from the (as usual) baaad animation, this episode is B to the O-R-I-N-G… plus I’m irritated on the last part where Yuuki has mistaken Kaname for putting the blanket on her… Stupid, it was Zero you know? Plus I am hating Kaname more and more besides from being a pedophile… Well.. I hope the upcoming episodes would at least improve… fingers crossed..


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