MetaVerse 05 – Confessions of the New Blood

Yo, listeners! Have you been wondering about the new blood of Metanorn? This is a good time to get to know them better. Join in with Kyokai and Hato, as they grill… er… chat up the n00bz of yesterday~

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MetaVerse 04 – Dance with Shinmaru

Another episode of MetaVerse and this time around, we have Shinmaru as our special guest to add some more fun into the mix. Not to mention, we recommend some less heard anime for our listeners and Jrow does his first stint of Karaoke~

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MetaVerse 03 – Sacred Union of Two Lovebirds

A very special kind of Anniversary Podcast, when we remember all the good times and celebrate Metanorn’s Three Years with much aplomb and become witnesses to the most awaited Marriage of All Time LIVE: Sassy weds Hato. Not to mention some karaoke and lots of humour. Tune in folks!

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MetaVerse 02 – Please Continue to be Scampolicious

As promised, the Scampolicious episode is out, in which he sucks his finger, spits and even do-do’s!

Enjoy this with a can of Pepsi/Dr. Pepper, while we interview the Cart Drive & discuss most of the Spring 2011 titles.

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MetaVerse 01 – Tall, Dark & Blonde

The first ‘official’ episode of MetaVerse is here! In this episode, going a bit back in time, we reminisce and finish the Winter season with much aplomb and reveal some secrets about Project Met’Amour with candid confessions.

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MetaVerse 00 – Two Kittens Rolling Off Each Other

So, I withheld some information… I was planning three things rather than only two.

Don’t you know to expect the unexpected? So, are you READY for MetaVerse?!

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