MetaVerse 07: Springing Into Summer

It’s time for the mass Summer Impressions! Hear the Meta Cast share their thoughts on the new season.

This podcast was recorded on 16th of July, 2011. The meta cast includes, Kyokai, Jrow, Fosh, Overcooled and Karakuri, who get down and dirty in the Summers heat. No, this is not going to be a beach episode but at least enough of us watched the long slew of Summers Shows and here’s our report:

Show Notes:

00:00-01:32Intro Music (Karakuri’s insert – “Distance of the Dark Night”)


  • Anime news from Kyo and Fosh
  • Gaming news from Jrow

04:31-06:04Music Intermission 1 (Fosh’s insert – “Fukanzen Nunsho” by Chiaki Ishikawa from Kamisama Dolls)


08:19-08:57 — Promo 1 – AAA (Anime Addicts Anonymous)


  • We answered questions from Starburst-chan and Samantha-zan.

20:52-22:16Music Intermission 2 (Kyo’s insert – Run Devil Run from SNSD Japanese album “Girls’ Generation”)

22:17-1:16:10MetaProject: Summer line-up Impressions

  • Double-J
  • Blood C
  • Ro-kyu-bu!
  • Kamisama no Memochou
  • Sacred Seven
  • Blade
  • Nurarihyon no Mago Season 2
  • Ikoku Meiro no Croisee
  • Uta No Prince
  • [email protected]
  • Yuru Yuri
  • Natsume Yuujinchou S3
  • Kaito Tenshi Twin Angel
  • Kamisama Dolls
  • Morita san
  • Mayo Chiki
  • Usagi Drop
  • No.6
  • Mawaru Penguindrum
  • Baka 2 Test
  • Nyanpire
  • Itsuka Tenma Kuro no Usagi
  • Nekogami
  • Manyuu Hikenchou
  • R-15
  • Dantalian no Shoka

1:16:11-1:16:39Promo 2 – Anivision Podcast


1:23:17-1:24:58 — Outro Music (Jrow’s Insert – “Chasing Hearts” by Miwa from FMA Brotherhood: Star of Milos)

End note by Kyokai: SURVIVAL STRATEGY!!! After hearing the first draft, I can easily say this was one of our best podcasts in terms of sound quality, which we are continuously working on! So, would love some feedback on that. Also, I want to know your opinion on doing some series-only podcasts, like cover only one anime and go in-depth over it’s background, story, cast, direction and the whole shebang. Any requests for topics? Anything else? I’m all ears readers/lurkers. So, till next time, ja ne~

We are loving Penguindrum and the reason to feature a twitterland gem, drawn by Bass from Sekijitsu~

Note by Editor-san: There will be outtakes from a previous recording of the podcast sometime soon that are pretty funny. Do stay tuned to @Metanorn on twitter as outtakes will be posted there. Hope you’ve enjoyed the episode!


The team behind Metanorn's Podcast, MetaVerse. Our aniblogging experience gives us the expertise to dish out detailed opinions on which series to watch and ones to drop. And remember, we take fangirling seriously!
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53 Responses to “MetaVerse 07: Springing Into Summer”

  1. Moni Chan says:

    omg episode 7 i cant believe it. I love listening to u guys.
    omg ur ppl are thinking of a way to kill Yune T__T
    HANAZAWA – yea she’s everywhere. it’s getting scary
    rin from usagi drop is an annoying little shit … well someone is mean
    i cryed when u guys started talking nyanpire. i love nyanpire expecaly because of the ending song ( well Hyadain is the reason for that )but still

    • Foshizzel says:

      Thanks for listening Moni! We do love doing these awesome podcast episodes, I missed out on a few of them so it’s good to be back.

      Yes Pooor Yune but hey someone has to do it xD -high five OC-

      D’awwww don’t worry Nyanpire looks alright just not my style of show ;P

    • Kyokai says:

      Btw, Jrow was referring to Reina not Rin. Rin is TOO CUTE to hate. :3

  2. Tofu says:

    Note: The sound definitely has improved but whenever it changes to a song or a promo, the sound drastically increased so that might be a good thing to fix. ^^

    The girls in Ro Kyu Bu are (referring back to my schools structure) in grade 6, meaning they are either 12 or 13 years of age. Now for Subaru, he’s actually starting his first year of high school so basically Subaru is only a year older than the girls XD Though I’m only watching this for the basketball and Hikasa Yoko <3

    Definitely read the manga of Nurarihyon instead of watching the anime XD It's way better guys, like seriously. Follow Kyo's advice ;D

    Leave Yune alone! xP

    Overcooled… did I hear you right? You LIKE Usagi Drop!?! :O :O :O Is this like… the FIRST time we've ever agreed with each other!?!?!??! XDDDD WOOT!

    I think you guys can try and cover a certain anime all of you've seen that had a big hype about it eg: Durarara? XD I would suggest K-On but that might be too bias of me <3 Either that or do shows from the studios you love whether or not it's P.A Works, Type-Moon (Kyo loves Type-Moon :P) or other ones.

    • Jrow says:

      To address your first point:
      Think of promos in the same sense as TV commercials. When you watch something like a drama show or a sitcom, the volume is at a normal level, and when commercials play, it sounds louder. The promos are louder since the point is to grab your attention. It’s all about being “in yo face” and selling laundry detergent or when Billie Mays was alive…
      I know that’s kind of an annoying answer and really doesn’t maybe help keep AAA from blaring in your ears after our smooth tones, but it’s the proper respect paid to friend sites to umph their sound and grab attention (which I hope you’ve checked out. They’re worth at the very least checking out). Much like DVR or whatever these days, they aren’t hard to skip also; I know I skip when a podcast plays a commercial I’ve heard for the umpteenth time. We’ll have to go buddy-searching for more variety in the commercials.

      Also, those commercial files are much shorter and can be encoded at a higher quality without being a huge 20MB file for just 30 seconds of audio, so the audio is of higher quality. The same applies for songs since those are much more professionally recorded than most podcasts today and encoded at maybe 192kbps or 320kbps, so the sound is much more crisp and clear and, well, louder and maybe I could bump those down a peg or two. I encode at 96kbps to preserve the sound quality a good bit and also to keep file size down. I personally have leaned more toward keeping filesize at a minimum so downloading->syncing->listening is a quicker process (and also as co-owning the Anivision servers, keep ourselves from having to remove old episodes to make room for new episodes), but with TB hard drives today and cloud storage etc., perhaps it’s irrelevant to people today. If people want it, I can go upwards of 192kbps. Just expect frequent 100+ MB file sizes.

      And while this last part might come off as dismissive, I mean it. I thank you for bringing up these concerns. I can’t be a good editor for MetaVerse if, especially the listeners, are having issues about how the show is recorded and produced.

      And on Ro Kyu Bu, the overall issue stems from 20-something guys getting their rocks off to the girls considering Ishihara’s politics and so on, so forth. It is kinda the hackey way to review the show and be silly about it, I’ll give you that. It’s not terrible when it comes down to plot and such, but that was right as RAWs from episode 3’s bathing scene surfaced. Scenes like those kinda take away a show’s integrity.

      • Tofu says:

        Yeah no worries, I get what you mean Jrow ;D

      • alanger says:

        I second Tofu and I, and even more so my ears, HATE it when podcasts don’t properly level the sounds of different files they stitch together. Just breaks the flow.
        I’m a long-time fan of the AAA Podcast and I don’t have anything against commercials in podcasts, especially if they are entertaining and fun to listen to repeatedly, but FOR FUCKS SAKE, don’t hurt my ears! A podcast that forces my to use the volume buttons all the time is just less fun, and imho the better way to show a fellow podcast support is by properly levelling their promos. The Internet is not television, that’s what makes it so amazing, so please don’t replicate old media bullshit like overly loud commercials. (BTW, as Tofu wrote, it’s the songs as well, so yeah :P)
        On a related note, I love that you’re continuously improving the audio :)! No.1 enjoyment killer for podcasts is bad audio.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah! Good work mr Jrow <3

      I couldn't survive the first 15 mins of Ro Kyu Bu sadly guess I wasn't ever interested in watching it anyway.

      Never! Yune is so moe she has to be taken out! Muhahahhaha

      You mean like a heavy themed podcast on certain popular anime series? That could work I know Durarara!! Was huge and angel beats and several others.

  3. VucubCaquix says:

    Aww, thanks for the shout Fosh!

    • Foshizzel says:

      No worries buddy! I am happy you are enjoying blogging ;D even thou it’s more deep than most of the things I read, I still think it’s great to read the posts you and AJ are doing! Keep it up 😉

  4. Hoshi says:

    ~And so Kyokai has fallen for Girls Generation; DUN DUN DUN xD

  5. Alynn says:

    Episode 7 already! Great job! Loving the music intermissions.

    Wow I have a whole lot to watch and catch up on. Being grounded for a week sucks; I still need to catch up on some spring season finales. So behind on everything. kbjkads

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yep! And many many more episodes to follow, yeah great music from everyone this time.

      Ahh yeah there were a lot of summer shows to watch! Some are lame but some are very entertaining <3 Same for spring season! Wooooow!

  6. anaaga says:

    So, I got 6 podcasts to listen to now. Thank you so much.
    But I’m definitely skipping the rest and listen to this one first xD
    One day, guys. One day.

  7. Hime says:

    While it isn’t hard to be better than K$ESHA, I have to admit I do like the Girls Generations cover.

    Damn Japan, you make everything better.

    • Kyokai says:

      Nakamaaa! <3 I love their Japanese album more than their Korean version though.

  8. fathomlessblue says:

    Thanks for the shoutout guys, really appreciate it. Should have joined twitter ages ago; it’s a blast! Hopefully everybody won’t jump over to google+ now I’ve finally gotten used to it, lol.

    It’s also good to know I’m not the only one worried about the dreaded Kana Hanazawa epidemic. Far deadlier than bees in my honest opinion. Drastic action must be taken to stop the spread, and if that means a Mayushii or two must be sacrificed, then so be it.

    Anyway, another great podcast everyone. The sound has really improved.

    Ps. Somebody please make the Metanorn version of Ikoku Meiro happen. I love Yune, but this is too good of a story to pass up. 🙂

    • Foshizzel says:

      Welcome! Oh yes Twitter is really fun and Google+ is interesting too, not as random as Twitter thou.

      Yeah beware of the Hanazawa virus! It might cause you to fall for moe types and Hnnnnnnggg till you die, yes it needs to be cleansed xD

      Thanks! Jrow has some awesome editing skillz

      Oh?! Then which one of us will be Yune?! Anaaga or Ness? xDD

    • Jrow says:

      I’m reminded of one of Conan’s best Tonight Show jokes.
      “Youtube, Twitter and Facebook are going to merge together to become one company called YouTwitFace.” LOL, but yeah, I try to submerge myself in all of the friends and circles and such.

      Do keep up with Zabo’s posts of Ikoku as OC plans on trolling it weekly. 🙂

    • anaaga says:


  9. Caraniel says:

    Another great episode folks, & thanks for the shout out!

  10. Moni Chan says:

    ever since i listened to this podcast i keep of thinking of ways of how Yune would die. what the hell is worng with me.

    • Overcooled says:

      Seriously, join me in my sharing of Yune death stories in all of Zabo’s awesome posts. I want to see what other ways people come up with for her to die. *starts a campaign*

    • Moni Chan says:

      YES Overcooled, Karakuri, Jrow and anyone else that is in it, or wants to be. We are going to have a book and podcast about the 101 + ways of how yune will die. I just got twitter like 8 hours ago ( still trying to learn how to work that son of a thing ) so anytime i think of something it’s gonna be a new tweet. I might put it on facebook 2

      yes i see this going far very … far

      • Foshizzel says:

        Ahahaha 101 ways to kill Yune I support this 100%! Sorry Zabob and Anaaga I know you both love her ;P

  11. Carla says:

    I want to know, if you guys, have something personal with Nura’s Hair… XD
    Excelent episode ♥

    • Kyokai says:

      Hahaa, we have nothing against is. Just making fun. As I said, manga is amazing, anime… =__=

  12. Kaori says:

    quick question, do you know what game the intro song is from?

    • Karakuri says:

      Yamiyo ni Odore -Witch wishes to commit the Night- ( the jap is 闇夜に踊れ)

      Er, a warning though.It’s an R18 game.

      • Kaori says:

        thanks for the warning, it helped. do you happen to have a link for the song? i can’t seem to find it unfortunately.

  13. Yi says:

    Loll, Kyokai, your weird thing is sooo funny and so awkward. ^ ^

    • Kyokai says:

      Lol, glad you enjoyed it. I went red in the face while I was pulling this one but it was so weird to be asked out like that… >.>

  14. […] week of anime and that also brings more crazy fun with Nichijou! I hope everyone enjoyed our latest podcast episode on our summer thoughts. Outside of anime not much actually going on for me, I do have a few plans to finally work on some […]

  15. Samantha Zan says:

    Yay!! I’ve been waiting for my question on MetaQ XD. Anyway great podcast as always!!! Keep up the good work ^_^

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