Nichijou – 17

Yuuko defeats Mai?!

Oh Nichijou, I’m so glad that you air on weekends when I need you the most. Man, it’s been a tiresome past weekend. Helped out with my best friend’s sister’s wedding and there was only 6 of us to serve around 280 guests! It was fun but tiresome, especially when wearing nice clothes and flats. Good thing I left the heels in the car. Anyways, yeahhhh, Nichijou! I’m expecting some good laughs! xD

Well, another week of anime and that also brings more crazy fun with Nichijou! I hope everyone enjoyed our latest podcast episode on our summer thoughts. Outside of anime not much actually going on for me, I do have a few plans to finally work on some artwork though! Well I still have to decide if I want to draw fan art or work on my original characters. Anyways, time to tag this episode up! Enjoy the review. 

Stories this week follow Sakamoto getting his scarf taken away as Hakase puts it on a crow she found and growing attached to the new talking animal. Also a bit of Yuuko hanging around with Mai and Mio as they try to make a tall house of cards, until things mess up of course. Shortly after at school, Yuuko tries her best not to make any more puns; however, Mai makes that task very difficult for Yuuko.

Hakase- “I found some food outside; it smells kind of funny.”             Nano- “That’s a crow, you fool!”

This episode begins with Mai doing her usual trolling of Yuuko! But the real fun begins with Hakase bringing in a random crow she found outside. So, what does she want with this crow?! To give it speaking abilities just like Sakamoto. Well she just steals his scarf and gives it to the crow and Sakamoto wakes up to search for it only to find the crow with it and gets instantly jealous over the bird. Well, that was his scarf but I suppose it still belongs to Hakase who invented it. The crow has a great time chatting with Hakase and Nano until he has to leave but he  forgets to return the scarf and takes off; I guess he really loves the color red.

Sakamoto-“What the hell is this? I don’t want to be normal!!”

Sakamoto-“I will murder them all in their sleep tonight I swear!”

Crow- “I shall translate, this creature wants some bacon.”

I imagine Sakamoto is probably wanting to scream such misfortune!!

Fun side now above the Crow was played by Ono Daisuke! He sounded a bit like Huey from Dantalian no Shouka this time around instead of epic Shizuo. After all of that fun, we join Yuuko and Mio as they try to build a house of cards, while hanging out with Mai and Nano at Yuuko’s house. However things keep getting in the way as Yuuko tries to place the final two cards on top! Like Mai playing around with Yuuko’s cat, placing her glasses on top and Nano falling asleep almost knocking it over. This whole scene was played out like a silent movie, kind of different but too much like the long elevator scene. Anyway Yuuko leaves the room for a moment and the ceiling light falls smashing the house of cards! Yuuko crushed, she places the final cards on the table and curls up getting depressed.

Yuuko- “Alright, house of cards, let’s do this thing!”

Mai- “Here, kitty kitty, destroy these cards.”                                           Mio-“WHHAATTTT!!!”

Yuuko has the true heart of the cards.

After that funny yet quiet scene, we follow Mr. Takaski watching Makoto practice with his soccer ball. Takaski asks a totally random question to Makoto, if he has a boyfriend?! I died laughing! But Makoto figures Takaski really has a thing for his sister so he tries to recruit him to lead the soccer club. Before Takaski can talk about joining, Makoto runs off and attempts to shout that Takaski likes Sakurai before he can stop Makoto from spilling the beans. Annaka arrives to get Takaski’s help with Nakanojo, who fell in a trap set by Nakamura to catch Nano. Makoto yells something random about tea and tricks Takaski, who runs off with Annaka to help Nakanjo.

Makoto- “I guess he really wants to get some coffee?”          Takaski-“I MUST HAVE ALL THE FLAVORS!!”

Takaski-“What you like me?! You’re a boy! I LIKE GIRLS! Noooooo!!”


Ohh poor Annaka always saving people and dealing with Takaski. The next day we find Yuuko heading to school with a new goal. She has a plan to not make a single pun all day, however Mai is up to her usual tricks. This time she wears two pairs of glasses, pretending to look for them and reading manga inside a text book! Yuuko tries her best not to fall for the traps. Sadly she has a breakdown and shouts that Mai memorized the entire text book! Yes, Mai would be the type to do so wouldn’t she? Yuuko decides to stand in the hall for her outburst and turns to Mai who tells Yuuko she wore contacts. Yuuko just stands there and gives Mai a piece sign and smiles happily.

Yuuko- “Must…hold…this…dramatic…pose.”

Yuuko was shocked to see Mai was reading some yuri manga.

Yuuko approves of this week’s trolling by Mai! Also sparkles.

Extra laughs

Mai is testing out the brand new kitty vacuum  created by Hakase. Get yours today!

Mio is afraid to show her face to her fans this week, she needs a hug.

Yuuko- “Oh my god, how does that even fit there?! Mai you are messed up! I like it.”

Yuuko discovered the meaning of life! She can now move on to the Star driver world.

Mai just learned she is getting her own spinoff series; well she can dream.

End Thoughts:

Now that was an interesting episode of Nichijou this week. It was really cool to hear our special guest Ono Daisuke playing a random part as a crow! That was really funny listening to a new animal talking instead of Sakamoto. Still I felt bad for Sakamoto! Damn Hakase taking away that awesome red scarf, but you would think Hakase could get off her lazy butt and make another one? Ah well that still was funny watching that crow translate for Sakamoto and the random robot Hakase built? LOL. And Sakamoto’s reaction to that was priceless as always. I still wonder if we ever will have Mai and Mio getting a chance to meet Hakase?! Please make this happen soon.

The house of cards scene was kind of funny, I remember that was the last thing I read in the Nichijou manga. It was funny to see that scene get animated, however it was so strange having it play out like a silent movie. I think the reactions from Yuuko and Mio were the best moments in that part of this episode, and Yuuko placing the final cards on the light! Really funny stuff from that and Mia trying everything in her power to screw things up. Although I think Mai was just being her normal self.

I liked the whole scene between Makoto and Mr. Takaski! Not sure if the boyfriend comment was a sub mistake or actually part of the translation, either way that was so funny hearing Takaski scream NO FUTURE!! Ahahah damn that teacher always cracks me up. Not to mention throwing in Annaka again. She is slowly starting to grow on me at first she was annoying but I think it’s her voice actress I enjoy listening to. And now for the final parts with Yuuko trying not to crack a pun with Mai messing around, Yuuko looked a bit different to me like the animation was bumped up for her? Not sure but lately the hair has been really animated for most characters. I kept thinking to myself that damn Yuuko’s hairstyle looked a lot like Misaka from Railgun, well Yuuko is missing a hair clip to complete that. Overall fun episode, I am interested to see more of Nakamura’s failed traps and Nano having fun at school, which was left out this week for unknown reasons.

MAI IS DA BEST! Even though you might think she’s so so smart, she also has such an eccentric personality that is just so awesome and amusing. For this episode, my favorite character just has to be Mai. Who else can pull off reading to the class while not really reading the text but a manga! Nobody but Mai! But maybe it was a bit overboard to have memorized the text but then again, there’s not problem with that if it’s actually really interesting stuff. Oh poor Yuuko lost this round trying to hold in the urge to point out Mai’s obvious schemes. Oh man, seeing the ‘oh where’s my glasses’ on the floor scene pulled off by Mai was just epic and sad.

I’m still somewhat finding Hakase’s scenes to be not that great. Yeah she found a crow and whoopie she gave it Sakamoto-san’s scarf so it can talk. Big deal? But I did find not having Sakamoto-san talk to be quite cute where he felt like a normal cat for once while searching for the scarf. But really now, that crow didn’t look like a crow and more like a cone hah! As well, the short scene with no dialogue but just the girls acting around while making a card pyramid was funny at first but it really made you just pay attention. Yuuko should have let Mai put the top of the pyramid together because Mai is just that epic enough to put her glasses or play with the cat around the cards. Random white cat anyone?

This igo soccer thing is just so amusing. I didn’t know that the boy a few episodes ago that wanted to join the igo soccer club was actually the Sakurai’s brother. But yeah, way to go Takaski-sensei, the way to the woman is through her little brother. But we all know you can’t just fool a high school kid in such a situation. He should have just taken up the adviser offer right away to save him some horror. But oh man, Nakamura-sensei is so dense and yet somewhat evil. Oh poor Nakanojou, you’re cursed with not being able to grow hair on the side of your heads and to make it worst, you always fall into Nakamura’s retarded traps and to top it off, you get shaved bald! Such a sad world for the boy. Seeing a repeat of Takaski-sensei’s dilemma on going with Annaka to save Nakanojou was just as good but not as great as the previous one. How the marker just pops back up is hilarious! But yeah, good stuff this episode and looking forward to more. Though, I don’t see the main plot to this series anymore heheh. See ya next time~


Those are some very manly playing cards! They can shoot fireballs.

Next week! Who knows?! I really want to see more of Nano at school of course and fingers crossed for Mai and Mio meeting Hakase! Well hopefully things continue to be random and exciting.




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8 Responses to “Nichijou – 17”

  1. Kyokai says:

    That OD and Sakamoto comments are making me want to pick this back up….. >.<''

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahaha yes! It was great hearing him, even thou I had to look after seeing the episode to find out who was voicing crow! xD

      Well thankfully this series is very random, so you don’t have to follow every episode in order.

    • Moni Chan says:

      YES KYOKAI do it DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Karakuri says:

    I need to start watching this. That cat is adorable.

  3. Eri says:

    Every episode makes me wanna scream “AWESOME” at the end. I just can’t get enough of Nichijou. Every week is better than the previous one and jokes get more funni instead of more boring. The only thing I miss from the first episodes is Yuuko’s “Super ultra great delicious wonderful yabai”-like quotes!

    I’ll agree with Ness on the fact that Hakase’s scenes may be good but they aren’t as great as the school scenes. There’s a noticeable drop of humor in Hakase-related events. ‘Still I love every scene of this show X3

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahaha I have the same reaction! Every episode lately has made me happy xD Yep the jokes are improving more each week. Yuuko is really becoming a favorite for everyone I know she is one of mine 😉

      Yeah this is true Hakase scenes at home are not as funny as they used to be, well I always enjoy Hakase showing off the extra features of Nano ;P

  4. Hana says:

    Lol (again) at how that crow stole the show in this epi! Dignified is not even the word…

    Also glad to see some development in the Yukko/ Mai relationship, in the way that Mai now seem to (well, slightly) respect Yukko a bit more, rather than just being a charicature of her (troll) self…

    …Though (again, and probably not for the last time) – poor Sakamoto!

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