Meta Team’s Top 3 Spring Anime

Time to say goodbye to Spring but with some much needed accolades!

Things are sure happening at Metanorn with the new season rolling in. However, Spring needs a proper send off and while we would be covering this on MetaVerse too, it’s better to get the entire team’s input rather than selected hosts. This is the first time we have done an internal poll for top 5 as well so enjoy the post and get to know directly from our genre experts of what made them happy and sad.


Ah spring anime season, lots of amazing anime this time and a few shows that crashed and burned! I am glad to see some of these shows continue on through summer season. Well it’s time to do our end season top three! Enjoy the awesome list of anime.
//: nichijou I really enjoyed this series the most out of all the many spring shows! I think what I enjoy about this show would easily be all of the crazy over the top scenes they throw at us, I still love watching something simple happen and then BAM! Out of no where it gets so epic in a matter of minutes. And of course Hakase,Nano and Sakamoto! Always the highlight of most episodes.
//: ano.hana At first I wasn’t sure about this series, but after that first episode and Menma is revealed as a ghost following Jinta around I got addicted to that. It made me instantly remember Clannad and the whole Fuku arc, well only a tiny bit and yes using death does make things more dramatic than most shows. Of course this is not a original idea but still makes for a great series!
//: softenni Yes call me insane or dumb for actually enjoying a show where girls play tennis and often have perverted thoughts! Sure I do enjoy those moments but I laugh more at the random stuff that pops up and some strange parodies with Evangelion also make their way into a sports show! Why?! It’s just that awesome that’s why. Favorite girl would easily be Asuna! love her voice and fun personality, not to mention her mind wandering into perverted thoughts too ahahaha.
honorable.mentions:// gintama // // tiger.and.bunny // [C]


Lol no. It’s Winter, fools! I think everytime there is one of these posts, I have to make sure everyone knows what season it is here. Because here, it’s Winter! Or not even Winter? Close to Winter. Anyway, what matters is that it’s cold. But it’s okay! I bought a new scarf and it’s preeeetty warm. Wait, we were meant to be talking about anime? Uhhhhh, SPRING WAS A PRETTY COOL GUY.
//: ano.hana I think I was much sadder watching the actual series than I did watching the finale. Maybe because it was so sad the whole goddamn time I got used to the sad. All the characters where completely bearable (except for Yukiatsu being a cock all the time) and I didn’t really have any gripes with the show. That’s definitely a first. Somehow.
//: nichijou Haters gonna hate. Easily one of the funniest show I’ve ever seen, if not the funniest (I started re-watching Azumanga the other day, it was kinda painful…). Forget about the fact that I’m a massive KyoAni fanboy and listen to me, as a trusted person. Nichijou is good. End of story. Do yourself a favour and watch it.
//: kami.nomi.zo.shiru.sekai[2] Is Hanasaku Iroha good? Yup. Is Steins;Gate good? Uh-huh. Is TWGOK better? You know it. TWGOK has just been a better show for me to watch. Iroha is up and down, it has a lot of boring episodes. Same with Steins;Gate, it’s far too ‘edgy’ for me. TWGOK is just plain awesome.
honorable.mentions://….oshi…LOL.NO // hanasaku.iroha // steins;gate


I have to say, this spring season was pretty great! I did drop a couple, but I watched more and actually enjoyed more shows than I anticipated. I’m pretty damn picky too; so much so, in fact, that I’m quite surprised that I even watched enough to have a top three. Sweet.
//: ano.hana If you have read any of my posts on AnoHana, I’m sure you understand how much I adore this show. Not only does it have an amazing and truly interesting cast of characters, but it’s also beautifully put together what with the animation and the awesome seiyuus. All the characters are easy to relate to as well. This show has made me cry and laugh and feel so much EMOTION. I love it. I knew as soon as I saw the previews that I’d love it and I was right. Also, I love Menma.
//: steins;gate This show is SO INTENSE. I absolutely adore Okarin and his quirks. The rest of his curiously assembled lab members I adore as well (with the exception of a certain Moeka-san who I gladly curse to hell). The plot is DEFINITELY heating up and I’m super excited to see where it shall lead us. Also, as a science geek myself, the notion of time traveling is quite fascinating. This show is very much mentally engaging and just plain awesome. *thumbs up*.
//: hanasaku.iroha This show is just really sweet. Other than the art, this show didn’t particularly catch my eye at first, but it’s quickly proved to be a really fun story. Ohana, the protagonist, quickly grew on me because she’s NOT perfect and she knows it. It’s really fun to watch her grow and interact with the rest of the cast. Though I’m torn between Ko and Tohru for who she should end up with, I’m actually open to threesomes. xD Seriously though, I’m glad this show has 20+ episodes and I’m looking forward to how Ohana fares at the inn. Should be interesting.
honorable.mentions:// tiger.and.bunny // sekai-ichi.hatsukoi


Spring was jampacked with shows. At first glance, I wasn’t too excited about maybe 90% of them, but by season’s end I finished/kept up with 9 shows, which is a record for me in the past 2 years. While I’m a little nervous about how Ao no Exorcist will go in its second season, I’m excited to see Steins;Gate and Hanasaku Iroha develop more.
//: ano.hana The show has the ability to produce tears from many fans and not be afraid to express that publicly, and we have to applaud A-1 on such excellent animation and being able to make the character’s emotions impact us, the viewer. You can never go wrong when you have a great ensemble as Ano Hana had. I’ll remember the Super Peace Busters for a long time.
//: steins;gate Slow;pacing is usually frowned;upon in anime, but I felt Steins;Gate handled the early episodes fairly;well with a lot of intrigue, and now we’re getting into payoff;mode as things are getting intense and chilling. Mamoru;Miyano is making Okarin one of his most memorable;roles ever, and the character just keeps getting;better. It’s use of Dr;Pepper is Jrow;approved!
//: [C] A roller-coaster ride of an anime that had cool action and a plot that you might as well go, “I think that’s what they are trying to achieve here.” The series maybe could’ve done things better, but I feel the show went thru it in a rhythm that was enjoyable. Financial District became an interesting world, fight scenes were cool and the whole [C] financial situation in the last couple episodes was exhilarating. The soundtrack is great, as well.
honorable.mentions:// kami.nomi.zo.shiru.sekai[2]// hanasaku.iroha // MORE.infoShow ▼


Well, this Spring season hasn’t been all that great for me because I’ve been really busy with real life things that I haven’t been able to enjoy anime as much. I’ve stepped away from watching dramatic slice of life animes like Ano Hana and decided to stick with a few action and comedy reliefs. Hopefully for this summer, I’ll be able to catch up on what I’ve missed this season xD.
//: tiger.and.bunny T&B is just one of those amusing, unique and awesome type animes for me that I’ve enjoyed very much. Stand out plot, story board and unique characters – this show has kept me entertained. The whole concept of having a town of super heroes fight and compete against evil villains that randomly arise is just awesome! As well, knowing there’s a big main plot behind all the random events that happen is all well. The relationship between Tiger and Bunny is just amusing.
//: nichijou This show is like my comedy relief from stress. I’ve mainly been watching it after a hard day of work or stressful day of class. The epic extreme Yuuko scenes are just awesome and never tiring. While some things are a bit miss for me, there’s a good amount of hits too. My favorite character in this would be a tie between Yuuko and Mio. Yuuko because I can relate to her laziness and unwillingness to study and Mio because I like her hidden yaoi love.
//: yondemasu.yo.azazel-san Well, if Nichijou was a relief from stress, Azazel-san is like the next level of when I’m just in the dumps. This anime is hands down so funny no matter what. Yes, there’s some immature and adult content jokes looming around but hey, it’s all good and funny for me. Akutabe is evil but cool, he’s my hero and favorite for the spring anime season.
honorable.mentions:// sekai-ichi.hatsukoi


Autumn is done with and now we enter the pain that is win- Oh wait, wrong hemisphere… So spring ends with a bang and a giggle. This season has been about laughs for me, which is fairly spring appropriate, and full with budding romances! And while Nichijou continues on through it’s second half, we take this time to look back on what’s ended. Looking at you, AnoHana.
//: ano.hana I’m always up for a baww’fest slice of life. It’s such a curious anime, attempting to represent emotions and feelings I’ve never experienced, I love the ideas. And despite not really understanding the feelings, the characters are lovely beings that you feel for (Anaru becoming a personal favourite).
//: nichijou Funniest show since Azumanga Daioh. I usually don’t put comedies in my top anything but Nichijou is just filled with gold. Winning first prize for best set up to a joke, best opening for an anime and best running joke (Yuuko’s refusal to study) in my books. Where I was expecting another moe-uguu fanservice 4 panel based thing, Nichijou offers mostly deadpan faced jokes with a serving of what the f-!
//: tiger.and.bunny I wasn’t sure about T&B at first, but the idea of the commercial heros was interesting enough to stick through until it got good. I like the subplot of ‘what is a hero?’ running through each episode and I adore the super classy styling. Old school art style with a new school revampt? Yes please!
honorable.mentions:// hanasaku.iroha // kami.nomi.zo.shiru.sekai[2] // MORE.infoShow ▼


Spring was such a refreshing season after the disaster than was winter. What a nightmare. I’m enjoying quite a bountiful crop of spring shows this time around. A lot of the shows in my top 3 actually took me by surprise. Who would’ve thought gelatinous bananas would steal my heart so easily?
//: tiger.and.bunny This is hands down my favourite show of the season. It started off as an unassuming blend of comedy with a bit of action thrown in and has since then grown into a much more complex machine with a grand, overarching plot. This show has everything I could want and more. Also, homolust.
//: steins;gate After a period of bitterness started to brew in my heart for the slow pacing, I almost stopped enjoying Steins;Gate. With the recent “HOLY CRAP” episodes, the balance has been restored. Leave it to S;G to get your gears turning, and I love anime that make you really think. Also, CHRRISSSTINNAAAA.
//: There’s nothing really ground-breaking about ANE, except that it’s a really great shounen with a lot of action and lovable characters. It takes the typical and spins it around to make something interesting and compelling. Also, dem fangs.
honorable.mentions:// [C] // hanasaku.iroha // fireball.charming


Spring is officially over for me, both in anime-wise and season-wise, but of course, there are some things I won’t forget. Like that gorgeous, cool weather with pretty blue skies ramblerambleramble…Oh wait, we’re talking about anime…right, I knew that~
//: sekai-ichi.hatsukoi All crazy fangirling-ness aside, I really enjoyed all the couple stories in this series, even if they were annoyingly jumbled and the ukes were so damn clueless I wanted to head smash into my keyboard MULTIPLE TIMES while watching an episode. Plus, being a manga fanatic, I loved the sometimes-serious-sometimes-hilarious look into the manga business. Overall, I had the most fun with this series out of all the other spring shows.
//: tiger.and.bunny Pretty cliche and a bit predictable, but it does have pizazz along with interesting characters. I loved how they took that superhero idea and changed it into making them a bit like celebrities working in entertainment with the point count, the sponsors, the tv station dedicated to the heroes, and such. That’s what I found pretty interesting, along with the different cast of characters who all have their own unique look and qualities. I don’t think I’ve been so intrigued by a show from the first episode before~.
//: Whaaa-? All the way down here?! Yes, despite my absolute love for this series as a whole, the anime has only been decent for me. Not the best, but it definitely has its moments. They have dragged on a lot of the chapters, probably to make use of their 24 episodes slot, which leaves me watching those episodes with a sad sigh until some badass episode with the badass twins comes out.
honorable.mentions:// [C] // a.channelShow ▼


Omg, I am actually missing a lot of shows that have ended already, like [C] and God Only Knows 2. THERE’S A VOID! THERE’S NEVER A VOID. *cries* Deadman is about to finish, too. Though, maybe that’s a good thing…Anyway, Spring is usually my favorite season and it definitely held up very well this time around.
//: While no show has really stood out to me during spring as being great, Exorcist has definitely taken the torch for the one I look forward to most. Aside from it being pretty much my only dose of Jun this season (sob), it’s humour and action have been steady and entertaining. The art style, music and characters really grew on me, to the point where I just love all and everything that Exorcist has to offer. It caters to all of my most obscure fetishes and I just love it for that.
//: deadman.wonderland Deadman started out strong before it lost itself in it’s own insanity, but remembering back to those insanely awesome first few episodes I think it deserves a place in my top 3. Even if it can be slipshod, the satisfaction of seeing one of my favorite mangas get animated is great and when they want to do the Branch of Sin right, damn, they do it so right! Not to mention it has one of the most BADASS opening themes ever.
//: [C] It might be my nostalgia for Gankutsuou talking, but I love the world they’ve created here with C. The photoshop-like textures in the Financial District really make this show stand out in terms of style. And while it definitely has it’s flaws with it’s bad pace and random tangents, at it’s core C really is a simple story about the miss-use of power, and it’s that simplicity that I think drives it’s intrigue and gets people excited.
honorable.mentions:// tiger.and.bunny // kami.nomi.zo.shiru.sekai[2] // sekai-ichi.hatsukoi // ano.hana // MORE.infoShow ▼


Ah spring is finally done. The sun is getting hotter than usual. Ugh. There are couples of let-down anime in this season, but that won’t stop me for loving some of the spring season anime <3
//: steins;gate I, being a science geek (surprise surprise), can’t help but get excited every time Okarin discovers new theories about the time machine. Every week I will actually wait for Steins;Gate to fill my scientific needs. The “mad” scientist was able to entertain me, even when I have to see the horrible Kurisu’s face. The beginning of this show is slow, but I think the pace of this series is well done. And seeing how Steins;Gate is going right now, it’s so worth it. And Mayuri aka. HanaKawa NNNGGGGHHH
//: sekai-ichi.hatsukoi It’s yaoi. That’s the number one reason, obviously. What is life without yaoi? SIH was able to make go all “SQUEEE” and “KYAAA” for straight twelve episodes. Although the story is very cliché and dramatic, I enjoyed the entertainment every single episode it gives me. The ukes are all stupid. The semes have real communication problem. WHO CARES!? I had fun seeing pretty boys making out. And Ritsu and Takano’s story is actually pretty sweet. I want a high school sweetheart like that too.
//: hanasaku.iroha So, I keep tweeting that Ohana is a retard. I keep getting frustrated at how cliche this anime is getting to. Dissapointed is all I can say every time the characters (especially Ohana and Kou) do the most retarded things at the wrong times. So why is it in my number three? Well, because it’s dramatic! Yup, Hanasaku Iroha is so dramatic to the point where I like it. And Tohru is a hottie too <3
honorable.mentions:// gintama // MORE.infoShow ▼


The spring shows were pretty decent this year! Though the quality of a few shows that I was looking forward to kind of died midway through, overall I’d say that it was a good season. I didn’t manage to follow that many shows this year (yeah, I’ll be watching a bunch that I missed over the summer) but the majority of what I did follow were totally worth it.
//: steins;gate Yeah, I absolutely adore this show despite that constant cliff hangers. (Damn cliff hangers.) The beginning was confusing and slooooow but ever since plot kicked in, this show has been intense. I usually find anime about time travel boring, but this isn’t your typical time travel anime and seeing the characters slowly figure things out has been absolutely fascinating. Okarin has to be my favourite protagonist of the season due to his personality and er, unique names for things. S;G has been a hell of a ride and a good balance between comedy and drama so far, and I only hope it gets more epic from here.
//: I watch anime either for the plot or the characters and this is excellent in both respects. There isn’t a single character from Ao that I don’t like and it’s impossible for me to dislike one for long (…yeah, even Izumo). Yes, the plot is pretty much like every other shounen anime out there but the action here is pretty well thought out and I simply love some of the interactions between the characters.
//: deadman.wonderland So why is this in my top 3 despite the last couple episodes being (to put it nicely) not as good as the first ones? It’s because I’m extremely biased and I automatically love any show with tons of blood in it. No, I don’t care how bad a reason that is. Do you see any other spring shows about a sadistic prison/amusement park out there? That’s what I thought, now leave me alone xD.
honorable.mentions:// maria.holic.alive, kami.nomi.zo.shiru.sekai[2]


And it felt like the months passed in a breeze. Now it’s all a swirl of smoke screen on which a gentle upwind has placed a single sakura petal as decoration for the moments gone by… Oh hello, I was just trying to channel the writer inside me. Spring is all about enjoying the moment as it is and there were definitely some gems that shone brighter than the others.
//: ano.hana I had good expectations from this but never knew that it would be such a rollercoaster ride. When was the last time an anime made you cry? It’s nothing to be proud of but AnoHana definitely touches your heartstrings quite deeply. Having a circle of friends and seeing them drift apart is something everyone can relate to and there are at least one, two close friends you always wish you had kept contact with but didn’t. This is that and much more. The living and breathing characters force you to relate to every event that happens with the right dash of laughter, tears and feelings. You’d be one mean bastard if you didn’t shed a tear after the last episode.
//: steins;gate Time travel otaku, right here people. Things have definitely paced up in the recent episodes and this is how I like it rather than the slow beginning pace. I love Okarin in general and his laughter in particular and I always get a kick out of predicting the time travel consequences and theories to explain away WTF happened. There’s no one in the entire supporting cast, who I hate… Shining Finger maybe but everyone has a strait to like and I can’t wait for the next episode for the next theory and predictions to ensue.
//: tiger.and.bunny This was a surprise of my list because from initial impression, I wasn’t even going to follow this. CG design, in-your-face-adverts, oldschool designs (to an extent) and the general superhero genre was enough to make me blanch but then Taiga & Buns happened. I mean, who can say no to this bromance, huh? (I’ve been a fan of House of Five Leaves, Hakuouki and Star Driver for the same reason). Of course, plot and crazy characters have to be there to keep me engaged and I was more than overwhelmed to get all that. Btw, don’t be scared, there’s no BL/yaoi in this one. xD
honorable.mentions:// // [C] // yondemasu.yo.azazel-san // fireball.charming // Show ▼


Spring was rather good this year, even in case of numbers compared to last year’s good shows (Angel beats!, Working!!, Arakawa Under the bridge, House of Five leaves, Giant Killing, Hakuouki, etc.); though, like any season some series were better than the others. At Metanorn, we took an internal team poll for top most promising Spring shows of 2011 and here are the results:

So, what did you think of Spring and which were your top 5 shows? Team is quite keen to know. Ja ne~


We are the deadly team of Metanorn. When together, we usually come up with long, informative reviews and commentary. After all, we take fangirling seriously!
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91 Responses to “Meta Team’s Top 3 Spring Anime”

  1. Carla says:

    Gintama needs more love ⊙︿⊙

    It was a Great season, some endings were bad (Cof.. cof… C…), but that’s nothing out of the usual…
    Thank you all for posting :3

    • Foshizzel says:

      True that about Gintama! 😉

      Spring was awesome! So many good shows to choose from, LOL Yeah some could have had way better endings xD

    • anaaga says:

      the whole reason gintama isn’t in my top three is bcz there are 4(or 5?) seasons before the 2011 one. I can’t tell people “Yo, go watch ALL of gintama now!”
      if it’s not that long, gintama will be in my number 1, 2, and 3

  2. umi_no_mizu says:

    I think there’s a trend with the spring and fall seasons always putting out some of the best shows XD

    my top five are probably; C, Steins;Gate, Deadman Wonderland, AnoHana and Sekai-ichi.Hatsukoi =P

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah spring and summer anime seasons are always the best! I think Durarara and HoTD were last summer? Those were popular shows.

      Great list! C was really fun towards the end same for Deadman.

  3. baka_girl says:

    Hmm, I see Ano Hana and Steins Gate in almost everyone list. Well, Ano Hana deserve it after all xD As for Steins Gate, me plan to watch it tonight, hope I’m not too late xD

    Btw, there’s wrong image in OC’s list (it says AoEx, but the pic is Ano Hana)

    • Jrow says:

      That’s the right picture, Rin wearing the headphones. (Unless there was a switcheroo I hadn’t noticed)

      Steins;Gate has indeed been great, hope you like it as much as we all do!

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah! Anohana was so good for most of us, Steins;gate is getting good so far and continuing so exciting and addictive.

      That is Exorcist its a picture from the first OST that came out a while back, its a scan from that soundtrack.

    • Kyokai says:

      Image was different, I just fixed it. :3

  4. death says:

    not much love for hanasaki

    • Foshizzel says:

      Sadly nope it’s a great series, but seems things shifted from drama filled episodes to comedy and fan-service ones which really doesn’t sit well with some fans.

  5. Renn says:

    Replace C with Hanasaku Iroha in the final top five and you have my lineup though not in that order. Mine would probably be Ao no Exorcist, Hanasaku Iroha, Tiger & Bunny, AnoHana, and Steins;Gate (with S;G as number one).

    I loved reading this–really fun wrap-up! 😀 Great graphics, too, though OC’s list has the wrong picture for Ao no Exorcist (as others have already pointed out).

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ohh nice list then Renn, much love for Steins;gate!

      Nope that’s still from Exorcist its a scan from the OST that came out a few weeks ago, its just Rin wearing headphones.

    • Kyokai says:

      Good to see you back, Renn! We even talked about in our latest podcast but I’d rather you don’t listen to it. :3

      Also, thanks for pointing out, I can bet Ness was running on her last fuel, when she was making all of these beautiful gfx. xD

      • Overcooled says:

        *cough* Yeah, there were totally no mentions of Renn in our upcoming podcast. Nope..none…at all.

      • Ness says:

        Yeah.. working on it in the weeeee mornings with so little fuel. PFFT I thought I could take a break, been out all day.. shopping like a damn girl… for my best friend’s sister’s wedding. x_x; And I’m not even done with shopping arghhhh.. WHEN IS PAY DAY?!

    • Renn says:

      Lmao, if you want to rip on me for disappearing, I deserve it. 🙁 I’ve been really busy. I’m definitely tuning in though. 😉

      I can’t imagine it how much time it took to make the images, but again, they’re gorgeous and fit the layout perfectly. That was a really quick fix, too. :3

      • Kyokai says:

        DAWW, I would never rip you for any reason. xD

        I know RL happens. Look at me and Ness going booo with wedding preparations but it happens and I’m neglecting Natsume right now just because of it. ;-;

  6. Samantha Zan says:

    My top five would probably be

    1. Anohana (Such a great show!)
    2. Hanasaku Iroha (This show needs more love >3<)
    3. The World God Only Knows Season 2 (I just love this show =3=)
    4. Ao no Exorcist (Who doesn't love this show XD)
    5. Deadman Wonderland (Love the idea of it!)

    I didn't watch any of the Steins;Gate episodes pass #3, I just got so MEH with that show. Never watched Tiger & Bunny (Maybe I should go watch it now XP), and I failed in watching C , lol…

    Anyway, Spring was a good season for anime shows :3, great work with the new graphics and such :DD

    • Foshizzel says:

      Great top five list! We were going to do 5 but between all of us that might be a bit crazy. I think I was the only one that even watched Softenni LOL ah well I love random anime like that muhahahaha.

      Tiger and Bunny is huge! And extremely popular xD

      Yay graphics!

  7. Jrow says:

    Even considering the huge amount of shows this season, it still surprises me that there isn’t a single match amongst the 12 of us.

    I’m gonna be downloading T&B this weekend and maybe ketchup some.

    • Foshizzel says:

      True that Jrow, lots of shows and various tastes around all of us.

      T&B starts out slow and takes a bit to get over the CGI, that said I had lots of fun with that anime! Really addictive lol..

  8. Foshizzel says:

    Awesome list everyone! We all like different shows really fun reading them just to see what people like. Seems like most of us love Tiger and bunny, Ao no Exorcist, Anohana! And of course Nichijou.

    Great work on the graphics as always Ness! I love the movie reel borders lol really nice touch.

  9. Amutofan123 says:

    Great lists everyone! Hmmm… I’ve actually only really followed 3 shows. So my list is this:

    1. Ano Hana
    2. Hanasaku Iroha
    3. Ao no Exorcist

    I still have to catch up on the rest of the Spring shows I decided to watch.

  10. BlackBriar says:

    Goodbye, Spring. See ya next year. Great lists, guys. My top three animes this are:

    1.Deadman Wonderland
    2.Ao no Exorcist
    3.C – The Money and Soul of Possibility Control

    I followed these three and loved them. Next time, they should make these awesome animes that go past the 12 episode limit. Deadman Wonderland for the insanity and bloody violence, Ao no Exorcist for the great characters and laughs and C for the battles and original plot.

    While we reminise about Spring, we look forward to Summer.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Not a bad list! It’s interesting to see what others were watching and following, Deadman was good could have been so much better but still fun even if Ganta was crying and complaining the whole time.

      Exorcist does have some fun characters! Seem to be gaining new ones each week lol…

      Yay summer!

      • BlackBriar says:

        Yeah, Deadman has potential. It wasn’t that bad because Ganta is not as much of a crybaby as he was at the beginning. The prison toughened him up a bit anyway. Excluding the crying, he’s like Rin, a shounen protagonist who thinks with his heart instead of his brain and has a cute girlfriend to tag along with.

  11. krizzlybear says:

    1. Nichijou – For a supposed “hit or miss” comedy, there was a high percentage of gags that hit me, and boy did they hit hard. Absurdist comedy is really high on my list, so a show that appears to be a cross between Cromartie and Azumanga spells success for me. Also, Norio Wakamoto as a wooden cube.
    2. Tiger & Bunny – Even though the second half of this show started off rather awkwardly for me (and I fear it will continue as such for the forseeable future), the episodes that DID air this season were excellent. Using very savvy writing to create an incredibles-esque spin on the superhero genre and at the same time, justify the blatant marketing, this show was easily the underdog of the season.
    3. Steins;Gate – It’s hard to rate a show as best of season when a singular plot such as this hasn’t even revealed itself in full. It’s the reason why I didn’t rate this show too highly because there’s still the ending that I need to worry about. As a completionist, I reserve my judgment until the end, but I’m liking what I see so far.
    4. Hanasaku Iroha – I’ve gone and accepted this show as scenery porn and a source of wildly teasing fanservice, with a bit of plot and drama slathered on it. Not a fan of the way either of the two was handled, but I’ve come to appreciate the characters, despite the faults in the way they were written.
    5. The World God Only Knows S2 – The show remains very consistent to the source material, although I highly preferred the arcs from season one and other arcs in the manga that are yet to come up. You can tell that the show is starting to progress in plot at this point, something that never caught on in the manga until the series’ “turning point.”

    • Hime says:

      I’m hoping they’ll be a TWOK season 3, it was heavily hinted at, and I’ve read ahead in the manga a little. Crossdressing Keima…DO WANT.

    • Foshizzel says:

      YAY! More love for Nichijou! <3 I love how random that show can be yes it hasn't been funny lately but they do surprise me once in a while with something damn funny.

      T&B not bad either I was a hater when I first saw the picture for spring season and was like EWWW CGI Suits?! But ya I took another shot and really enjoyed it after the 3rd or so episode.

      Steins was soooo slow for me at the start! But I stuck to it and found it fun, I was happy they didn't stick to the D mail thing for to long.

  12. Moni Chan says:

    ohh chosing my weakness if i hade to choose my top 3 it would be

    ao no exorist
    ano hana

    its not in order or maybe it is. comedy,action and drama and epic ones at that

    • Ness says:

      Woo for Nichijou xD I like a good mix of show genres to please what I might be in the mood for randomly.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Hell ya! More Nichijou fans <3

      That's typically the shows I go for action,comedy and drama.

  13. Hoshi says:

    ~Totally forgot to put Ano Hana on my list. Unfortunately I hadn’t finished the series by then so, bleah, oh well. Definitely a great show though<3 MUST...NOT...CRY...

  14. Shance says:

    Seeing Nichijou being listed as a favorite made me smile, from ear to ear. And that’s not over-the-top as the show can presents it.

    • Ness says:

      Cools! And it’s cool that the show is continuing on and the story is finally moving along. :3

    • Foshizzel says:

      Wooo it made me smile as well shance! Nice to see so many of us enjoying it, now we can watch Nano in school horray!!

  15. TSRL says:

    Without any gigantic comments, ’cause DDD will be talking about this season more in depths, here’s my top 5:

    1. Steins;Gate
    2. The World God Only Knows 2
    3. [C] The Money of Soul and Possibility Control
    4. Tiger and Bunny
    5. Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko

    Disappointments (not bad, just… disappointment in some aspects and sometimes, all of them) Top 3:

    1. Ano Hana
    2. Ao no Exorcist
    3. Deadman Wonderland

    • Foshizzel says:


      Nice list TSRL I liked Steins;gate I was so happy to hear that show was going to continue through summer! Now we can enjoy more time travel.

      Denpa was great at the start, not sure why but I got really bored with it around episode 8 or so guess I quit caring to much for the characters.

      Yeah I can see where some would be disappointment in your bottom three, especially Deadman T___T

  16. Oracion says:

    1. AnoHana
    2. [C] The money of soul and possibility control
    3. Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko
    4. TWGOK II
    5. and haters can hate, but me loved some Gosick!!!!

  17. Shinmaru says:

    1. Steins;Gate
    2. Tiger and Bunny
    3. Fireball Charming (me, Scamp, Kadian, and Landon must have been the only people who watched it)

    I didn’t really like any other show enough to put it in there. Maybe AnoHana, but there was too much drama bomb in the finale. Maybe HanaIro, but it needs to be goofier.

    • Foshizzel says:

      So much Chrsstinaaaaaa <3 <3

      AnoHana was a giant ball of tears! Damn they loved playing with our emotions, true that about HanaIro it could be more fun..

    • Kyokai says:

      Check out the more info on my tab and you will find Fireball charming there. This show sure needs more love. And I agree about HanaIro, it’s just not doing it for me with no clear direction and lots of emoness. >.>

  18. Tofu says:

    I’m guessing no one found Moshidora enjoyable? Though I think hardly anyone watched that… :\

    My top 3 would have to be:
    – Moshidora
    – Ano Hana
    – A Channel
    Runner up: Denpa Onna

    Now hold on a second, sure Hana Iro and Nichijou and stuff are great, some are better but they haven’t ended yet so I can’t really pick them. But that’s just me. I prefer picking shows that have ended so I know overall out good it was. XD

    • Overcooled says:

      Your taste really is the opposite of mine. Funny how it always works out that way, huh? XD

    • Foshizzel says:

      I was going to put A channel on my top three but! Really only watched for Tooru and the other characters, a cute show but just entertainment for me.

      Nice runner up Tofu I would have put Denpa as my honorable mention but I didn’t have to much fun watching it all but the last two episodes made it fun again.

      Yeah it was hard to choose shows that were continuing on, but Nichijou 2nd half I feel will be just as fun as the first half ;D

      • Tofu says:

        Pfft, Yuuko’s better 😛

        Yeah I get what you mean though if I was to choose the still airing series, Denpa wouldn’t make it in my runner up list at all.

        I haven’t seen any 2nd halves of any shows since my net speed has been limited T___T Only seen Ro Kyu Bu…

  19. 1. Steins; Gate
    2. Steins; Gate
    3. Steins; Gate

    I’m not even joking here, I would honestly rather watch any single episode of the show 3 times over than anything else from the spring season, despite enjoying so many other series (Ano Hana, Nichijou, Tiger/Bunny, Hanasaku Iroha, Fireball C and Azazel-san all deserve praise).

    So in conclusion: Steins; Gate 🙂

    • Foshizzel says:

      Wow your top three is AMAZING! Yes Steins;gate so much fun huh? Guess people really love time travel stories, I know I sure do!

      Yep those shows need some praise! Well enjoy the rest of Steins;gate ;D

  20. Yvoon says:

    1. Ano Hana (been so long since i’ve cries so much in an anime)

    2. Hanasaku Iroha (just my kinda anime :D)

    3. Ao no Exorcist (LOVE Rin and his hilarious facial expression! X3)

    4. Steins Gate (love the edgy-ness of the series but sometime can get a git boring)

    5. Deadman Wonderland (their violence is just too addictive…)

    there’s still TONS fo spring shows i need to watch, but i will get to them when i have time!

    Though gotta say, Spring this year has been a BLAST for me. i’m sure it was for a lot u guys as well. XD

    its the first season I’ve actually decided to follow properly after constant problems of slow internet! >.<

    I luv ya dad for upgrading!! MUA!!! <3

    • Ness says:

      Grats on the upgraded internet haha xD

      Same, tons of shows that I need to catch up from the past few seasons><; But for some reason, I just can't push myself through the drama slice of life ones.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Nice top 5 list there Yvoon! I watched Deadman for the same reasons I wanted to see some blood and violence muhahahahha.

      So much Steins;gate lovers out there, it’s getting so much fun right now.

      Woooooooooooo faster internet AWESOME news 😉

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