Moments of the 00’s #1 – OHMAIGAH!

This is gonna be a series of posts handled by yours truly, and I’m gonna put up anime moments from the last ‘decade’ that I found very memorable to anime entertainment. Well, it is 2010 now (the oo’s are over, I didn’t named this “Moments of the Decade” because I know our view of a ‘decade’ can be different from one another, it can be 2001-2010 as well) but for sure it really calls to collect and remember some anime scenes from 2000-2009, whether if it’s all for humor, WTF-ness, horror, romance, or just plain randomness. This might come out on a regular basis so always watch out for one every day or two. Here we go with the first scene!

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Comiket 76 Trailer Round-up


Excited for Angel Beats!, Shana S, Railgun, or even the Nanoha and Fate/Stay Night Movies and a lot more? Get the first glimpse on new and upcoming anime on the recently released PVs from C76 recorded by the youtube user wx7047.

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Persona 4 MAD Collection vol. 1


I had posted 5 volumes of Hetalia MADs way back then, and now I’m heading on to one of my favorite PS2 Games ever, Persona 4, to feature in the MAD Spotlight. Now going to reminisce this game full of awesome with video spamming. Lots of fan-made P4 cute videos, hilarious parodies, and other awesome genius MADs made by their respective creators from Nico volume 1 start~ ^^.

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Genderswap: Super Driver [Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu 2 OP]


New upload from my youtube channel (and something to go along with all the K-On genderswap I made XD). Genderbent version of Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu 2 OP, “Super Driver”. Vid and download link in this post~

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K-On! Genderbender


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Hetalia MAD: World is Mine (US x UK)


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Hetalia MAD Collection vol. 5


It’s a bright perfect day…. But Hetalia MADs come in raining to make it more perfect!!!!!! [yeah that was so random lol]

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Hetalia MAD Collection vol. 4


Did somebody said OP and ED parodies? Then this 4th volume of Axis Powers Hetalia MADs has some!

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RIDEBACK – Second Trailer

Here’s the second trailer of the upcoming winter anime, RIDEBACK:

I still don’t know if I’m gonna watch the series but I must say that the robots really look cool ^_^. Maybe I’ll just try it for the first few eps then decide.

RideBack premieres January 11, 2009, consists of 12-episodes.

Little Busters OP Renditions

Here are my three favorite Little Busters! OP crossovers :). The reason why I got back to my LB! syndrome because my dream last night was about having a Little Busters! anime adaptation. OMG I wish it would happen soon in reality!!! Lol yeah, dreams are so random…