Moments of the 00’s #1 – OHMAIGAH!

This is gonna be a series of posts handled by yours truly, and I’m gonna put up anime moments from the last ‘decade’ that I found very memorable to anime entertainment. Well, it is 2010 now (the oo’s are over, I didn’t named this “Moments of the Decade” because I know our view of a ‘decade’ can be different from one another, it can be 2001-2010 as well) but for sure it really calls to collect and remember some anime scenes from 2000-2009, whether if it’s all for humor, WTF-ness, horror, romance, or just plain randomness. This might come out on a regular basis so always watch out for one every day or two. Here we go with the first scene!

#1 – AZUMANGA DAIOH: “Oh mai gah!”

Azumanga Daioh is definitely one anime that always puts a smile to my face every time I watch it. That is the only straight reason, to be honest. Every time I sit back and watch it, it’s really very funny. This is one of my favorite comedy anime that came out from the 00’s and heck, for sure on the future I’m gonna look back on this one and still give a laugh or simply smile watching some hilarious scenes… And as much as I would love to put lots of vids in here, I might save some for later when I ran out of other shows to cover. Enough rambling, let’s now get things going with this lulzy Engrish scene:



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12 Responses to “Moments of the 00’s #1 – OHMAIGAH!”

  1. Voi says:

    Woaah mah gahh.

  2. RP says:

    Omaigah! Ah, I don’t give Azumanga Daioh enough credit, but this scene was hilarious. Osaka = :kyaa2:

  3. Eri says:

    Ahahaha! Ow my gaaaa!!!
    So this anime puts a smile on your smile, huh? interesting! *That’s what you wrote Tsui-san ^^ You meant a smile on your face right? right?*

  4. LuluChan92 says:

    OH MY GAWD!!!

    Just pure LULZ, pal!

  5. Shinmaru says:

    The moral is clearly don’t mess with Norio Wakamoto, even when he is a giant cat.

  6. DrJackal says:

    Just plain EPIC!

  7. mefloraine says:

    I guess being forced to watch this dubbed makes you miss out on some fun stuff (Engrish). I should probably watch the series again subbed.

  8. chizzle82 says:

    A good clip to start my day :thumb:

  9. FaS says:

    I COMPLETELY agree. Actually this is the first boxset I bought EVER. The cat part was so fucking funny…wow. Then when people start tripping balls after dreaming and crap…? Oh yeah, it gets real metal.

  10. CyberPixie says:


  11. Lavender says:

    I’m currently watching this series and it’s very easy to follow the theme, seems acceptable for everyone.

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