Hetalia MAD: World is Mine (US x UK)


If you already listen to VOCALOIDs, you might already know this quite famous Miku Hatsune song “World Is Mine”. I’m not quite a fan of Vocaloid music, but I’ll admit that I enjoy listening to this particular song. It’s sooo tsundere, and lucky me for finding this A D O R A B L E Arthur and Alfred MAD with the song (=^。^=) !!! Yeah, probably you had seen the video already before since it’s a few months’ old already -_-, but I thought it will not hurt to share~

Lol US is sooo sweet and UK is soooo tsundere XD. That’s what makes them like, my favorite Hetalia OTP ever~ The second half starting on 2:46 is so SWEET!!! *squeels*~~~ I also love the art ^^. Great props to the genius who made it ^^.


Hehe, of course Alfred also has his own version as well below ^^:



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  1. kelly Smith says:

    Hi i have been working on my mixing over the last few months i am looking for a site to upload my sets to my music shandra is funky house thanks

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