Kimi ni Todoke S2 [END]

Happy Endings are FTW~

After all the many updates on Metanorn that you have been seeing one after the other, I finally have time to complete my solo episodic of Winter! The reason I dedicated this weekend to Kimi ni Todoke and catching up on some animu. So, what if I’m getting some threatening calls from my friends, right? I already gave them my Saturday; I can’t make everyone happy. Anyways, moving on, let’s get on with the lovey-dovey ride that is Kimi ni Todoke and see how things have changed around our favourite couple of 2010 by the end of season two! I marathoned episode tenth to twelfth so my roundup would not be getting into intricate details of what happened, rather their repercussions and my final thoughts on how all the characters transitioned with the flow of plot.

Restarting from where I left off previously, the school festival continues with everyone working their butts off to complete the costumes and floats, which would go around their school locality. Not to mention, they would be rated by the judges on their performance too. For Sawako and Kazehaya, the preparation is something that they have to deal with but for them time should just speed up so that they can talk with each other.

On the day-two of School Festival, Sawako is able to not only better explain her confession but is rewarded with similar feelings from Kazehaya with a completely public shoutout of “I like you”—I DAAAAWWWW’d so much on this scene, even when that earthquake sign was flashing. More squeeing on the fact that he was looking handsome in costume made by Sawako and she did marvelously in the float prepped up by him.

Rabu confession, yo~

Joe, GTFO!


Brilliant performance. Sawako even takes the stars away from Sunako!

Sawako’s Magic Café becomes the number but due to Pin’s bribe to judges, they don’t get anything for Sadako’s scary performance. Tch.

This is not the final confession! And even if it’s a cheesy line, I can’t help but to quote, “It’s a like a dream… I’ve finally reached you.”

When your own life becomes inspiration for drama…

Things progress well with the after party when their progress is reenacted for everyone. Of course, there are question on every lip about how the hell this happened (the nincompoops!). Kazehaya makes his feelings known and announces it simply, “I fell for her”, which was a surprise for our Sawako even to the chagrin of Yano-chin.

Pin’s powerful voiceover creates a chance for MARRIAGE?!

Though, Sawako knew it all along that it was a joke…

You can be a baka too, you know, Kazehaya… hey, you already are the baka-prince!

Sawako, you little minx!

At least Pin would like to take some credit for the “Strawberry time” but it boils down to the actual communication between the couple. They finally talk and have their voice heard by everyone. It was hella cute when Sawako runs off to imagine the married life with Kazehaya, even when it was a twisted joke by Pin. You can’t really blame Kazehaya for blushing like a warning sign and going on his knees. It was so good to see them happy and enjoying each other’s company. Poor Sawako’s dad though, he must have had nightmares that night.

Too much nostalgia!

Simple truths of going-out

Sad but quite symbolic and true

Some people were of the opinion that the last episode was season one all over again but c’mon! Things have to be explained because it took a lot of time for Sawahaya to get together. So, all the uproar had to be dealt with; many students joined the Sawahaya unit in spreading the news and killing whatever rumour there was. Even the arch rival helped, with whom Sawako reverently talked. Would things have turned out the way they had if there was no Kurumi or Kento? I don’t think so. Sadly our main protagonists are too innocent and they would have gotten to the same result sooner than later but Kurumi and Kento were the catalyst that made this a much needed realization.

I would say in Usui’s voice, Sly, Chizuru, very sly~

Before I forget, we definitely got another confession and from my second favourite couple too! Ryuu bombed Chizu with a simple line and her reaction was priceless! These two definitely need to be a couple! What about Yano? She’s a tough girl, she will find someone. Kurumi? She would need time to actually let go of the Kazehaya obsession. Kento? He has a copious supply of girls who would fawn at him. Pin is going to be a jerk but he’s not that bad. Also, there will be a lot of coupling in the school but hey, it’s the adolescent days after all~

All’s well that ends well? Of course, this is a perfect story to relax around and that is what the audience does in the last few moments, seeing Sawahaya go on their first official date as a couple. There was no difference in their feelings at all. It just had to reach each other and it did.

Okay, srsly, I can’t stop DAWWWWing!


The DAWWWWWW experts~

Introducing the prancing idiot: Joe

Sadako moe~

When you know for a fact that your idiocy caused the loss of a trophy

And you did what when we were not home?!

Sawako’s Pregnant…. Uh, just kidding!

Ryuu is not concerned about the rumours rather his hunger

Ryuu: “Curry rice… Nomnomnomnomnom”

Pin, you incorrigible beast! I still like you

Sawako, I like you and all, but hon, your DRAWING SUCKS!

Kazehaya’s broken harem. Tsk.

Dance, puppet, DANCE!

Hmmmm, I’m checking out my b–o–y–f–r–i–e–n–d–

AAAAAAAAAAAA…. Who’s checking me so right back~!

Final Thoughts: This is what you call a satisfying end! If you compare it to my last post on the season one, you would only see my crying over why NO MOAR! Well, I got my wish granted and what a fabulous season two it has been. For those of you, who have not been reading the manga, this was a romance treat and I DAWWW’d and SQUEE’d throughout. There was a time that even I got tired of the drama but the built-up has been worth the wait and simply seeing Sawahaya together lifts my heart and brings a genuine smile to my face. This is the sign of a good anime, a perfect treat to your eyes with a lot of HHNNGGGs, an awesome way for the much needed escapism and entertainment.

I’ve heard a lot of complaints about the slow pace of the series but don’t you think it all pays off by the end with that lovely confession and how everything develops? Of course, Production I.G could have paced up the storyline by not strictly following the manga chapters but the bottom line remains that this was the story of an underappreciated girl, who was finally able to realize her dreams and not only the cheesy part of getting the guy she liked but actually makes friends and be a part of the class, who really never saw how she was to begin with. This became a story of the journey that evolved Sawako for the better; the agent of change being Kazehaya. Sawahaya deserve to be together with all the sparkles in the world; who can be cuter than them, HUH?!

It was interesting to see everyone just gather around, from small characters to the major supporting ones in these last few episodes. Of course, Pin would always be annoying but hella funny, bullying Kazehaya every chance he gets; Kento would be the sparkly Ginga Bishounen sliding his way in everywhere; Ryuu would be there to hold back Joe whenever needed, while his feelings for Chizu would remain unchanged; Chizu the airhead would actually get sudden bursts of wisdom; Yano would continue being the sharp girl keeping a hawk’s eye on everything; and Kurumi, well, her current version would always be better than her fake-self and I could never hate her, rather admire her for how she handled everything.

Oh god, I’m going to miss Sawahaya so much; amazing friendship, awesome side-characters (except for Joe, he’ just plain annoying!), brilliant animation, the sparkles, heartwarming music and last but not the least, the DAWWWWNESSS….!!! This has been a great journey of smiles, laughter, lip-biting and even a few tears. Love in itself is not really explainable; it just has different definitions and ways of expression for varied people. Though a part of it was captured by this beautiful story and whoever watched this felt it in their hearts. Yeahhhh, I’m a sucker for a good romance and this was definitely a brilliant one.

I was first of the opinion that another season would be a mistake but it’s actually plausible based on how manga has progressed and still many volumes can be animated. Production I.G can actually milk this story a bit more. So, what can a fan do now that it has ended? GO READ THE MANGA, which is still ongoing. Also, the movie is out and subbed so this is not the end for a fan. Being one of those people who have been following this since late 2009, I’m satisfied of this franchise because this was really dealt well. I would be delighted if another season is announced but I’m contented with the manga for now. For the last time for Kimi ni Todoke season two, Ja ne~


The Boss lady of Metanorn, who makes it all happen. An animanga enthusiast, who watches/reads almost anything that strikes her fancy. Just beware of her Death Perception and always keep her happy. Regularly found at @KyokaiTM & #[email protected].
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21 Responses to “Kimi ni Todoke S2 [END]”

  1. Disco says:

    :’D This series gave me so many aww moments and made me want to kill myself from having to await a week to find out how it would all come together. But I have to say this was the cutest last episode I have seen for the year,

    • Kyokai says:

      KnT wins over mountains when it comes to innocent romance and epic sparkly moments. I should recommend the movie and manga to you; you will definitely enjoy it. ^^

      *first comment cookie*

  2. MikADo says:

    The last episode was so sweeeeeet it was almost
    unbearable XD but still it was all the worth
    waiting for !!!! BUT I WANT MOARRRRRRRRRR
    They tortured us with all the misunderstandings for 23 episodes so i would like at least 3+ episodes of pure cotton candy and honey XD

    • Kyokai says:

      It ended with the exact right amount of sparkles and DAAAWWWNESS~ But I agree, season three should be given just so that we can squee and giggle over what Sawahaya would do. These two are just plain adorable.

  3. Junko says:

    When I watched this I had just seen the live movie and then right aftera new chapter was released. KnT EVERWHERE!!

    Oh god a baawww’d like al ittle b**ch! This series is so effing beautiful! Hnnnng is right!

    I loved how they wrapped everything up with Kurumi and all the girls. Very well done.

    Sawako is perfect as everything. From her beautiful smile moments to her ‘I am the real well-girl’ ghost moment to her blush and jump around in cirlce moments. I <3 her so much ;u;

    • Junko says:

      ‘Let me think about it’ -> ‘let me fantasise about it’ = best Sawako-ism ever

      • Kyokai says:

        You have already watched it?! I’m gonna watch and review it this weekend hopefully.

        And now that you’ve said it, I’m srsly going to miss this a lot. What will I be HHHNNNGGGing over? Still waiting on some shows so we will see.

        There should be a season three damn it, there is so much DAWWWWW in the continued chapters of manga…. =3=

  4. Reaper says:

    Sawahaya finished? NOOOOOOO!!!!
    Okay, tears dried now…sniff…sniff…I had been frustrated about when they would finally come together as a couple but now that they have, I realised it was better how Production IG animated it, letting it draw out because relationships are not something made overnight (or in one episode for that matter). All the little things, like Sawako in Sadako mode, Kazehaya’s honesty with his own feelings, Chizuru and Yano’s antics and guidance by the side…all of it had meaning towards the final ending.
    I felt really sad for Kurumi, seeing that, because she encouraged Sawako, she’s lost the person she loved the most. It’s never an easy thing to get over (and unfortunately I know; being friends with the guy who’s going out with the girl I like is…it’s just not something you can say).
    As for Kento…I don’t know, he was a bit of a catalyst in pushing Kazehaya forward, but manipulating Sawako the way he did for his own self…he caused me a LOT of angst.
    KnT may have finished but they finished in the best way possible (not that Production IG had any other choice. Just wondering what would happen if they ended the series in the worst way possible…fan rage to the max?), no kissing or stuff like that, but simple pure love (okay, poke fun at the romantic, it’s cool :)). Just wondering, what is the manga like? I only know it has around 58 chapters, just how different/farther on is it from the anime?

    • Kyokai says:

      Oh definitely, this was so not Amagami SS, when you got the girl in like 2 to 3 episodes. I mean c’mon, at least try to be true to the genre but there’s no comparison when it comes to KnT’s romance goodness. There were times that it frustrated me to no end waiting on the two bakas to actually figure things out!

      Definitely love is nothing easy to deal with specifically in complicated situations. The best thing that Production I.G did was stay true to the manga because the story flows EXACTLY like it. To see, you can just read chapter 43, which was what the last episode of season two was based on. You would even spy some similar screenshots from anime that were inspired from this particular chapter’s panels. I definitely recommend you to read as the cuteness is still the same, just not animated.

  5. Yvoon says:

    ending..? ENDING?!?!?


    for the whole episode, i just couldn’t stop smiling..XD

    kyaaa!!, Sawahaya!! too cute!! XD kyyaaaa!!

    • Kyokai says:

      I CAN IMAGINE. It was sad letting go of this beautiful story; I guess I will take consolation from the fact that manga is still ongoing. Definitely agree that Sawahaya are made of win and genuine smile producing. ^^

  6. Hime says:

    I’ll give it to Kurumi, she sure can lose gracefully.

    • Kyokai says:

      Oh yes and without whining too. I surely admire her by the end.

  7. Starry says:

    NOOO!!I’ll miss everyone in KnT. Don’t go!!! Don’t end!!! What will happen to my weekly dose of PURE and INNOCENT RABU???

    *Goes and cry in a corner*

    *Comes back*

    Ahem. Ahhh, I sure am glad that things ended well for everyone. The ending was pretty satisfactory,and the things between Kurumi and Sawako was tied up pretty nicely too. Well, I even felt a tinge of pity for those bitches that pushed Sawako to the ground in the first season. ^^”

    A note on the movie. Well,I’ve watched it and I must say that it lacks a lot of impact. T_T All the bueatiful scenes that gave me the warm sizzly feeling in the anime came off as a little ‘wtf’, and ‘that’s it’? For example, the scene where Kazehaya dropped the cones and grabbed Sawako, felt kinda bland in the live action. D: But well, I wont say that it’s all bad. I loved Sawako’s “want to cry but cannot cry face” in the live action more then the one in the anime. Hahas.

    Sawako,you sure have worked hard. You deserve the happiness you experience now. *Gives a pat on her head*

    • Kyokai says:

      When I finished this season, I had the same feeling. It was like saying goodbye to a sweet friend, a friend you don’t want to let go.

      Season two sure gave things a proper closure, all knots tied and taken care of but you really don’t want to let of Sawahaya, do you? I wish a third season actually happens. Even if I kyaaa over it like a fangirl, there is still a lot of development that I would like to see. Like what about a kiss, eh? I’m seriously waiting for that to happen!

      Sawako did amazingly and herself too. She needs a DAWWWNESS award! xD

      • Starry says:

        Yes! A kiss scene!

        I was actually hoping for that when their face got really close in the planetarium. But nah, the animators just HAD to tease us and fast forward the scene. T_T Bleh.

  8. Amutofan123 says:

    Oh, I have done so much kyaa-ing over this series! I really love Kimi ni Todoke. I love how sweet and pure the romance is, and I love how much I can relate to Sawako. I loved the scene between Sawako and Kurumi. I loved the pace of the romance too. I know that a whole lot of people hate it, but I personally hate romance that moves to fast. Oh, I could just keep going on with what I love about KnT. I’m quite sad to see it ending, but at least we still have the manga~

    • Kyokai says:

      I haven’t seen a pure girl like Sawako in anime ever. I mean, she’s so innocent and it was a total wonder seeing her grow out of her insecurities, making actual friends and actually saying, “Hey! I’m here!”

      Haters gonna hate but this is pure win and whoever watches it knows it! Let’s continue with the manga then~ :3

  9. Yi says:

    This series is just too much kyaa!!!

    By the end of the series, I had hidden desires for all the characters.

    • Kyokai says:

      This was so good! I want another season nao! =w=

      AND YES, I think I’ve dreamt of Ryuu already. 0.0

  10. Aro says:

    Er, there’s a movie? Where?

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